Spring 2017 Hidden: Tsuki ga kirei

Mid spring seasonal post is coming this or next but I have to take the time to write this individual piece. On a series that became my favourite of this season within the first two episodes. It’s needs recognition.

Spring 2017 season without question is next to summer 2016 the last time I felt really excited for seasonal anything. The variety in choice is vast but out of eight or seven I’m watching, it was unexpected of this series becoming my favourite series. Tsui ga Kirei (As the moon, so beautiful) is the story of two insecure junior high schoolers, Akane a track runner and Kotaro who aspires to be a writer. Meeting one another, realising feelings for one another, both grow and mature through the challenge of adolescence.


Oh the innocence. 

My initial first impression of this series from episode one was nothing special. But truly this series was what I may have predicted, never judge a book by it’s cover. What drew me to choosing this series was it a original story and by studio feels. Whom I had never heard of, looking into them Tsui ga Kirei is their own individual work.

Watching the first two episodes made me take a step back, seeing this amazing, hidden pacing beginning to start. The set up of Akane and Kotaro meeting was perfect best way to describe, others may complain comments “The pacing is so slow”. As you will typically hear but truly in the show it suits and works. Junior high is at a time of innocence and discovering the new, for our two clammed up protagonists. Rushing the process of their meeting, diving into linger affections right away at their ages would just ruin of what this story is all about. Which is why the slow build up to even them both speaking with one another, is worth the wait and makes you feel the Awe.


Quirk Pair really.

It’s questionable to say Kotaro and Akane having very boring personalities but I just could never agree with this. Their personalities begin to show, when one another beginning talking, learning of their own individual securities. It’s quite an adorable quirk Akane has, whenever she feels stressed squishes her little pink thing, not sure what it is. Kouta whenever he gets excited or feels good about something, he starts boxing with his main light switch. These little quirks about the pair I just find cute and honestly don’t find them boring, this is junior high guys. Not everyone can ever easily come out of their shells, which watching Kotaro and Akane reach this stage at some point. It takes you and took me down my time of high school, I was a wall flower.



A concept in the process of when Akane and Kotaro started talking, that viewers will find very relatable. If anyone uses the text/voice app known as “Line”, talking to people via texting, this modern, real life concept is utilised so well among the pair. The cute smiles and expressions on their faces when either gets a reply from one another, makes you think about yourself. That, right there is what I love about this modern concept, how it makes you light up when you get a reply from your crush, boyfriend, friend whoever. It makes I feel for the progression between the two just that much more memorising and innocent.

How much social media is in daily life now, ways are changing. Social media shouldn’t always be looked up on as a evil tool, look at it in the case of this series. I’ll go back to before that not everyone is confident, for Akane and Kotaro it’s their comfort zone. That word “Their”, very significant in this case as they exchange texts it gives them both the boost later on to admit, they both want to talk face to face more. From a personal aspect blogging, doing youtube, all the things I do have given me some comfort and confidence. It’s how it is for Akane and Kotaro which the build of the pacing is used perfectly, it really engages you into their growing relationship.

Tsuki ga Kirei revealed it’s unexpected charm after the first two episodes, from their I’ve grown to truly adore this series. That much so it deserved me writing about it individually, for how it creates this seamless flow of innocence. Along with this innocent flow the pastel animation really adds to effect, creates this calm setting. The animation could be questioned as average but just has a powerful effect none the less, that I love. Truly the hidden gem of this spring season, No usual troupes of romance you get, just raw, raw, raw. Romance genre fans won’t be disappointed. If you have not checked out this series yet, just give it a chance because by golly it’s a cute watch. I’m so excited for how this series will turn out honestly.

Comment below any thoughts you guys have !! 

Yes. My spring mid season post is coming this week or next, there is a lot to write you know.

I’ll see you all in the next post !!! 



    1. Oh you were the same way Derek hehe I’m glad you are enjoying this series. Some shows with slow pacing take time to get into it. Once it does it’s all the sweeter


  1. This show is so pure and I just want them to be happy together. Hidden gem of the season for sure, I’m not really seeing many people talking about this one. What a shame too as it’s so good. Just need some patience and this show will reward you greatly.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I 100% agree with you fellow nick !! I want them to grow together and be happy Together also !! It is a shame people aren’t talking about it hence the reason I did this post !!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lita, I’m so glad you did a post on this apart from your mid season! This one really does feel like something special, and despite some of the complaints I’ve been enjoying it a lot.

    Kimmie was actually pushing me to write a mid season for this series since not many people are writing about it, but you captured a lot of what makes this series enjoyable. It’s just so natural the way these kids’ interest in relationships, and each other, grow. Also the way they use technology has a truly modern feel that shows how much these writers get the level of integration it has in our lives.

    It’s slow, but so is understanding love. I’m having a great time watching these characters trying to discover that in their own way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes this anime needed recognition. Indeed writing this reminded of the
      Reason I started my blog to bring up those that are underlooked and peak others interests. I’m glad you agree with all the things I brought up in this post means a lot. It’s so free flowing the Concept of this simple series and about discovery.

      Liked by 1 person

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