The Pie Is Still Good – Mid Spring 2017

Pie is still everything.

Long overdue this post but were finally here. If your wondering…. the pie is still good.

From my first impressions  many thoughts and opinions I’ve had about the shows I’ve picked have changed. Though realising now I never did a write up for one show that got delayed but it will be in this. Be please to know I’ve not been to behind keeping up with the shows but after this spring season is over. I’ll see how I feel about checking out summer season as my goal from March update was to focus more on older shows. Without further or do here are where my collected thoughts are at with spring 2017.


Attack On Titan


Spring season has been the season of sequels, everyone else has been watching a whole bunch. My attention has only been geared towards the glorious Attack On Titan, sometimes I question myself on why I like this show. A few years ago would have never have touched to be honest, violent, gory, sad. Although it’s been the story surrounding the cast of characters and their struggle to survive, thats kept me glued. Till now my mind has been in a frenzy of things I’ve wanted to know for so long, currently at the moment at episode 33.

For many like me who’ve never read the manga, others have known what was going to happen in this season. I’m glad I’m not them honestly, for me not knowing made all the experience more worth while. The biggest reveal that just sent me for a loop was finding out Reiner and Bertholdt were the colossal and armored titan. From the beginning I had always been suspicious of Reiner, of being the armored but Bertholdt just did not see coming. A favourite moment surrounding this was Eren finding out and just lost his cool basically, I love that it’s hilarious to me. That episode has been my favourite in season two but there were so many other gasping scenes. Least one of my questions was answered on colossal and armored titan.

The focus on Ymir and Krista was good to see, always wondered why Ymir stuck to her like glue all the time. Though, again was not anticipating her to be a Titan till she asked for the knife from Krista. Ymir’s titan form I don’t find as cool as Eren’s, in fact it’s a bit ugly, midget titan. Even though we have a span of twelve episodes, again been great to see some other character focus like on Sasha, Krista and Ymir.

My mind is still pondering over the whole idea titans are inside the wall, the scouts haven’t been able to find a hole of where the titans are getting in? that’s still to be answered. As for that giant monkey titan, whatever it is, makes me suspicious it’s someone from their scout group or was a cadet. This series knows how to keep you lingering. no matter the frustration, up to the point of watching episode 34, as Eren’s been taken by Reiner and Berholdt. Wit studio get’s a mention for their animation work as it’s been flawless in season two, every scene they know how to heighten it for the viewers enjoyment. As this show rides on excitement and thrills, which is how I’ve felt as the viewer through my whole watch.

Main Thoughts:

– Misaka needs to calm her farm on her fixation on Eren, she acts like apart of her soul is gone.
– Eren’s fight with Reiner was great, especially using combat holds he was originally taught.
– Don’t know if I should call Krista, Historia now.
– Second opening theme I actually like now, where I didn’t
– I want to know what’s in Eren’s dad basement, all the titan secrets
– The gore and fight scenes so far have been beyond entertaining
– Ymir titan form is kind of ugly
– Are titans really inside the wall for a reason?
– How do people become Titans in the first place, through unchanged feelings inside the human heart?

That’s where my thoughts are with Attack On Titan and just can’t wait to see how it all pans out.


Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho

Aww Cute.

Grimoire Of Zero never got a mention in my first impression, as then it hadn’t premiered. My choosing for this series was my love for the fantasy genre and happy to see have not been disappointed. A fallen beast half human and beast meets Zero a witch, who is in search of the book of Grimoire. Which was stolen both make a pact, where if the mercenary protects her, she will return him to human form.

White fox  studio aren’t that known but I’ve enjoyed a past work Tears To Tiara  and others they’ll be known for now Re: Zero. Like Tsukigakirei this I felt was another hidden gem of this season, as it’s surprised many. People have been critiquing this series for resembling vibes from Spice and Wolf, which I agree with regarding the main duo. Purely this series I’m watching for Zero and Mercenary, their relationship just find engaging and funny but currently up to episode six. By writing this I’ll have watched seven and eight but this beautiful duo end up being tore apart, thanks to scum thirteen (Zero’s teacher). Honestly don’t care for thirteen’s character, he’s vital to the story but purely saying don’t like the dude. Also the young boy that is with the others again don’t particular care for either, just annoying brat.

The concept of the story of witches and humans at war is nothing new to me but never the less Zero and Mercenary make this series worth watching for me. The opening and ending themes, won’t be anything memorable to me either just never gripped me.

Main Thoughts:

– Zero’s personality love it, spunky and witty
– Mercenary is like a white tiger I want to pet
– Scared for watching episodes seven and eight, the duo broke up (stupid thirteen)
– Grimiore of Zero the next spice and wolf?
– Opening and ending themes don’t care for
– Purely watching for Zero and Mercenary
– This series definitely has the magic factor

Grimoire of zero gives off those spice and wolf vibes but it’s a cute fantasy series so far. It’s a hidden gem people should be giving their time to, if they need a refresher of some sort.


Sakura Quest

Every season you always need something to slow thing down, I’ve found watching Tsuki ga kirei and Sakura quest are those for this season. It’s only now I’ve caught up to this series but it’s clear I need to see more of P.A works other series they’ve done. From first impression of this show the premise of the story, has gotten more interesting. This is relevant to the shift focus off Yoshino and on the other four girls slightly. Learning Sanae’s struggle of escaping for a new start, moving to a new place. Maki’s wavering feelings of her past to give up her love of acting. Even learning a little of Shiroi’s past of a child, when it came to the house the film crew wanted to use for the movie shoot.

Ririko still has yet to be on spotlight but at this point feel like I’ve gotten to know the girls a bit better. Maki is my favourite, no questions asked. Felt I couldn’t help feeling something for these cute girls, who have come together to save their town. The concept of this story is still interesting to me, putting tourism in a fun sense, it’s what makes this series a fun watch. Can’t wait how the girls bonds with another grows, and themselves also. The sense of realism of working from the ground up, Yoshino displays in a true way, you don’t know something till you give it a crack. Recently the announcement of being twenty five episodes just made me extremely happy, thankyou P.A works.

Main Thoughts: 

– Maki is best girl
– Plot is getting more interesting
– Shift focus onto the other girls
– Sense of realism of the inside works of tourism
– Ending theme of Sakura quest my favourite song for the entire spring season
– Will be good to see if they get revive the town
– 25 episodes is a great length for this show
– The show has a good comedic flow

Sakura Quest is such a fun series, feel bad I got behind on it at one point. Definitely need to check out other shows my P.A works.


What’s Happening With Other Shows I Chose?


Clockwork Planet

Amazingly I’ve been keeping up with my episode reviews for this series over on my Channel. I don’t know how other youtube people do this for all the seasonal shows their watching, blogging about it I find is easier. Recording, editing, uploading lord is me. This was all an experiment to try out, though I can say after clockwork planet is finishing, don’t think I’ll be doing this again. It’s debatable at this point but made me realise how much reviewing it as a whole, I prefer a lot more.

It terms of my enjoyment of this series it’s not high up on my list, as it was in the beginning. The series tried to be too many things at once, Rom – com moments between Naoto and Ryuzu, unnecessary fan service teases, series end of the planet concept. At this point I’m just going with the flow, it’s a bit of a mess but I’ve watched series before hand where it’s been like that. The whole sci fi, steam punk feel of this word itself, I find very cool but feel it’s just gone to waste, shame really. Non the less am continuing to the end, as I like to finish what I started, this series has gotten mixed emotions about from others. I can’t really blame anyone.

Main Thoughts:

– Ryuzu funny, sharp personality is hilarious
– Marie annoys me most of the time, just a child
– Naoto is a cutie
– All these concepts in the series not meshing together
– Steampunk feel, world made of gears is still very cool to me
– Halter android is awesome
– Bringing in the mother, father, daughter idea with Naoto, Anchor and Ryuzu put me off.
– Opening and ending is alright
– Not my favourite this spring season

Clockwork planet is a hit or miss series I feel others will find. I’m on the fence about it currently see how the anime wants to end itself.




Tsuki ga kirei

To my surprise this sweet junior high romance is my favourite this spring season so far. What a surprise… romance Lita, But actually I did a seperate write up about this series because it deserved it. You can go read that here , it’s a show that didn’t intrigue me from episode one but from there this surprising charm arose. So if you want to know more of my thoughts please go read my post !!! It’s such a cute show, nothing more to say.



Have a cool Maki.

Remember that guilty watch I mentioned? Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni the priest one. After episode five a episode hasn’t come out since then but yeh it’s a stupid, trash series and I love, one day I’ll have to do a post of romance trash shows I love. Renai Bokun I haven’t watched since episode one, not because I wasn’t no longer interested. Decided to save it for later as it’s a hilarious, silly series that I can revisit down the line when I need a pick me up. I do recommend though if you need a laugh folks.

 *Stretches* This was a long write up, but this concludes all of my mid season thoughts for spring 2017. In the end I never added shows to watch, already watching on the side Hunter x Hunter, Your lie in April. I’m tired of taking on too much so seven shows is all I can amount for at this point. I’ve not decided if I’ll do a end of season thoughts but might be some seperate pieces on Grimoire Zero and Tsuki ga kirei, those are the ones I feel I will only do for right now.

Hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts at this point. Please comment below On any of the shows I’ve mentioned. What are your thoughts about them?

I’ll see you in the next post !!


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  1. I just love the intensity each week, in how Titan never fails to keep me eagerly crawling back for more! Like you, I totally saw The Armored Titan, but the Colossal one threw me for a loop. As to Ymir, I think her for is supposed to resemble that of a little demon like we see first thing in the creepy ED song. Just a thought idk. And yup, she’ll always be Krista to me, no doubt!
    I enjoy this season a ton–even though I’m only watching Titan at the moment, several of these shows, unlike previous seasons, I plan on hitting up as soon as they’re done. Great recap!


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