How My Anime Romance Would Go


This is how it would pan out romance, shoujo people, of how I would want an romance anime to work.

Say I love you, Kimi ni todoke are some of my favourite romances in anime, What happens to the protagonists in these series, I would want to happen to me honestly. Inspiration for this post comes from a video I did some time ago talking about anime plots I’d like to see happen. One of those ideas was for another mature, adult romance series that is similar to the anime Nana. Thought finally I wanted to put my ideas out there of how I’d want a romance series to go.





There a million one settings I could see an amazing romance happening in. Yet I can only choose one for this post… ugh darn. Talking specific place/setting I don’t honestly have a preference as long as the story is gripping to me. Though my romance would not be set in college or high school, think you know are enough anime’s like that out there. Not saying I am sick of that setting just I crave for a story I expressed in my video set going into adult hood after college, moving to a new place, finding a job. It’s a time we’re discovering so many new things, that was a fascinating setting to me when I was watching Nana.

I’d like it to be set in a city or busily town doesn’t have to be in a Japan setting. Be cool to see a anime set in western setting like America somewhere.




My main protagonists for the story would be polar opposites. For example from watching Familiar of Zero main characters Louise and Saito, they were hilarious from being total opposites. This would keep viewers muchly entertaining. Let’s talk main girl, personality wise I’d like her to be a little feisty, quirky like Ryouko from Ookami and Seven Companions. At the same time have a really sweet side like Tohru from Fruits Baskets. Terms of looks, I’d just want her to have long hair because… cute factor haha. Our female protagonist be around the age in mid 20’s, has been working for a few months at her friend’s flower shop.

I didn’t want to say Family’s flower shop, change of pace from getting family aspect during a romance at the beginning. The family part would come later. Instead of calling her girl or character her name would be Scarlet. Something funny I’ll tell you guys the inspiration for the name comes from my roleplaying days, when I was younger, spending all the time on the computer ha. Scarlet would come from a small town looking for bigger opportunities, has a interest in floristry, gardening herself got the option to work for her friend’s flower shop.

Our main guy don’t have a name for me at this point, wouldn’t really matter honestly. Be around mid 20’s, he is a aspiring writer who wishes to become a novelist. Already living in a busy life style, town or city is well adjusted. He will have a dictating aspect about him like Erie Yuki from Gravitation and keep to himself trait like Kou from Blue Spring Ride. I think is a interesting pick in personality but through Kou’s traits there would be a caring nature locked away somewhere. He’s done all the study in english literature and already decided to look for a small intern job at a publisher company.

One catch about our main dude he will have never had a girlfriend in his life. He’s going to decent looking, wearing glasses and have ginger hair. Be a little be on the weighty side not overly, need a chance of pace with this skinny routine. He is a total hermit, shuts himself off a lot, won’t like interacting with people much. So his personality comes off easily as cold and calculated, noone has scraped the surface of his kind nature within.

Plot Wise 

Gritty and raw my anime romance would be especially for the plot. No lovey dovey school prancing or college sweet hearts, were going real and shear raw. As far as the main protagonists meeting for the first time would be typical cutesy, Scarlet fall off her bike making a flower delivery near a busy intersection. The guy would be on the sidewalk and Scarlet would flying into him, as he’s reading a book. From watching various romance anime’s it’s good to have a slow, cute start into things. How they become integrated into each others lives after their meeting, Scarlet’s friends family who she works for. Her friend knew him from college days in the film club, I didn’t want anything overly complex to happen with how they meet. Simple circumstances will perfectly work.

Main aspects 
– Scarlet will have issues with guy’s smoking issue
– His cold and calculated personality will be frustrating for Scarlet
– Guy will learn how to love someone for the first time
– Misunderstanding of cheating occurs due to a drink spike
– You know a guys’s first time haha
– Scarlet will learn to feel jealously
– Scarlet realises a new dream of opening her own flower shop
– Our guy fails over and over in his goal of wanting to become novelist but by the end makes a break through.
– Both don’t want children
– Scarlet’s family will have a military background
– Guy’s family will run their own art shop 

Rather easier to bullet point all the main aspects of what my anime romance would involve. Taking this inspiration from Nana a little as well but I’ll emphasis again I’d want my romance anime to be real and raw as possible for viewers. Nana was the last good anime adult type romance, I ever watched and since craved for another like it. The romance genre needs a series like or similar to Nana I feel and just wanted to put out my small ideas of how I’d want my own romance anime to go.



You lovely people please comment down below !! 

How would you want a romance anime to pan out? Your ideas? I’d love to know and add on also what studio would you like animate it? 

Psst. Kyoto Animation for me. 

I’ll see you guys in the next post !! 



  1. I love this idea Lita! You’re couple sounds quite intriguing… clearly you put alot of thought into this. I could get behind this series and mystery writer guy whose family owns an art shop. A guy who has a few less than desirable habits in need of a strong love interest to help him conquer. It has all the trappings of a great romance! As far as for my own story, I would have to give it some serious thought. I would love the idea of a intelligent, frustrated, writer attempting to get his big break (just like you mentioned). Perhaps a struggling manga artist, who works long hours in corporate hell, then spends his nights staying up late to hone his drawing or writing…. *sigh*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I would love to date an artist or a writer who lives in the city. Then again, maybe that’s because those are two professions that I also aspire to do, haha! I could use a grittier (as you put it) romance anime, so maybe I’ll hit up Nana sooner than expected (that and Gigi LOVES this show like you do). Such a cool post idea–I wish I had more time to be creative like you…..maybe sometime after finals, right? This was nice!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome. I don’t mind it but if I had a choice in watching anime, I would go for some action haha. I think you idea is pretty awesome and very different than most anime.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like you’ve given this one a lot of thought. I’d probably go better trying to self-insert into a fantasy than a romance, or maybe a horror (though I’d like to pass on that actual experience). Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We could go with a fantasy-horror hybrid but then I started thinking about what that would get abbreviated to (if rom-com is anything to go by we’d end up with fan-hor and that is too silly to really contemplate).


  4. My romance anime would be an adult harem. Not adult as in naughty things, but a harem anime where all the chars are mature adults. Do’t think that’s been done before and if it has, haven’t seen it.

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    1. Mmmm.. military as scarlet get’s her fiesty nature from her dad and who lean cold he is at times to her. He never shows her a lot of love and her approach to romance is as much as it is for the guy. She’s never felt jealous, or knows what it likes to love a guy.


  5. Good stuff, I wish there were more adult romances like Nana. It feels like most romance anime are too cute or flowery. I would want the same kind of story to be honest but with tweaks… I’m too lazy to write it out. I also really enjoyed Emma because that dealt with class issues in Romance and all the issues were mature ones as well.

    Speaking of which I need to see if Nana has a boxset…. It was on netflix but it went away 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish there were more adult romances myself I really want to watch emma so badly !!! after finding out it was an anime and i need to read it as well


  6. I so wish this was an anime!!!! It would be one of those ones I’d watch over and over and not get sick of it!!!! This is amazing!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. In fact, You inspired me. I’ve always had ideas about animes I’d like to make, and because of your post, I decided to share some of them!! That’s what I’m working on right now.

        Liked by 1 person

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