Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #34


Tiring week x.x

Can’t do stuff when your beyond exhausted. >.<

Chances to blog this week have been slim to none as currently writing this, beyond exhausted. So much I want to write but Sunday, Monday planned to dedicate some blogging time has over the last two days, editing as taken up my time. This week has been pure exhaustion honestly feeling like I’ve got bugger all done. On a happier note This Saturday evening I’m having a podcast episode over on my podcast channel. 15th July 8pm PST, may try start earlier if able.

Hope to start Lucky Star tonight from the poll I put up on my twitter, that was the winner to start with over my old anime binge this weekend. 



Next week’s content: 

Wednesday – Review
Friday Feature as usual
Seasonal First Impression

Now moving onto the more important question who are my features this week? Let’s find out !!


Blogger Feature

This week’s blogger feature goes to a fellow member from the group, I’m apart of Zoe from Let’s Talk Anime . Zoe has been around the blogging scene for a little while and it’s been fun to follow her posts. Zoe is a lovely girl, whom has surprised with her attention to details from reading her recent owls posts. There is an array of variety Zoe blogs about as you can see from the image above, recommend checking out her Princess Mononoke Cosplay post. I don’t follow many bloggers whom cosplay so it was an interesting read as Zoe goes through the process of making her cosplay. So if you enjoy cosplay and blogs with variety please add Zoe to your follow list !!!


post a rama
yt_1200-vfl4c3t0kYoutubers and Bloggers Should Interact More By Zeria 

Thankyou to Zeria as I was reading her piece on only a small portion of people, making their way to the youtube platform. Mentioning me as one of these indiviuals who maintains a youtube and blog, haha it’s not easy at times I won’t lie. Zeria’s piece was so insightful and recommend you go read it. 

Tokyo Mew Mew ReviewBy tcondon1 

Let’s talk some nostalgia, as I was scrolling through my reader feed took me back seeing this review pop up. I’ve not seen all of Tokyo Mew Mew probably the first seven episodes, but loved this premise of this cute magical girl show. Last magical girl show I watched was Shugo Chara, that was years ago. Reading through this review took me back and hope to see revisit this now, after reading this review. Make sure to give this a read, if you were a fan of some cat girls !!



Heroic Age By Cain. S Latrani 

Again like Tokyo Mew Mew was taken by when I read Cain’s review on a mecha show from a long aog. Heroic age was not a favourite mecha watch for me to say as the ending did not satisfy me. The premise of this mech show however is incredibly interesting as Cain states being from Greek Mythology. So if your interest is peeked recommend checking out this review, especially if you love Mecha.



More Than A Cour: Tips For Longer Shows
By Grant (Wave Motion Cannon) 

Let’s face it getting through a show with more than 50 episodes, can seem like a drag? right? This is where you should check out Grant’s pointer peace on breaking down the process, of watching a long running series. Great piece.



That’s all I got.

I’ve not had a chance to read many of people’s blog but when I’m not exhausted, tomorrow morning, I’ll be reading through peoples pieces. Hope you enjoyed this week’s Friday Feature even though it’s a little late. You guys are use to that by now.

Make sure to check out everyone mentioned in this post !!

I’ll see you all next week for another Friday Feature !! 



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