Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #35


Result of the twitter poll I put up to start my old anime binge from last week was Lucky Star…. IT’S SO CUTE !!!

These Fridays swear really around so fast but time for another instalment of Friday Feature, had some new follower appear recently. So feel I should explain this once in a while, every Friday I feature a blogger and 4 to 5 posts that have caught my eye. Least to say on my end things this week were much better, especially productive wise, planning to do some more updates to the blog over the next two weeks. So you’ll see some little changes here and there. You guys got our extra post, see if I can keep it up but it’ll vary week by week.


Next weeks Content

Wednesday – Ani Lime Light piece
Friday feature as usual
500 followers Q + A answers

Hope over the last three or four months you guys have liked the new schedule I implanted for here, least one guaranteed post a week. Let me know if you have but without further or do let’s see who caught my eye this week?


Blogger Feature

This weeks blogger feature goes to a detail blogger whom I’ve followed for a long time Moonlitasteria. Moon has been around the blog sphere for a long while, though only posting every now and again. I’m always looking forward to what their next piece will be, in the past very much enjoyed their reviews and editorial piece. One review recommend checking out is on a series that never gets spotlight is Final Fantasy Unlimited. Other content Moon covers besides reviews, are video games and manga. It’s not always the case in having to follow consistent bloggers, many I follow like Moon blog when they have chance. Very much recommend adding Moonliasteria to your blogger follow list !! 

Akito The Exiled: Yup still code geass By Scott 

Recently on my end code geass: Akito the exiled was released here, so much talk of code geass new season three, upcoming  movies. Scotts reviews on this OVA series opens my eyes as never knew this existed. I liked code geass when I watched it, but now even more interested to check out this side story during the course of the original codegeass. So if your a code geass fan check out scott’s review.


A Kdraama Starter Guide By kwenzqoatl

This was an interesting find as I’m still new to the drama world, among my other interests. I adore this K pop, drama blog I came across and there little guide on getting into this medium was short but exactly what I needed to know. So if you love Dramas or have been keen to try read this helpful guide.


Most Underrated Anime By Humble Ace 

Ace is currently doing the 30 day anime challenge, and we all know here I love my underrated anime’s. I loved all the recommendations Ace gave some I’ve never heard of before, *cough* Gundam is in there *cough* recommend giving a read over !!



Hinako Note Review By Truly Trash Media 

Show of cute girls doing cute things, I’ve not seen a lot of honestly. Have to be in the right frame of mind but Corkin expresses Hinako Note as different. The show set in a theatre aspect, generally a series to fill in the gaps among other things your watching. Corkin review has made me peak my interest in this show, so if you like your cute girls slice of life check out this review.



Adorable series.. Lucky Star

Hope you guys enjoyed this Friday Feature, Make sure to go check out all the people’s for this week !!. Over the next week be bingeing some stuff as it’s been forever since I properly binged anything. 

I’ll see you all next Friday for Friday Feature !!



3 thoughts on “Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #35

  1. Thanks for the mention. Been so busy these past few months I’m not as consistent as I would like to be. Hopefully, with my week vacation coming up, I can finally post some of the reviews I have waiting.

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  2. Lucky Star Is A Very Good Anime Wish That It Still Came On TV. I Too Have Seen The Vampire Diaries 🙂 I Bet That You Have Also Seen The Movie Twilight Camp Lazlo King Of The Hill Dragon Ball Z Plus Sailor Moon. The Replacements I Want To See Get A Third Season I Must Say That Jeff Bennett Nancy Cartwright Did A Good Job Voicing Principal Cutler And Todd Darling. Hope That Your Weekend Went OK And I Will Keep Checking Your You Tube Channel For Your Newest Haul Videos 🙂 Take Care Always Lita Hopefully We Can Be New Friends Since I Watch Anime Too. Have You Seen The Movies Castle In The Sky Plus Whisper Of The Heart? Last Question Do You Know Tony The Black Critic Guy?

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