Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #31


Pure Lazy Lately…

Wohoo Friday Feature is happening this week. Sorry there wasn’t one last week as I was a tad busy with life. Lately things have been up and down, nothing bad just trying to bring everything down a notch now.

Over the next few weeks my focus will be shifted to my blog as I’ve been wanting to post a bit more. Youtube will be coming second to that but with my reviewing of Clockwork planet ending this week, it’s another load off. Seasonal burnout is what I’ve been feeling also so not decided anything for the summer season at the moment. Also bit late mentioning but the Owls June Blog Tour is underway if you want to check out the currently posts. Follow us on our Twitter, I have my post coming up on Monday  26th so one extra post already there for you guys to look forward too.

Next’s week Wednesday post have not decided on at this point, hoping a anime review but enough of my catch up ramble. Time to see who are my features for this week !!!


Blogger Feature

floating in bliss
This week’s blogger feature goes to a female anime blogger Zeria from Floating Into Bliss . I came across Zeria’s blog this month and was greatly impressed honestly, actually in love with her content. Have become a avid reader over the past 3 weeks, her anime essays, analysis piece are great reads as Zeria expresses her personal experiences with anime through them. One of my favourite posts by her is Yearning For Yuri: My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness on a newly released manga, expressing the dealings with sexual orientation and identity. If anything from follow Zeria’s blog is refreshment, her whole approach to blogging and her writing his refreshing to me and inspiring. Make sure to go check her out !!! 


post a rama

Black Licking Thieves: Captain Harlock Podcast 

Now I know this is technically not a post but I wanted to show my support to Grant’s podcast Black Licking Thieves. The other day I listened to his newest podcast with two other guests discussing an oldie Captain Harlock. It was great listening to while blogging so if your someone that enjoys listening to podcasts instead of music, recommend checking out this hilarious and fun cast.


Mobile Fighter G Gundam Short Review By Gentle men’s Otaku Anime Circle

I enjoyed reading this short review on G Gundam, My gundam will always live and have put this series higher on my list. Was a nice short review of some pros and conns of the series, please go check it out if your a gundam fan !!


Groovin’s Magic By Humble Ace 

I love personal posts and this one from Ace discussing on how they feel about anime openings. Talking about a dear favourite for them, from Die Buster, it was a good read and reminder of why anime openings do matter. Ace expresses the joy of just listening to them say if your out and about, the reminiscing feelings that come flooding back. So please go check out his post !!!!


Top 10 Bloodiest Anime’s By Animei – Chan 

It was world blood donation day sometime last week or this and this bold anime list popped out at me. Going over some of the bloodiest anime we have so if your interested go check out what makes it onto their list.


Secret Romance By Picadrama

I haven’t watched any dramas of sorts for ages, reading this mini post on a Korean drama Secret Romace was a reminder. Get back on the Drama train so if you like dramas, check out this short piece.


Enter a caption

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s Friday feature and make sure to go check out everyone who’s been featured. I’ll have more of a chance over the next week to catch up on reading fellow bloggers post, I am massively behind.

I’ll see you all next Friday !!!



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