Feeling The Anime Burn?

This has been everyone… *whispers* everyone…

A common discussion in anime I’ve noticed on the blog and youtube sphere “Anime Burnout”. You felt the burn too people?

So called “Anime Burnout” to me is no different than say your growing tired of a tv drama your watching but here were talking about the anime genre. The vast selection of genres to choose from, you wouldn’t think “NO way !! I’ll get tired of this”.

If you can recall back to when you first got into anime, it was exciting, thrilling and discovering all these shows to watch. You could watch so many all in one blitz go without worrying then you’ll get tired of it. Exactly how I remember when first getting into this medium, this time in your life happens only once. When your someone like me who’s been watching anime now for over a decade, your tastes change, the industry itself is. Discovering how things are now compared to back then, I’d say getting tired of anime is more on the reoccurrence.

Accept for new anime fans…. makes you jealous thinking about it. Discover all the new things. Little do they know.


Seasonal Burn


seasonal summer 2017
The most reoccurring thing hearing all the time is becoming tired of seasonal anime. Over the last few years simulcast of the newest anime airing in Japan, being directly aired after worldwide. Streaming has become more main stream 20 or more shows airing each season, this is a great thing to see. More anime, but if your an avid watcher every season the possibility you may have gotten a tad tired, depending on how many shows your watching.

For a year and half I’d been out of the seasonal scene till this year and decided to jump back into it, for spring season 2017. At first it was really exciting seeing the variety this time around, picking seven or eight shows to watch. As the spring season is coming to an end and another season starting didn’t take long surprisingly for me to feel the burn. Wait… wait for me haven’t finished what I’m watching now, IT’S TOO MUCH!!!. Keeping up each week in the beginning of watching seasonal never bothered me, even after being away for a while. Quickly realising it was becoming too tedious for me to keep up, while all the side things I was watching. Binge watcher at heart here, probably should stick to that.

Now some people are adjusted and fine with watching anime weekly, all good. But if your a binge watcher at heart, *raises hand* Me. You don’t know how avid seasonal watchers keep with ten shows or more their watching, while if their watching side anime’s. Might look all mighty watching so many shows but chances getting put on hold or dropped are more likely now, than say five years ago. Not saying I regret getting into this spring season as Tsuki ga kirei was a surprising gem, every week couldn’t wait to watch. But Seasonal there is balance of good and bad it comes with, but this comes down to the watcher in choosing how many shows they’re watching. If your watching nothing but seasonal all the while, depending on the person. The burn will come quickly or not at all. 

Need To Keep Up Burn


A phase that plagiarise me for the longest time from watching seasonal anime, was the mentality having to keep up with shows I chose to watch. Just gets to a point your sick of hearing your own self whining, how you are behind. Asking the question “Why do this to myself or yourself”? 

One answer I’ve come to my own conclusion on is the influence from others. People I know in this anime loving community, friends I know vast majority watch seasonal anime. When it’s comes to discussions regarding seasonal I’ve been and seen it has become awkward, mentioning earlier being away from or even now. “Have you watched so and so?” you been hit with this question, chances are yes and from being bombarded with. My usual answer would be “No not yet” others reply “Oh okay” after it seemed like to the other there was no point in engaging in further conversation, if you’ve not seen whatever series there talking about.

This resulted building up this mentality for me to keep up with all the seasonal shows I was watching. This does you no favours having this mindset, quickly becoming burn out even more easily. You feel like your missing out something amazing or great, that you should be watching it NOW, RIGHT THIS SECOND. Don’t bother putting yourself through it. It took me the longest time to realise that so what if I had not seen heroic academia, that you shouldn’t have to keep up with the latest anime. To just feel included for the sake of it, Go at your own pace or come back later to it all. You have time.


Expectation Burn


The expectation of anime these days is higher than ever, people want the next great thing. Terms of talking expectation I’ll use shonen as a example Bleach, Dragonballz series full of such action, with high intensity battles, powerful characters. Something like that to keep you so engaged, shonen’s strongest point, the bar keeps getting set higher and higher. Though the shonen genre now is a little deflated currently, when hearing in 2015 Dragonball super was announced I’ll admit was excited. Ever since watching only the few first episodes just fell, my excitement fall flat honestly.

Even now there is no burning desire to pick back up the series, Dragonballz is a lot of nostalgia for me. But with how the series is being handled now, it’s still not getting me excited. There was a lot of high expectation for dragonball super in the beginning, to be like “Z” but with how this shonen is known to be. There is only so far that can be stretched, I’ll put this simply what’s the next power Goku could possibly have after a god? For the record when this Dragonball super gets dubbed, mostly likely I’ll pick it back up.

Noticing a lot people put high expectations just by the look of art visual image of an anime, seriously come on. You don’t know something till you try it right? your just setting yourself up for disappointment in the line of what genre your watching, if you expect it to be great every round. Not saying it’s okay to not have expectations of something but the good comes with the bad, that’s why if you only ever watched series with hardly any flaws. You’d not be able to add fair input in discussions with others if there talking of a series you’d never watch in a million years. If the story ending was non conclusive, minor characters were considered bland, all these little thoughts racing through your head. Just leads to feeling burnt faster than blow out a candle. 

Not everything will be absolutely astounding every time, newer anime fans learn this quickly. So don’t be too close minded, always keep your options open but also remember if your not enjoying a series then don’t watch if your not. 


Too Many Or Same Of Burns


Out of all these burns, one that hurts the most resulting in not watching anime for weeks on, sometimes leading to forever. Personally myself never have I tried to watch so many things at once, my limit is about watching four series at one time. Anymore than that, my brain will turn to scrambled eggs. Being able to take in everything of the series I’m watching, what it has to offer is very important to me, nor would I want to miss something vital. If your watching 10 shows half of those are seasonal say and other things on the side, what are the chances you’ll reoccur the series previous on goings.

Fair enough to those that like watching all at once, good for you. It’s all well and good me saying not to watch so many shows at once, but our moods can change like the wind. So many genres to choose from, make you lean towards honestly watching too many anyway. Sometimes may have to be in the right mood, if that’s the case then focus on whatever show it is.

While too many is never good, if in that equation some series are from the same genre then another problem. Going back to seasonal anime for a second, 20 or more shows these days being pumped out each season, chances of something being similar is another common occurrence. Speaking about Chivalry Of A Failed Knight and Asterisk War from the Summer 2015 season in a post recently, how both were so alike. This can be off putting all together making viewers over look shows like Chivalry and Asterisk, all the more easier. 

Even if your not a avid seasonal watcher, in general of watching anime, spreading yourself wide is so important, I’ve talked about this in another post. Romance maybe my favourite genre, could watch it all the time even. But even my cravings lead me wanting something different, there’s nothing wrong with that. Broaden your genres people.


A Breather

To conclude on “anime burn” or just “burning out” in general. Something I feel, I’ve read in every post or video seen, take a breather. Your mentality is important, pondering over all the seasonal or other shows your watching or got to watch won’t make you feel better. We all have other watch interests marvel movies, tv dramas etc  I’m sure, heck I may be obsessed with anime but probably go crazy if it was 24/7. Taking a step back will eventually you lead to crave anime again, if your a avid watcher of it.

Pondering on the time your away from anime, that you’ve missed something great or important or so your friend says. SO WHAT if there your friend they won’t pressure you. I’ll tell you felt great the other week when finally getting to see wonder woman, it felt like a mental release from the seasonal burnout.. I’m still going through though. Who cares what others think, if you need a break then do it. Not like anime is going to grow legs and run away, it’ll always be here to come back too. 

– Broaden your genres
– Watch other things
– Leave yourself not so close minded
– Learn to know when it’s break time

It’s not rocket science of knowing when to take a break from anything, you’ll just end up doing it.

I hope you enjoyed and hopefully this post helped you in whenever you may get burnt out!!

Leave any thoughts you have down below!!

I’ll see you guys in the next post !!


  1. I use to binge watch so much anime that I got burnt out. So to take a breather I switched over to Asian Dramas. Now I think I just swapped one addiction for another. Haha so when I ultimately burn out on dramas too, I wonder if I will switch back to anime. Or shall I find something new to obsess over. 😛

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    1. I do this too! I also go from cosplay to drawing, and repeat. So far I have not burnt out from anime in a few years but if this happens, dramas will be there for me. 😀 I don’t really see it as a bad thing Lita, because these things are natural. We all go through it and one day, we’ll go back to it. 😉

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  2. I’ve been watching anime since childhood and the only time I think I’ve stayed away for a long time from anime was when I was adjusting from uni. Other times are not so long, as those are when I wanted to watch other shows (Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese/Thai drama series).

    Though I wanted to be a seasonal watcher, I hadn’t really followed any faithfully except Chihayafuru and Haikyuu (and I even already knew what was going to happen because of the manga). This is because I prefer binge-watching. Moreover, I just watch what I’m in the mood to watch. So generally I watch at my own pace. Before, I thought I’d like to be updated with the latest and trending, but I just ended up saying “screw it” because I’m too lazy. lol so as you can see, most of my posts are about old anime series.

    Anyway, thanks for these reminders. 🙂

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  3. This reminds me of a post Tsuyuki wrote a while back regarding seasonal anime and getting burned out.

    Honestly these days I’m not burned out from anime, it’s more like me being burned out from work and that results in me not feeling like watching anime. Sure I’ll still keep at the seasonal game, I’ve been doing this for years now and so far nothing too terrible has happened to me yet, but I’m not gonna lie it can feel like a chore to sit down and watch a few eps even of a show I’m really into.

    Looking at the summer lineup I’ve got 16 shows marked down on my list to watch (4 confirmed and the rest just things that look interesting and something I might like) and I intend to keep up as best I can, even with work going full tilt, but it’s going to take a lot to psyche myself up to keep on watching stuff. I can easily put anime on hold for a while but I love it too much to step away from it for an extended period of time.

    Anyways sorry for rambling. Good post, I enjoyed reading it.

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  4. I’ve definitely suffered from “being burnt out” when it comes to Anime a few times in the past myself.

    Around 2010 I practically stopped watching Anime entirely for almost an entire year because I was burnt out and started watching a lot more movies and TV shows. Although, I eventually came back, obviously.

    My most recent burn out was in 2015, as the year prior I’d discovered the joys of watching subtitled anime and torrenting. For that entire year, I binge watched hundreds of shows, old and new, to the point that even thinking about watching anime made me feel nauseous. Back then I had a lot more free time since I had recently graduated and was without a job at the time, so I did nothing but watch anime constantly.

    Now that I work 5 days a week and have an “Anime time” in place for various parts of the week (mostly weekends) I don’t really get the burn any more, which is nice. Sometimes moderation helps!

    The burn is also one of the reasons I don’t watch seasonal anime while its airing. I find it very stressful to keep up to date with the latest shows and see very little value in doing so anyway. They’re not going anywhere and there’s plenty of time to watch and discuss something, even years after its out.

    Thank you for sharing this post! I really related to it and enjoyed reading it!

    I hope you cool off soon!

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  5. I’ve burnt out many times for many different things. Not anime specifically, but I am pretty new to that still.

    That said, I do understand the pain that seasonal anime can bring – as a blogger it can be hard to feel that pressure to watch it because you’re writing about it. That’s partly why I swapped my episode posts to one big weekly sum up post. It lets me watch the weekly anime whenever I have time during that week rather than a specific day.

    I don’t often have time to watch more than an episode or two at once so weekly anime actually suits me just fine. Last season I had three weekly shows and one older show that I was watching. This season I think I’ll be keeping to three but with needing to get a new job it could be that I don’t have time to keep up all three.

    All that said, I don’t have any qualms about dropping a show from my seasonal anime reviews if I’m not enjoying it. I don’t think I’ll ever burn out on anime, but I could see it happening to seasonal anime in particular. Even then I’d probably replace my seasonal weekly posts with “What I’ve watched this week” posts xD

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    1. Thanks for commenting ^^

      I agree I’ve burnout on other things besides anime goes with out saying for any interests we have.
      Yeh I haven’t given my end thoughts on spring 2017 probably won’t lol 😂 for the moment.

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  6. I agree! I’m currently in the ” Take a breather ” step of this… even though not by choice.
    Just a lot of things (books, music, STUDIES) to catch up to, so hopefully my list turns brighter when I get back!
    It was great to read this post though, thank you!

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  7. I’ve never been a binge watcher which might be why I have no trouble watching seasonal anime. That said I also don’t care if I get behind in shows. I watch what’s interesting at the time and if that means I let a seasonal show fall behind so be it. I can always come back. But ultimately I think the reason I’ve stayed in seasonal anime so long is that I got a job. This allows me to watch an episode of anime on my lunch break and is the only reason I’ve been able to follow more than one seasonal anime at a time.

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    1. I use to worry about getting behind in shows. Why I mentioned the part in this post keeping up. I agree that being able while breaks to watch anime especially if it seasonal. But you can do that with any series your watching XD thanks for commenting

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  8. great article and me doing other stuff has helped with me not getting burned out from playing video games, reading manga, listening to music watching movies and other tv shows. great read.

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  9. I think you hit the nail on the head at the end there. Do other things. I some how keep getting burned out because I like to play games and hang out with friends. I watch anime when I can outside of that. It’s also why I can do episodic reviews, I don’t have the time and trying that would kill me.

    I’m definitely a binge watcher. I prefer to watch a whole show once it finishes. Next season for example I have a bunch of shows I wanna watch, but I will probably only follow 2 of them weekly and then binge the rest after 🙂

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    1. Aww thanks grim and for commenting. Episodic reviews nooo they’d suck the energy out of me. Recently did from reviewing clockwork planet >.< on my channel.

      Yeh binge watchers for the win !!!

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  10. I’ve got that anime burn feeling, a few times. I find the best cure, is to watch something god awful. Something you know you’ll hate and is almost painful to watch. Then after, watch an anime you think or know you’ll love. That usually jump starts, my love of anime 🙂

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  11. I’ve been watching anime close to 2 decades. There were times when I could watch 10 or more anime’s at a time like it was nothing. I don’t do that anymore but my habits have changed a lot over the years. If I’m streaming a series, I prefer to watch it from top to bottom before starting another series. I want to be able to focus on it. Indulge in the experience. But on the flip side, I can juggle multiple series if I’m watching them on tv. I think it’s because of like you said, there a break period in between. Once consuming anime started to feel like a choir. I cut back on it. so yeah, I’ve taking a bunch of breaks throughout my journey. Thank you for sharing.

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