Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #29


I can’t get enough of this series lately hehe.

Apologies that this post is late last couple of days been busy, just been so drained.
Though not drained enough to accomplish what I want to. Bought a new notebook in the last week purely dedicated to blogging ideas, which will make blogging more easier now. In terms of content for next week, I’ve got a editorial piece in the works for Wednesday. I’d like to have an extra post out, as I felt youtube has taken priority lately.

As usual I like to inform you guys that OWLS end livestream for the month of May is on 3rd June 8pm EST.  We covered the topic “Strength” so can’t wait to see people there !! Click here for stream link



Blogger Feature

all about anime
This week’s blogger feature goes to a awesome site known as All About Anime. The hardworking blogger behind this is Tessa, you can find everything from reviews, character summaries, personal segment: this week’s obsessions. Moreover what she can on her anime blog not that others do is you can download anime wallpapers and calendar, that Tessa has made herself. That is really good and generous in my opinion. I needed a calendar for this year, decided to use one of her, I’ve been loving using it. Tessa has plenty of varied content and more that anime people will love and I’ve admired how hard she works for her blog. You won’t regret adding All About Anime onto your blog follow, do it now !!!


post a rama


Trio A Anime IdeaBy Hopeless Nerd

It’s great when you can inspire others, that’s what I was told I did for this new follower to my blog. They wrote their own piece on how their own anime would go, taking inspiration from how would my anime romance would go. It was creative read and please do go check it out !!!


In Flesh (Personal List of Live Action Film Adaptions by Treasure Box 

Ameithyst wrote a personal list of film live actions that are favourite, ones they thought were okay and some they did not enjoy. I really enjoyed this list, as myself I’ve not seen a lot of live action adaptions so it was very informative for me. To ones I might want to check out, so if you like watching live actions or have an interest check out this post !!



A Review Of Season One Spice And Wolf By The Tiny World Of An Anime Amateur 

You never know something till you try it, Sam gave the famous Spice and Wolf a shot. Stats in their review it’s not the perfect anime for them but still has enjoyed so far of what it has to offer, good pacing, interesting characters. If you have been curious about seeing this well known series, Definitely gives Sam’s review a read over to help make your mind up !!!


My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness By Floating Into Bliss 

Zeria’s piece on spotlighting this auto biographical manga that comes from the authors struggles of depression and sexuality. This is something different outside of what we know as the Yuri genre, still within it but done in a intriguing form. Zeria’s speaks greatly on this unique series and definitely will be adding this my read list. So please go check out her informative piece !!


I encourage you guys to leave links to any of your posts, my reader feed it’s gets harder to keep up with everyone I follow.  

I hope you enjoyed this Friday Feature as per usual, for next week I’ll be featuring some more posts as I haven’t done that for a while. Time has not been on my side. 

I’ll see you all in the next Friday Feature!! 



  1. Heya, thank you for featuring my blog! I really appreciate it and I am so glad you are still enjoying your calendar (^^,) made my day reading that!

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  2. Thanks for sharing these Lita, I love finding new bloggers to check out! You put time into reading others posts almost as much as you put into your own. Its commendable really 🙂 *runs off to read posts*

    Liked by 1 person

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