Netsuzou Trap – Yuri In Seasonal Anime

First time seeing this happen Yuri in the selection of a seasonal.

I’ve made the decision with seasonal anime to watch the shows after they have completed. Then binge the hell out of them but sometimes there is always a exception, That was Netsuzou Trap.  

Not afraid to hide the fact I like the Yuri genre, say a few years ago wouldn’t have been so open about it. But thanks to the people in this community from befriending, finding they liked the genre as well. Leaves a level of comfort for me to freely talk about it, I’ve not seen a lot of anime or read manga of the genre. The announcement of two yuri’s getting an adaption Netsuzou and Citrus  is a huge deal for the genre, because not remembering the last time this happened.

It was an extra surprise of this series being added to the summer season line up but one that sucks. It’s a anime short and only each episode is nine minutes long, go figure. The temptation on my end was too overpowering to not keep up with this series.


Hotaru and Yuma are childhood friends when Yuma gets her first boyfriend. She looks to Hotaru for advice but Hotaru drastic advances towards Yuma comes to confuse her. Hotaru claims it’s a joke and will help Yuma gain experience for when it comes to being intimidate with her boyfriend. But all this only confuses Yuma and both keep it all a secret from their boyfriends.


Knew What I Was Getting Into

Just realising now this is my first time talking about Yuri on my blog but already talked about Yaoi, nothing left to feel like hiding honestly. Time and time again I’ll keep saying that Yaoi and Yuri genre is not everyone’s cup of tea, fair to understand why. Regarding a post from one of my fellow owl’s members Rai wrote Validating lesbians relationships in Yuri. Highlighting of how the girl’s relationships, affections never go nowhere at times and everybody goes their seperate ways. Also how society and media in Japan don’t acknowledge of females having a relationship, that the norm for them is women get married and have kids.

Netsuzou sadly falls into this bracket of no validation in Hotaru and Yuma’s bond, that it’s just playing around. Putting in my eyes this Yuri seen in a negative light to any new comers or noone that has seen the genre. Though knowing all of this myself, still not putting me off to wanting to watch the show Why?. Like saying before Yuri getting an anime not remembering the last time when is a big deal, so it’s exciting.


First Impressions


It was a grand surprise for when the opening theme started playing, honestly didn’t think would be anything special. Every time now I’ll look forward to it as it has this J – Rock vibe going and absolutely loved it, another song to add to my playlist.

Hotaru right off the bat was a dominating presence in front of Yuma, because of her Hotaru’s confidence, flirtatious personality. I don’t dislike for this fact as from seeing the first two episodes so far, there feeling more behind Hotaru’s behaviour. It was because in episode two where Hotaru was with Fujiwara in the ferris wheel, slamming his foot down in anger seemed. The mood suddenly changing seeing Hotaru was obviously scared of him, from the first episode, I didn’t really like him. Fujiwara attitude and bluntness with Hotaru is the reason I won’t care for his character. Jerkface alert off a mile away.

Doesn’t make me feel sorry for Hotaru going out with him, as she’ seemingly gone out with many beforehand. Going out with jerks.

Yuma is cute but that’s about what I think about her character. As seems the type to get strung along easily, easy prey sad to say. Takeda poor, nice guy getting strung along. Honestly feel sorry for the dude, hard not too. Hotaru’s backstory of being bullied and Yuma protecting her honestly didn’t grip me, felt it was just slammed in there for the hell of it. Only two episodes in and can tell this series is not going to end well, obviously really but yet I’m still going to continue. As each episode is not that long, it makes me hope citrus might be actually a full series. Come on just give it to us Yuri fans. Would you.


That’s all I have to say regarding Netsuzou trap till giving my final thoughts on the series as a whole. After watching the first episodes didn’t surprise me of what route this series would take, can only suspect it’ll end how I anticipate.

Leave your comments below if your watching this series? What were your first impressions?

I’ll see you all in the next post !!



5 thoughts on “Netsuzou Trap – Yuri In Seasonal Anime

  1. “Not afraid to hide the fact I like the Yuri genre, say a few years ago wouldn’t have been so open about it.”

    I’m glad you’re not afraid to admit this.Good post! Netsuzou Trap has been lacking a lot of coverage both on the video and text side in our community compared to the rest of the season, so this is really nice to see.

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