Ooo Mystery Blog Award – I Am Full Of Mystery You Know…


All these nominations it’s too much haha.

So I’m full of lots of mystery hey !!

We are here again for another award nomination people, It’s been some time since I’ve done one of these and last month the awesome Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews nominated me. Thankyou my friend, and apologise it’s taken me so long to respond but I am now and the overwhelmingness of being nominated has not gone away honestly.


1) Display the award logo on your blog
2) List the Rules
3) Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
4) Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well
5) Tell your readers three things about yourself
6) Answer five questions from the nominee
7) Nominate anywhere from ten to twenty bloggers
8) Notify the bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog
9) Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice, including one weird or funny question
10) Share the link to your best blog post


Three Things About Lita 


I was a choir girl.
1.  Back when I lived in the UK, during my three years of high school, I was in the choir. Honestly don’t know what made me join, in the first place. Most people that were in the group were better than me. It was a lot of fun though as I always enjoy, even now singing to myself. Don’t feel I have the best voice in the world but my music teacher must have seen something in me, letting me do my own solo. That was so nerve wracking, did not go too well as I had hoped at the time. None the less was a fun experience and always got me in the habit of singing everywhere now.

2. Apart from anime I like to watch normal shows. I’ll watch anything a lot accept horror movies, over that phase in my life. Shows I loved growing up Hercules the legendary Journey’s, Xena, Buffy Vampire Slayer and Charmed. Yep magical theme you see there. Something on repeat I always watch is romance movies, such a junkie from a simple plot no matter how cliche. I won’t care honestly. One movie that holds a special place with is Dirty Dancing Two: Havana Nights, it’s the most cliche teenage love story. But it’s became a dear favourite and I’ve seen it more than 30 times it never gets old.


3. People are so use to my upbeat personality a lot of the time. In the past I would get laughed at for ever getting angry as it was unlike me. Whenever someone does that now really does annoy me but I won’t ever show that.


Scott’s Questions:

1. What anime series has your favourite soundtrack?

I’ve not listened to a lot of anime soundtracks. That sort of thing never took my interest back in my early days of anime watching but a favourite so far has been the Nagi no Asukara OST. Truly something I can relax whenever I need to, listening to a majority of the time while blogging. It indeed has the aquatic factor down pact, just reminds me of how much I love the water. The freeing flow-ness of melodies I find myself getting lost in all the time.

2. If you were forced into shape shifting into an animal, what would you choose?

I am a huge huge animal lover so this was such a hard decision but I would love to shape shift into a white tiger. They are such beautiful creatures, I love Sumatra tiger but white Siberian tiger are more memorising. They’ve been an endangered species for the longest time, would be amazing to see one in real life. If I want to catch my prey blending in the snowy background would be easy and I’d want to look threatening enough.

3. What do you do for fun besides watching anime?

I’ve gotten asked this a lot but besides anime, reading something that isn’t manga, explore new places, thrift shopping, art, write poetry, and Swimming to name a few.

4. How has your blogging experience gone so far?

These two years of being on word press it’s been amazing, never thought so many would love what I do on my blog. That has been more motivation than anything for me, from all the bloggers I’ve gotten to know. Each time I come to write a new piece, being surrounded by such inspiration I know I’ll never run out of ideas. Blogging has become a favourite hobby and sanctuary all at once, I will do for it as long as I can.

5. What is your unique blogging style?

I’ve never thought about this too much but it took me a long time for me to find my groove. My blogging style is very humorous, silly at times but always put my upbeat self into every post I do. I know this is what people have come to love and recognise about my style, my high infectious energy on my blog. That’s something that will never change.


My Nominees Are:

Seasonal Prattle
Shoujo Thoughts
Lethargic Ramblings
Kurumi Shim
The Vizual Madness

Nominees Questions: 

1. What is an anime you can watch over and over? Never get bored with it?

2. Who in anime would you want to date?

3. Favourite Sweet Dessert?

4. What has blogging done for you? Given you confidence? Become a place of Sanctuary?

5. What is one manga you love to death?



That’s all Folks, Thankyou so much again Scott for the nomination. I feel honoured every time someone nominates me haha. Hope you guys enjoyed !!!

I’ll see you all in the next Post !! 



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