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670ecdc3d84d90f5603dd13f787063aaMy fellow blogger Lyn is the reason now, feeling completely sucked into the web toon world. I cannot escape.

Sia is not your average vampire where they know they need human blood. In a twist of premise to sustain her life, she only need to just touch a human. That’s gives her all she needs to survive, but when she meets neighbour Jiho. Who suffers germaphobia outright fear of germs and being touched. Sia’s craving to only want to touch him grows and leads in pursuit of helping, wanting to get over his phobia. But neither do both see the changes that occur as they get slowly closer. 

This is my second web toon I’ve ever read, first one was in a collaboration with Lyn. Twenty one – Nineteen was a interesting first look into web toons, but never did I go back to them till now. Curiosity was peeked again to Lyn’s post on Untouchable, as the bright artwork was gleaming out to me. Did I not think a few comic strips, little words would leave such a huge impact on me? Did I not think the addiction of having to stop reading it would make me feel sad? That’s exactly what happened people.


Both Firsts

Aside from the strong, gripping romance element this story, surprised me with the physiological dealings both Jiho and Sia had. At the beginning both are quite the hopeless pair with lots of baggage, Sia only seeing hum
ans as just prey not feeling anything else for them. Jiho was the biggest obstacle for the two in the pairs first interactions together, as he suffers Germaphobia. Similar protagonist Shiro from reading Ten Count having the same issue, I felt more gripped in Jiho’s case than Shiro’s. The up and down rollercoaster to try to overcome on Jiho’s behalf was displayed in such serious tone.

You have to imagine not wanting to touch anything, feeling that alienated. Sia at the start wanting to help Jiho with is phobia out of selfish gain. So she can just touch him, as that is what sustains her life but she learns that only Jiho is the one solely wanting to touch. Sia’s baggage is unknown to her in the beginning not till towards the end but dealing with others being against, a human and vampire together. One of those against it Baryu Sia’s childhood friends, he was irritating in his selfish, jokey nature and how he was with Sia. Even after learning more of his background still didn’t sway me to feel much for his character, though towards the end he lightens up. Childhood friend syndrome, usual romance element plays it’s part.

Jiho and Sia were just such a cute pair throughout the whole read, experiencing firsts together. First kiss, what dating a person really involves. Seeing this whole scope as the reader through their characters makes it relatable to our firsts we may have experienced. It’s explored in such a touching, heartwarming sense.


Your Own Attraction

In our minds we have our own thoughts on what attraction is to us. By a person’s appearance, personality or emotional ties between Sia and Jiho all in one are these explored in this beautiful web toon. Sia discovered the yearning of physical attraction, though at the start seeing humans as prey, touching whomever feeling nothing. It take’s a significance of individual whom’s touch just means that much more. That of how you feel for someone, words don’t have to be said but Sia learns just of holding hands shows attraction in her action. Sia’s and Jiho’s funny outbursts of their inner thoughts of what, how they should act was hilarious, pointing out through my read.

Sia’s constant pursuit to help Jiho overcome his phobia, though was for selfish gain in the beginning. Exampled Sia’s growing determination which impacted Jiho beyond he thought was possible, he was not an easy egg to crack. The little steps of Jiho wearing a glove while holding Sia’s hand, seeing a councillor, No way Jiho on his own would have done this. Jiho discovered the yearning of emotional attraction from Sia’s determined, caring personality. Due to Jiho’s phobia it leaves the individual feeling alienated from just people in general, to encounter someone as pushy as Sia. It was the best cure, that interaction with people but we can’t help those that just unexpectedly, barge into our lives.

The way Sia impacted Jiho is so warming which makes their relationship all the more gripping reason, could I not put down this webtoon. This story gave a good balance that we have our own feelings on what is attractive to us, in the person whom we may like or love. Taking away from this read myself, that other readers will it’s the little things, holding hands, the hugs it conveys the emotions we cannot put into words.



Webtoons got me like…
Kept this one brief as not wanting to spoil anything, some usual romance troupes are slammed in here but easy to overlook. This was one of the best reads in a long time for me, last time this happened was when I couldn’t put down twilight. So you can tell how long ago that was. If your romance junkie, like vampires this is for you. The take this webtoon took of a modern day vampire was really interesting, stead of sucking blood scenario for a change.

Highly recommending downloading the webtoon app, best thing I did so many other stories to binge on. Click here to read Untouchables. 

Leave any comments below if I have peaked your interest. Have you ever read a webtoon? If you’ve read this one what did you like about it?

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 



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