Where I’m At With Manga?

I’ve done nothing but so many anime related posts, that’s good. But the manga posts suffered. 

So.. the last time I did a manga related post was I don’t remember when. Now is the time for this to change as my manga reading has picked up a great deal over the last few months. It’s not at a fast rate but not been slow.

If anyone remembers last month, I was going to “attempt” my own manga may challenge. Borrowed numerous titles from my amazing libraries selection and… truth I failed. Some of May was busy for me and cramping in one volume of manga didn’t seem so hard, little to my surprise it shouldn’t have been. I got to day 10 as all the volumes I’d read, posted then on twitter. Maybe in the future i’ll reattempt this but having my own volumes and not overdue late fees for the library, another reason I failed. All my own bad but in this post I’ll be going on over the volumes I did read, giving a brief first impression. Including other random series that are on the go as well.



Moblie Suit Gundam The Origin Volume


Mentioned anything Gundam to me, I’m all over that in a heartbeat. Happening to come upon this well known series, was like gold to me. Felt like I was in love, seriously this hardcover was beautiful and the inside pages were something else. Never have I read Gundam manga so this was my first, doing research this series is retelling the 1979 anime series. When it comes to gundam plots, they can be hard as hell sometimes to understand in war terms but none the less still fascinates me, I always continue to read up about the things I don’t get.

The quality of this book is beautiful, laminated pages with a mixtures of coloured for those crucial parts in the manga. Looking into author Yoshikazu Yasuhiko was interesting to see of having worked on quite a few space, mecha series, He expresses of wanting in this Gundam series to just tell a story about war. From having read the first volume, as the reader this message was clear, honestly was having Gundam Seed feels. Reminiscing from my enjoyment of Seed is what this series made me think about, main character Amuro, exactly like Kira. Dragged into the fun of war with no choice, honestly this was my favourite read of what I did of my may challenge.

It was exciting, thrilling just had me gawking the whole time. Best news when going back to the library again low and behold the next two volumes are there. Currently in the midst of reading those, Definitely want this series for myself but the quality is beyond good. Why would you not want this in your collection?



Seen about five episodes of the anime long time ago now, did enjoy what I saw so far. You know just never picked up on this after but decided to try out the manga. Endless good things have been said about this series. Honestly compared to the first few episodes I watched of the anime, the more detail in introduction in the volume one was better. But both the introduction in the manga and anime are equal enough no matter how you start this series. Yato’s and Hiyori’s characters became a fan of all over again after reading this honestly, I like it when they argue, it’s amusing to me. The whole god, Yokai concept of the story is really interesting, last time being interested in this sort of thing was from Kamisama Kiss honestly.

Looks like I’ll be starting the anime series all over and definitely be continuing reading this fun series.


Ten Count

Boys love manga, been a long, long time since I’ve read any, in fact hardly read any of this genre to be honest. The cover of ten count could be questioned as misleading, which is what I primarily first thought but after reading, was very surprised. The series deals with main protagonist Shirotani who has Mysophobic and anxiety. He has an excessive case of the fear of germs, this has a profound affect upon his life. This sends a powerful message of the dealings of anxiety, found myself connected to this series. For those that love boys love genre, highly recommend you give this a try. Volume one impressed me greatly, cannot wait to read more of this surprising boys love series.



If I were to suggest a manga for a kid to read, this would be a good start. In my manga reads, never found a series that a child could dive into but until finding this little gem. It’s not overly violent, this was a fun little read. These five kids finding out their reincarnations of these guardians, transported to a different world. It’s not a series I’ll be continuing to read, though would be a good manga for a young child, not for a eight year old, more like twelve.



Clean Freak – Fully Equipped

Coming upon old Tokyo pop titles are getting more rare, the premise of the story sounded hilarious. Main male protagonist had a traumatic event as a kid, causing him to not being able to stand dirt, or germs. This concept is taken to a unrealistic level, whenever he goes outside wearing one of those isolation get ups. Some crush, romance aspect is thrown in there it’s sweet though. This was a hilarious read, had me laughing and if anyone is able to find this, recommend if you need a laugh honestly. That’s if you can find it though.

Wandering Island

Wandering Island was a touching read searching for something of a deceased loved one. Mikura runs air mail service, which she did with her grandfather, she goes in search of island that her grandfather was so fixated on finding. I’ve seen numerous movies of figuring of what was left behind from loved ones, but none drew me in like this manga did. The art work particularly loved greatly, creating the atmosphere of frustrated feelings Mikura felt, trying to find what her grandfather couldn’t. It was a raw, sincere read and highly recommend giving this a read, for something honest.


Sakura Hime 

Feeling stupid not realising author Arina Tanemura wrote one of my favourite manga’s, Phantom Thief Jeanne. Fourteen year old Princess who doesn’t want to get married to someone she’s not met, she has to take on a lot in one volume straight. Huge lover of Arina’s cute art style especially in emotional parts. Didn’t expect half way through for this dark turn, but really liked that it did. I live for anything Shojo, these are my reads be happy spending all the time reading. Though then my manga knowledge wouldn’t expand.

Thoroughly enjoyed this first volume, Am I going to continue it? Of course it’s shojo. I’ve read some shojo, never did end up not enjoying yet like a sap still finished them.


The Story of Lee 

Completely random pick up, this series is only like two volumes. It was a nice, enjoyed the cultural aspect within the story between Lee and Matt. Both coming from different nationalities and was nice to follow along of how they wind up together. A lot of family turmoil between Lee and her father, liked that focus point. I’d recommend for a before bed read but have to find volume two at my library. It’s easily accessible digitally to read which is cool.


Love Stage

Look it’s another boys love manga. This was the first one I read of the may challenge, throughly enjoyed next to Gundam. Izumi main character being a otaku, now I’ve seen this in a few series before but Izumi’s performance of this trait was hilarious, purely dedicated. Ryouma dub- founded nature not realising in the commercial from ten years ago, Izumi is guy not a girl. Recollecting the scene of him founding out, Ryouma will remain in love anyway was weird honestly but funny.

Honestly want to see the anime now but still continue the manga also, this series I felt had a more upbeat vibe. Which was easy to feel immersed in unlike the only boys love manga’s I’ve ever read.


Bookworm Me In A Nutshell

To cover briefly other manga I’m currently in the midst of finishing Fruits basket, Full Moon and La Corda d’Oro. It’s on and off when I feel like reading them but hoping to complete fruits basket this month at least. So in the coming next couple of months, they’re will be more manga reviews, find their easier to write about than anime ones at times. In between I’ve been starting some short manga series, that aren’t very long thanks to people’s suggestions from a tweet I made the other day. Please comment down below any short manga’s, webtoons, etc, as I’m still looking for other things to read before bed. Not fussed of what genre very open to anything.

That gives you guys a much needed update on where I am with manga, after this manga related things wont go so dead.

Hope you enjoyed this post non the less!!~ 

I’ll see you all in the next post! 



  1. I think you would get on well with my wife lol! She’s managed to collect a bunch of those titles including Sakura Hime (which she spoke highly of) and Fruits Basket.

    We were in a comic shop the other day and I saw a bunch of those hardback Gundam manga books! Im so jealous i wish I’d bought them now, they sound amazing! The covers are so cool!

    I need to get around to writing more posts on manga ive read. I recently read the big first volume of Prison School and I’ve picked up a volume of a horror called Tohyo Game, im looking forward to reading that one!


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