3 Anime’s That Focus On The Small Things

Have a cute Kobato.
This week’s extra post was suppose to be my mid seasonal update but that all changed due to the Manchester bombing that happened. Bringing this up, not trying to make anyone feel sad.

My opinion of how the world is now scary, plain old scary. After what happened Manchester just really hit me because this was a all new low, certain young lives lost. Writing the truth like that aches me as I write this but it inspired me to write this piece. Whenever any like this happens in the world, makes you think about your life and the small things that you might not think means so much. For me the little things are everything, getting my favourite bubble tea, talking hours on end with my blogger, youtube friends.

I felt this was the kick I needed to write a list/favourites as it’s been forever since I’ve done one. The series i’ll be highlighting in this post are ones that make me think about the little things in life and will put a smile on your faces, I’m certain. These are favourites of me and it’s my hope you might give them a go in order to turn that frown upside down.




You know you could talk about a series so much? I tend to do that a lot with this series. Amanchu aired in Summer season last year, it just took my breathe away honestly. Slice of life it was previously would have never interested me but soon as it mentioned the sea, diving, I was sold. Futuba who’s moved to a new town, leaving all she knew behind, someone who never had any dreams or aspirations. She meets quirky Hikari, who loves diving, both befriend one another and join the diving club. Futuba’s bland outlook on life begins to change and so does herself.

There’s such a serene feel throughout watching this series, Futuba I feel others will be able to relate to times of when we feel lost. Anxiety likes to overbears us, Futuba may be not be full of big personality, her cute natures makes it ones for such a treat in her character growth. Hikari’s infectious nature and overall excitement to everything makes you think, there is excitement everywhere you look, you can find it. What did it for me this series was the focus of Futuba discovering something she began to love, diving. I’m a water baby at heart, love the water so much, reminded me of going to the beach. Just floating in such serenity and embracing such a calm moment.

Amanchu is all about calm and serenity that life has those small excitements, in your daily life and ones series that will remind you of that.


Kaleido Star

The word “fun” is right here guys. Kaleido Star to this date is still one of the most fun anime’s I have ever watched. Never as a child was I a big fan of the circus until when I watched Kaleido Star. Sixteen year old Sora Nageino has dreamed of joining the Kaledio star stage since she was young. Bringing smiles to others is all Sora wants to do but reaching her dream of being on stage has it’s challenges.

I’ve talked about Kaleido Star before but for those aren’t a fan of the circus in general, some may not like clowns. This twist anime take on the idea will surely have you thinking different, it’s a series about reaching for your aspirations, not backing down. This is all poured into our main protagonist Sora, who’ve I may have said is my other half, well because she is. The fun concept of Kaleido star telling a story through aerobatic performance is truly what I love about this series, course Sora as well. Sora took the good with the bad in her road to becoming a performer of the stage, even at her darkest points, she still manages to shine.

Putting a smile on someone’s face or just in general makes the biggest impact, even if it’s a small thing. Sora’s infectious energy of how she affects everyone she comes to know, has their faces beaming. This is what this series will do for you put a smile on your face and the fun you find in the things you love doing.


The Cat Returns

Who doesn’t love a kitty cat? If you do then you will love this undermined ghibli film. Out of all the Ghibli movies this is my favourite, for it’s simplicity. Teen Haru feels like no luck comes her way, has no aspirations for the future. Everything changes for her when she saves a cat from being run over, turns out the cat talks, he’s a prince? The cat king showers Haru with all the kitty gifts you can imagine, But marrying the cat prince wasn’t in the equation? Haru finds help from the Cat bureau and fine english feline Baron.

This movie is such a great reflection on having some belief in yourself, no matter how small, that can carry you through anything. Haru discovers this through the influence of feline Baron, we sometimes need that guidance. It’s an enchanting, warming watch, every time I revisit this series myself. Reminds me of not everything has to be complicated that you can simplify what’s in front of you and having the will to move forward. It’s a plus there is talking cats in here, as you could sleep your days away in the cat kingdom. Highly recommend watch it in the english dub it’s a real treat particularly Anna Hathaway Voicing Haru

The Cat Returns will carry the woes of life away and remind you that the simplest of things, having your favourite tea is a blissful, small thing.


Here is a cute Mirai

 I hope any of you guys give these three meaningful series a go, certainly they remind me of the small things in life, are more precious. Feels good to do a favourites list again, I need to do more of these type as enjoy writing them a lot.

Comment below if you want to see more posts like this !!!

I’ll see you guys in the next post!! 



  1. Nice post! Haven’t seen any of these shows but Amanchu has been on the watch list for a while. Just a side note “animes” shouldn’t have a plural as it’s not possessive. It’s easier to use the single as the plural to avoid this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Cat Returns! And it’s always great to know that some people know Kaleido Star. I actually feel like my best friend and I are the only ones who know about it. ;A; Anyway, now I feel like re-watching that again. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m a older watcher of anime like my old stuff. It’s a great feeling to see of anime’s you love getting talked about !! Hope you do go rewatch it hehe


  3. I really need to see all of these, but especially Amanchu because, well, I’m with you on the water child front. I often ask myself why I wasn’t born along the coast. 😦 This is a lovely post. I could get used to reading more simple-emotional posts like this!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Amanchu is so chill, I loved every second of it. Really should take time and rewatch it because it’s so good and I love the characters a lot. Also, you didn’t mention it, but the music in that show also added to the overall experience. Easily among my favorite OSTs of the year. The OP/ED were fantastic as well. Just overall such a good show and I wish more people would take the time to sit down and enjoy every moment of it.

    I remember seeing The Cat Returns way back in the day. Like, way, way back. Just thinking about that makes me realize how old I am. Anyways, from what I can remember it was a good film but after seeing you talk about it here I think it’s time I rewatch it at some point as I’m sure I’ll get so much more out of it then I did when I first saw it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to hear you really enjoyed Amanchu !!!
      I didn’t really think to talk about the music but fully agree that the OST was something else. I’ve listened to it myself and was great !!

      It’s good to revisit things you haven’t seen in a long long time XD The cat returns in a close film to my heart and will always come back to it whenever feeling blue πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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