Others Bring Color | Your Lie In April

“Your like a cat. If I get close, you’ll ignore me and go far away. If I get hurt, you’ll play around to share the pain”

Anime: Your Lie In April/Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Published: 2014

Genre: Drama, Music, Romance 
Producer: A – 1 Pictures
Episodes: 22

This is the fourth review as part of my 300 followers special if anyone didn’t know people had to pick from 20 anime, the five with most votes I would watch and review. 4/5 now it’s only taken me months honestly But one I had avoided at watching till now. This series I’d been warned you need a whole lot of tissues for, hoping it was a lie but it’s Your Lie In April.


When you’ve been warned to have tissues boxes near, it will certainly be a series ride. One of the strongest genres anime does well at is drama I’ve found, leaving us fans agonising in feels or emotions, that not knowing where to go.


Kousei Arima young music piano prodigy, looses his ability to hear the music, notes, having a breakdown. Ever since that moment Kousei world became bleak hardly smiling or laughing. Until he meets crazy, out going Kaori who brightens his world again, forcing him to become her accompanist. After two years Kousei takes up the piano again and face all he has hidden from.

Dub Performance / Emotion Grab NAILED



No question as proved to me within the first few episodes Your Lie In April’s main anchor is hooking your emotions and not letting you go till the end. It has been a long while since watching Nagi no Asukara for me feeling the same set of raw emotions. Definitely both Nagi and Lie have a similar trait in dealings of youthful love and pain. But Did your Lie In April soar above that?

Honestly my perspective Lie and Nagi are on the same wave length But Lie soared to more than what perceiving it to be. When it comes to watching series like Your Lie In April with such confronting drama, the performance in dealing with this aspect, it has to make me believe. From the animation, music, characters all in one, Your Lie In April did this seeming less. What it came down to for me though was from watching the english dub, again had a been a long time since enjoying a dubbed series so much.

The dub for lie had been highly regarded so the curiosity was too great to not give it a shot. Maybe some time I’ll do a piece on english dubs I’m fond of but performances from Max Mittelman as Armia and Erica Lindbeck as Kaori throughly adored highly. All the performances in the dub thought were great all round, bringing the full potential out in each characters feelings, emotions.


The Will To Press On


The main theme, thing truly loving about this series evoking the message of, to keep going. When in life things explode on you like a bomb like for Arami. Though the main focus of the series is Arami, watching his journey to facing his demons, re-flaming his love for the piano was heartwarming. Though not lying at times it seemed Arami was about to make it over the hurdle, he reverts back, was annoying a little. To feel pushed to your limits by someone you love, the struggle for Arami whether to hate or love what his mother put him through. Torn battle within himself after his mother died, it’s more than understanding as to why Arami just shut down.

The representation in the scenes of Arami feeling like he was at the bottom of the sea, no light in sight. Truly expressed all the painful, dark feelings that must have been swelling up inside of him. Emotional connection to viewers in that scene comes effortlessly, you find putting yourself in Arami’s place. To think of the times you’ve been in that dark ocean, lost. This series combination of bright animation and emotion factor creates just one of many memorable, powerful scenes.

While others were wretched by Arami’s struggle, cutie Kaori stole the whole show for me. It’ been a long time coming across such an eccentric, optimistic character like her, from episode one she has you. There’s nothing to fault about her as you become enveloped in her reasoning of the way she comes across and her crazy goings. Such a refreshment to see in a character, highlighting again Erica made me love Kaori so much more. Myself feeling resonated with both Arami and Kaori on different levels, Arami took me back to the times of loosing someone dear in my family and getting over a breakup. Those times being in that dark sea, feeling beyond lost.

Kaori gave Arami something irreplaceable, meaning in his life again, the will to carry on. People in your life that brighten those dark spaces, it’s what my friends did for me through feeling heartache. Kaori’s character full of such warmth and love just influenced Arami which made him shine brighter, reminded him his love for the piano. Though Kaori dealing and knowing what lay ahead for her, just living as fullest as she could is the main reason in loving her character so much.


Romance Element


Your Lie doesn’t have the happiest romance conclusion, won’t be saying more for those who have not seen. Feeling satisfied enough with the ending overall considering the circumstances of where the plot was leading into. Still felt myself not completely invested in the romance aspect of Tsubaki’s unknown feelings, she had for Arami. Without realising herself. It felt tedious at times of coming to the realisation of her own feelings. Tusbaki herself was likeable but felt too longwinded for Tsubaki to wake up and a kiddish quote which sounded selfish stating “Music takes Kousei away from me, I hate it”. That just annoyed me honestly, had me going “come out and say how you feel, dam it”

All the romantic feelings didn’t come pouring out till towards the end of the series, felt teased up until this point. I like Arami’s character but tip toeing around the issue of presuming Kaori liked Watari, just made me want to shake him. Say “Man Up” it was all annoying after a while. In saying all of this though fully did support the idea of Kaori and Arami together, they just gelled.


The Teary True 

The truth, truth comes out now as people have been wondering up to this point if my eyes were red raw. There being a puddle of water on the floor, scrunched tissues everywhere. Honestly myself was ready for all the tears works but… only did I get a little teary, no sob crying happened. Certain there were people expecting me to cry buckets as if anyone knows I’m a sensitive individual, but by the final episode is when the teariness came. Fair for anyone to say ask, Why till that point?

Firstly probably in a way that affected for me honestly was others telling me, oh you’ll cry at this episode and that part. No one did anything wrong by telling me things like that I’m not saying, just when beginning to watch the series. It was obvious to me in what was going to happen, especially with Kaori which not going to reveal. When all the big drama had come to pass in the final episode, is the only time I cried during this whole watch.

It did surprise me as Your Lie is driven on heavy drama, with the characters only being fourteen. Only when crying it was for Kaori as saying before, she stole the whole show for me. This whole process reminded me of when my nan who was in the uk, finally passed away, being so close to her. Waiting for those tears to come, but knowing for a long while she was nearing the end. Wasn’t until four weeks later is when I sobbed till not being able to catch my breathe. People had said to me there will be this tragic turn in the series, coming to that point when watching, the tears wouldn’t come. This wasn’t to say my feels were all over the place, course I felt sad.

This reminds me hearing other peoples opinions is a good thing but felt this time around it affected my experience with Your Lie In April.


Steering from the last part Your Lie In April was a indeed a powerful, emotional watch. Agreeing with the majority it’s not the happiest to watch at points but sings something true in the sense, to keep moving forward. The soft tone, colourful visuals and music holy heightens your experience when watching, raising feels ten fold. Rare for me to say but it’ll get the water works going whether you like it or not, as you learn the dealings of each character. Learning how passionate they are for their music, expressing themselves in however they please. Music lovers will be able resonate with Your Lie so easily, even me took me back to my choir days. Reminding me how much even now still enjoy singing, even if it’s to myself.

Your Lie is not a series personally for me though I’ll revisit anytime soon but non – the less left a deep impression me.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing my thoughts on Your Lie In April. Please tell me how this series affected you? Why you love it so much?

The last, final series I have to watch as apart of this challenge which has only taken me over 6 months to complete x.x. Utena Revolutionary Girl but this may be a while yet. I have intended to buy this series as this is one I’ve watched in my collection for a while.

I’ll see you in the next post!! 



  1. Litaaaaaaa!!! Your Lie is one my absolute favorites. I continue to find new things to love about it and new things to pick up. The nuances become so much more clear in what Kaori was hinting at with lots of foreshadowing.

    As a pianist, and a musician this really shook me to my core. The feeling of wanting to connect with others through music is really what drove me to love this series so so much. The piano arrangements are so perfectly beautiful, especially the last piece Kousei performs. By far my favorite arrangement of Chopin’s Ballade no. 1 in G minor. I can NOT find this particular arrangement with violin anywhere on the internet.

    “The moment I met [her], my life changed. Everything I saw, heard and felt. All the scenery around me started to take on color. The whole world began to sparkle”. This line is everything to me. I’ve thought about this line over and over again. Tsubaki and Kousei talk about this in the very beginning and it happens with Kousei when he meets Kaori…and you know. I interpret this to be so much more than just a romantic notion it gives off in this anime. I feel this way with my closest friends. Everyone introduces a new element into our lives, and our lives are that much more colorful with each new encounter. Your world truly does sparkle when you meet special people. And to be honest, I feel that way about a lot of our OWLS members.

    Ah, there aren’t enough words to express my love for this anime. It’s truly a special one that I hold dear for both the story and the musical aspect. I’m really glad you enjoyed it and like Scott said, you’ve been on fire with your posts lately! Keep it up!!

    Sorry for such a long winded reply, but when it comes to Your Lie, I could go on and on and on about it. Thanks for sharing lovely Lita! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know this show means a lot to you hazel 🙂 hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts dear hehe XD

      Thankyou that you think my posts have improved, I feel they have but that’s all due to learning new things all the time and reading others content XD


  2. first anime series that made me have tears in my eye, your lie in april is so good and one thats hard to stop watching. great review.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “This reminds me hearing other peoples opinions is a good thing but felt this time around it affected my experience with Your Lie In April.”

    I worried about this for you. I did see how many people were telling you to be prepared and building up expectation for something that kind of shields you, for lack of a better word, from what the show tries to convey.

    I watched this sight unseen, just from the description on Netflix. I watched the first couple episodes dubbed, (because Netflix defaulted to it), went back to watch them in Japanese, then switched to English for the rest. As you said, Max Mittelman and Erica Lindbeck were just fantastic and I wanted to hear more of their acting with this.

    Point is, I hung on everything that happened because I had no idea where it would go. There were a lot of hints and, like you, I was kind of prepared as I went along. Still, the way this show puts you in Arima’s place makes it really hook you emotionally. A lot of what happened made me sad though not to the point of tears, but the finale is what got me and it was the first time a show/movie did that to me since I was a kid.

    I’m glad that you appreciated everything the show aimed to do regardless. You pointed out a lot of what made it amazing, and I’m sure everyone who recommended it to you agrees. Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s okay really like I said in my review, don’t mind hearing people’s opinions just for a long time it affected my experience with this series. The outcome may have different if I had no clue about it all good though.

      I enjoyed the series non the less the finale got me like a ton of bricks for certain 🙂
      Glad you enjoyed my review know you were waiting for it XD


  4. Wow this post had excellent formatting. Nice to see how things improved from your earlier work. With that being said, your actual review felt a little rushed and weaker than the others I have read so far. Still had good content in it though 🙂

    Oh, I was wondering, why did you list this under “L” in you alphabetical review list?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou my blog style and format has changed a lot over this year and finally happy with how I review anime. Ahh I see well there is a lot to cover in your lie in April was not a review I took my time with. But still think it got across how I felt but think what made me struggle with the review is from others opinions “there’s a big twist” “you’ll need a tissue box”

      It affected my experience with the series so may seem why it feels rushed or weak a tad.

      I put it under L as one of the main quotes In the series is surrounded well a lie. It’s what people known it by. Thankyou for your feed back

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh got ya. Sorry if that felt like I was saying this post was bad (I don’t really think you thought this, just covering my bases here).

        I’ve heard some people call it “Lie” so that makes sense. Still a bit weird if you ask me though :p Any way, always happy to provide feedback when appropriate.

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