They Say Chivalry Isn’t Dead.

This knight is totally not a failure, that’s an understatement.

Taking inspiration from Anime Prince post on Chivalry Of A Failed Knight where they address of the fantasy, romance genre it sits in. This series upped the game on how people perceive shows from this genre. Recalling from Summer season 2015 Asterisk war and Chivalry were the similar genre duo, main couple fall in love, magic academy and weapons forming from a person or someone’s soul.

Seeing shows similar like Infinite Stratoswhile enjoying it all the same, series like that don’t have any divide between them. From watching season one Ichika and Houki their connection fell far from one another. Some romances, you feel left teased and hanging because it never delves deeper than that. Tsukune and Moka’s (Rosario Vampire) relationship is one I always adored but just is a tease, the fuse goes out quickly in the anime. So when choosing between either Asterisk War or Chivalry from first glance, Chivalry purely because the art visual was pretty to me.

Romance Goes Somewhere


Taking from before series combinations of Romance/Ecchi/Fantasy/Harem, you’ll find theirs a mixture out there. Where the romance between the main characters isn’t used as an incentive to the best that it could be. In the harem genre with a multiple cast of potential love interests the romance is least used as an incentive or focal point, which is why we can be stressed to our limits. It gets old, to a degree agreeing with what I’m saying, never expected to like Chivalry Of A Knight so much.

Ikki is known as the “The Worst One” stuck in F class, on top of his family shunning treatment. The seven star sword art festival tournament determines who is the best among amateurs, Ikki meets one of the top A ranking Princess Stellar Vermillion. Under awkward circumstances Ikki walks in on her half naked, Stellar challenges Ikki to a duel. Loser has to do whatever the winner saids, Ikki wins against her and both end up taking part in the tournament.

Minus Ikki’s obsessed sister who loves him more than a brother. Chivalry surprised me with the romance focus between Ikki and Stellar, melding well with the main story. Polar opposites calm, collected Ikki and Fiery, stubborn Stellar you initially anticipate they won’t work well together, feeling another wasted romance incoming. As talking before when it comes to regarding this genre known for romances dying out, Ikki and Stellar’s are a defining change of this. What started to make me believe this was in episode four Ikki facing smart ass Kirihara, Ikki is about to give up, Stellar stands up for him in raging passion. You can watch the scene above for yourselves, The scene was handled in a well convincing manner the channeling emotion in Stellar’s voice performance. It was very believable and from this point found myself yearning for the pair to be together.

Maybe polar opposites Ikki and Stellar just had this great chemistry, that balanced one another. Ikki’s old fashioned nature was good influence on Stellar, letting her vulnerable sides show through, for someone as head strong as her. With the tournament and side on-goings the romance focus on their relationship, was not side swiped. It remained strong throughout leading to a solid ending, which you’ll feel satisfied with. Honestly for me not remembering the last time, feeling like that within this genre.


Ikki’s Convincing Struggle



The surprising handling of Ikki’s character deep, emotional strains that he was dealing with. Only wishing acknowledgement from his father, being exiled, Ikki’s type of protagonist I’ve seen before wanting to prove themselves due to some struggle that has happened in their life. Usually it’s hit or miss, of feeling gripped by this margarin of protagonists but Ikki’s struggle convinces you, made me feel for his character. To a point I felt sorry for him honestly in the last two episodes where his family stitches him up and Ikki is arrested. I wanted to highlight the black/grey toned animation in the last two episodes, made the full focus on Ikki which was great. The animation set this “broken” atmosphere, feeling Ikki’s mentality taking a slow toll with each day of confinement and battling. The use of animation in this sequence was done well, began leaving me to feel an emotional connection with Ikki.

Ikki’s honourable and old fashioned nature holding up his promise to Stellar even while in confinement, that he’ll make to the final round. Also making it clear his affection to Stellar to everyone, as not all agree of being together just because of class. This all showed his strong will to pursue through but done in such a gripping way.


So Not All A Total Fail


Chivalry Of A Failed Knight is a not all perfect but deserved the recognition for a non fizzled out romance, one that actually went somewhere. How Ikki and Stellar met didn’t feel “forced”, scenes of walking in on someone half naked. It was hilarious to me and everything flowed from their. How this anime handles the deep, emotional scars Ikki hides within himself, his struggle is more than convincing. Props to this short series for having me feeling invested very quickly, which surprised me.

It’s amazing starting off something and “just” not feeling it. But suddenly there’s this turning point for you where “Okay!! this is interesting”. That is what I experienced from this series, having these initial assumptions before hand just because of what genre this series is placed in. It has taught me that it’s not fair to already outlay of how a series will go just because of the genre it’s from. Something to think about seriously when it comes to trying out a new series, anime, manga.

At the least I’d recommend giving this an anime go, does all the things of it’s genre differently and it’s an entertaining ride honestly, I don’t regret watching. Infact is one I will certainly re – watch for the future.


Hope you enjoyed this discussion on Chivalry Of Failed A Knight  !! 

Please comment below any thoughts you have about this series if you’ve seen it πŸ™‚ 

I’ll see you in the next post !!



  1. Happy to see people recognizing Chivalry’s quality! Thanks for the adorable little post I needed a break from all this.. Work. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I kind of preffered Asterisk War over this one. I just liked the characters more in that. Not that I especially disliked this. It was perfectly watchable but it didn’t really grab me either.
    Glad you enjoyed the romance in it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t seen asterisk war yet and your not the only one that said they enjoyed it ^^ i probably will as well but agree the shows were both very similar ^^


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