Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama + OWLS LIVESTREAM


My friend introduced me to Bananya x.x

Watched first episode of Bananya… was interesting.

Was suppose to be watching older anime’s this week so far…. Zero but that will change over the weekend. Though honestly this week just been feeling half there, the weather probably hasn’t helped either, rain rain and MORE RAIN!! Trying to be consistent here on my blog, all is going how I wish but still figuring out some other things, that have been weighing on me.

Letting you all know this weekend it’s my group OWLS end of month livestream for June. We covered the topic “Team” and will be discussing fellow members post, so come join us Saturday 8th at 7:30pm EST!! Link To Event.

Next Weeks Content: 

Wednesday – Owls July Post “Mirrors”
500 Followers Q + A Answers

Now that your all up to date Who are my features for this Friday?


Blogger Feature

thoughts that move
This week’s blogger feature goes to a meticulous blogger Tim from Thoughts That Move.  If your someone that loves reading analysis pieces, his blog will cater to your need. I came upon Tim end of last year, since have become an avid reader of his blog. I’ve read some deep anime analysis pieces before hand where I may get lost in the big words. but Tim’s ability to dissect every point he’s making in a simple understanding is why I keep coming back to his blog. He doesn’t cover anime only but other pop culture mediums, one piece you should check out Moving Away From Simulcasts. He also is now apart of the time Wave Cannon Motion. If you enjoy deep reads then Tim is your guy so go check out his blog, adding to your blogger list !!!


post a rama
What Makes Koe No Katchi Work? By Kai 

A silent voice I’ll recommend to all above and beyond but if your sitting on the fence over this series. Make sure to read Kai’s short piece on describing to the point that, the story highlights the flaws in people and about redemption. I think after reading this piece you’ll be curious to try the movie.


Fukumenkei Noise Review By Keiko 

One series from the spring I was not able to watch Fukumenkei shoujo/music. Keiko’s honest review describing this series as a mixed bag but has it’s Pros. You guys know me and shojo, I’ll watch all so check out Keiko’s review if you’ve been curious about this series.


Man Vs Machine Clockwork Planet Review By DeiriiRaifu 

I’ve been meaning to do a post giving my thoughts on clockwork planet but in the mean time I think you should read Deirri review. Clockwork planet I reviewed on my youtube as part of a experiment by the end, having my issues with this series. Deirri did a great job addressing the ups and downs with clockwork and that it’s not for everyone. Go check out their review !!



Sakura Quest – Making Home Where You AreBy Backloggers

Sakura quest is such a comforting series to watch in between other things at the moment. General Tofu from Backloggers writes a meaningful piece on how this series shows the big dream of working on a city. Is not all it’s cracked up that young people fall for this disillusion so easily.  Make sure to read this comforting piece !!!



I has been working away at reading great content lately.

Please go check out the features in this instalment of this Friday feature. It’s been great to see lately fellow bloggers starting up their own weekly features, makes my soul dance honestly. Sharing is caring !!!

I hope you enjoyed this Friday Feature and I’ll see you all next week !! 



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