First Time Crying In Amazement Of Wonder

Hang On… this post is different but I don’t know what to do with the feelings, seeing what I witnessed. 

There wasn’t any plan for me to ever write about other pop culture media on this blog but folks looks like that is changing. Changing after today it seems.

Anime is not the only thing I love to watch, going to the movies has always been a thing much as the next geek or nerd. I’m a batman lover, sorry superman but all the Marvel, DC you can catch my drift here. The majority of the marvel, Dc comics fandom grew up with comics, it’s still and was a huge part of the their, the masses childhood. Though the small portion putting myself in, never having grew up with comics, not being apart of that timely geek age.

Thinking back in my early teens 10 or 11 watching justice league, batman cartoons I got into that fandom, been a lover ever since. While Batman, Superman all the big names that will come to mind instantly, there’s one hero never I feeling attached or bothered with honestly. Until now.



Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman 1976)

Wonder Woman
first I heard from my mum, she use to watch it as a teenage, saying it was the most exciting thing back then. Reason knowing now of Lynda Carter setting the pace of her debut career and a huge idol image for a long time to come. A woman sculpted from clay by Queen Hippolyta queen of the Amazons, Diana a descended of Zeus, not like other amazons before her.

Looking up about Wonder Woman her story has been chopped and changed a little over the years, keeping the amazon, greek premise there. It made me skeptical and unsure of where was best to start reading or knowing more about her character. Different versions of something do find it makes it hard at times to know where to begin. You feel late to the party, well indeed I was. Seeing last year Wonder Woman appearing in the Superman vs Batman then following the announcement of her own live action film. My excitement was bursting and its continued to do that until today, when I finally went to see it, finally.

After watching Wonder Woman, I’ve been asking myself wished I had gotten into her much sooner.


Symbol For Woman Alike

To see and know truly watching Gal Gadot’s phenomenal performance as Wonder Woman, just how she symbolises the strength of a woman. Fully can agree it was time for a change of pace in the superhero movie sector, Woman Woman certainly was that change. From the first few seconds Gal appeared on screen, immediately she enwrapped me in Diana’s character. Wonder Woman from what I’ve heard or read previously, very strong willed, confident but Gal gave us something else. From meeting Steve, Gal’s performance in Diana’s Vulnerability of only knowing from what she knew in isolation on the island. Having no clear understanding of what the outside world was like, till she find out for herself.

It was truly believable to me, just you cannot help yourself feeling envenloped in Diana’s confusion of what her purpose. For me not knowing much about Wonder Woman’s character, it was enough during this movie to fall in love with her. Seeing the vulnerable side of Diana felt was important to show not even the strongest of us, are always strong in finding our way. Wonder woman since screening has been well received particularly by female audiences, it’s clear to see why after seeing this myself.

In Marvel or Dc comics there’s been no standing out female heroine especially the full focus of. Standing by what I said earlier this movie was the change. Wonder Woman embodies to those comic girls from their childhood, watching Lynda carters tv show, that women are strong, independent just as much as a man. Speaking of the word strong doesn’t just mean in Wonder woman looking kick butt but in her choices and attitude change she made.


This was my favourite part in the movie

Full Of Such Love

Realising towards the end of the movie, what makes wonder woman special is all the love inside of her heart. That she had right from the start but the little romance between Diana and Steve made that sentiment all the much more truer. Chris Pine was amazing as always in his convincing performances, him and Gal were just electric together. Steve’s imprint on Diana is the reason she no longer was confused towards the end quoting:

  • It’s not about “deserve”. It’s about what you believe. And I believe in Love.

This quote will stay with me thanks to Diana, a woman with so much love.


Crying In Amazement

The last quarter of the film I experienced something, I’d never watching a film. One scene I was already crying that, won’t spoil that. But after that my tears turned from sad ones to in happy, amazement ones. It was hard to get over how amazing this film was, with the romance, thrilling action sequences, war atmospheric music and almighty Diana herself. It was an amazing first experience with Wonder Woman, Going from a naive warrior to a hero that transition represented in the film was brilliant. To the ones that will try to nick pick of this film. You can try to take apart the tiny fractions but it will all be wasted effort, it’s made a mark for itself this movie. Without question.

Funny thing happened while I was in the cinema, people started clapping at the end of the film. Wasn’t just a few people was a lot and it was a great moment honestly, I wanted to clap but was a bit shy. To summarise my first experience with Wonder Woman was one not to forget, I feel this post would have turned out different. If I had been a comic fan in my childhood but I’m a late bloomer. There were minor things that I noticed during the film but honestly paid no mind to it, because my jaw felt like it was on the floor the whole while.

So I recommend to those who were not comic babies, or know not much about Wonder Woman, Go watch this film. Truly you’ll feel enveloped in Diana’s story of how she came to the point of her being, purpose, I had a great introduction indeed. One i’ll never forget, favourite movie of the year for me so far.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, as I’ve never felt compelled to write about movies like this till Wonder Woman came along and amazed me. You probably should assume that from now on looks like my blog you can expect some movie posts of this type. Who knows all I knew was, all the feels for wonder woman, didn’t know what to do with them. So… here we are but it’s what a blog is for right? dump all the feels you don’t know what to do with.

Please comment below if you’ve seen this movie, What did you think of it? or What do you like about wonder woman if you’ve been a fan for a long time? 
I would love to know !!

Now I need all the wonder woman things….

I’ll see you all in the next post !!! 




  1. Thank you for writing this!

    I’ve not seen Wonder Women, and I don’t think I’ll get the chance to see it at the cinema. I’m not a big DC fan and I’ve yet to see a film I like though, Wonder Women was the best part of the Batman v Superman film.

    I think Marvel’s women have always stood out more to me. Jessica Jones, Peggy Carter, Ms Marvel, She Hulk, Jubilee, Rogue – to name a few and I’m really looking forward to Captain Marvel’s film.

    DC is the first to release a superhero film featuring a female lead, however, and I’m really glad it’s being well received. The trailers made it seem like it was Captain America and Peggy Carter’s origins all over again but maybe that’s just because of what they chose to show of Diana’s story.

    Your review has me a bit more hopeful and I’ll definitely pick it up when it’s released to watch at home.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes agreed andrea wonder woman was the best part of Batman Vs Superman. Rogue is a huge favourite for me for certain !!

      I am so glad to hear my post has helped you. I reckon you will enjoy it !!

      Liked by 1 person

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