Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #32


No more reviewing clock work Yay !!!

Seriously these Fridays roll out so dam 

Welcome to another instalment of Friday feature, the weekly where everyone shines like sunny side up eggs. Oh that was a lame into but highlight of my week has been to not review clock work planet. I did not hate the show just was not my favourite of this spring season but summer season is around the corner. People have been wondering I’ll be skipping this season less something changes, just there are other things I want to work on.

For next week’s content, aiming to have my Your Lie In April review out for Wednesday. Still need to gather my thoughts. Trying to do an extra piece for each week from now on if I’m able but you guys know of all the things I do on the web… too much.

Before we get into this feature, wanted to wish my American friends a Happy 4th July as I realised it’s for them over this weekend. !!! Independence !!! Soo who’s made it on this week’s feature !!!


Blogger Feature


This week’s blogger feature goes to a male ani blogger Chris from Peach’s Almanac. Chris is fairly new to the anime blogging community. Coming across him from just started out, his blog banner/images will definitely draw you in to read his content, going that extra mile. You can find mainly on Chris’s blog anime essay’s, reviews and opinion pieces, one post I recommend checking out Koi Kaze: Rational Taboo . Such detail Chris puts into every piece which shows their passion for blogging and anime, something to feel inspired by. I certainly do and someone you need to follow or put on your list !! You can keep up with him on his Twitter, so you don’t miss a post !!


post a rama
Top Five List Of Anime’s Sexiest Men By Ruki 

Let’s start off with a bit of fun for this post – a – rama, leaning towards my females. Ruki goes over again in another list of some men throbs she personally loves and lists like this are just run to read. Go check out this short, fun post !!


I’m noticing a lot more lately fellow anime blogger friends venturing onto youtube or starting their own podcasts. Which is so good to see one I wanted to highlight was from Shoujo Thoughts bi monthly cast. There not overly long but Shoujo likes to feature fellow bloggers pieces that have interested her, updates regarding blogging and other anime happenings. It’s been a nice cast to listen to plus her voice sounds like an anime character honestly, if you take a listen you’ll see what I mean. 

She featured in this latest podcast, my podcast that I run Senshi Ani Girls so I wanted to thankyou Shoujo !!! so make sure to check her out !!!



Heavy Memories: Relating To Scums Wish By Freeman

Scums wish was a fascinating watch on the ugliness of love, Freeman’s deep piece reflects the emotional reflection this series does so well. I really enjoyed reading this great piece on highlighting this series compact, intense emotions. Make sure to go give this a read, especially if you’ve seen this series and had mixed feelings. 

Top 6 Dumbest Moments In Anime History By Just My 2 Cents 

This was a funny list to read, it will be a weekly thing as Neetaku runs through some of anime’s silly scenes in their opinion. There number one spot I fully agree with if you want to find out what it is, Go read their post !!



Recommendations For Work and Life By Lauren 

People in the anime and blogging community might be familiar with Lauren who runs known otaku journalist. I really enjoyed her fun and helpful post of things she uses for work and enjoys in life. I’m a fan of Lauren’s blog but feel you get to know her in this post so make sure to check out this fun list out!!



I’ve not caught up on fellow people’s post, but getting there. There’s been some great posts so many, little time at the moment for me to read them all at once. Here’s hoping next week I have some more for you guys and check out all the features for this week. You know the drill !!

I’ll see you all next Friday !!~



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