Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #28


It’s still Friday as I write this so I’m not late Muahh. It’s been brain storm buzz week for me with all new blog post ideas, so I’ve been on a blogging high.

Other things on the net I do have taken up a large portion of my time lately, will be taking a bit easier for next week. That extra post I promised for this week will be out on the weekend sometime so look out for that. This week’s Wednesday post I did for Owls, was received really well and all the comments people left, made me feel fuzzy inside. Some dam classy people here in the ani blogging community. As for next week’s content I’ve not decided at the moment, let it be a surprise but always follow my Twitter for sneak peaks.

I had a chance to read some great posts this week let’s see who are my features for this week !!


Blogger Feature

anime prince

This week’s blog feature goes to a male ani blogger who’s flame has been relit The Anime Prince. I’ve know this fun, amusing blogger for a long while now and he’s someone that will amuse you through his blog. When I say he’s had his flame relit, completely re-doing his site, has made this comeback. His consistency with his posts has impressed me and have enjoyed a lot of his anime related posts. Content Anime Prince covers, seasonal anime, character spotlight, editorials, reviews and much more. A post I’ve enjoyed by them The Potential Of Romance go check that out for sure. Another cool thing Anime Prince does is 3D art you can go support him on his Patreon. Make sure to add this amusing blogger to your follow list !!!!


post a rama
Experiments With Deinerlacing PAL Anime DVDS for Linux by Pasta 

Pasts has finally made a comeback post after being on hiatus for a while. This was such a interesting choice of topic that Pasta reflected on. It’s a bit on the technical side but Pasta reflecs on wanting to watch some anime on DVD, noticing the quality was unwatchable. Pasta talks about how certain formats will only work and how modern technology has leaped. Make sure to give this great technical read a look in. !!!



The Five Life Lessons You’ll Learn From Watching Anime By D&A Anime Blog 

Anime is a form of entertainment but for us anime fans we take to the next level. From any new anime’s we watch, will learn something new as anime’s realism reflecting life is amazing. It was pure nostalgia reading this post, being reminded my early days of watching anime, the life lessons I learned. Make sure to go give this nostalgia post a read !! 


Coyote Ragtime Show Review By EcleticDude

Warren covers a 2000 anime, I dropped a longtime as at the time of my early anime watching days, just found boring. After reading his review it make me decide to give this show another go at some point, describing in his honest review as being middle ground. Make sure to go check out his review !!


Tips In Reviewing Anime: Keep Writing By The Pantless Anime Blogger 

Pantless has started up a series in celebration of reaching there blog anniversary. A series of ten posts covering things they have learnt in writing about anime. There first one of this series caught me eye, was a great read to hearing what they had learned. Also a reminder for any blogger the importance of to keep going in this hobby you love to keep doing. Make sure to give this motivational piece a read and the rest of their top ten as they come out.


If you guys wish too post a link to any of your posts. I don’t want to Miss out on any fellow blogger friends posts 👍🏼

Hope you guys enjoyed this FRIDAY FEATURE please go check everyone out from this post😀
Comment below for any thoughts you have or any posts I should be checking out !!!:)

I’ll see you all next feature friday 🙂
See you in the next post!!


  1. This was great for me to find more ani bloggers! I’m pretty new to this and before starting I didn’t even know blogging about anime had a term lol. I already follow a bunch of these peeps but I’ll be sure to check out the others! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

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