Manga May Challenge

Remember that March Update I did, saying I’d be doing a certain challenge. 
Well it’s happening people !!

How has a May month crept up so fast on us all. 

I wanted to give you a small update that starting May 1st, I’ll be doing a certain challenge. Manga May challenge is a happening as I said in my last blog update. it was up in the air but I know I’ll have the time to do this. Certainly I knew I didn’t have enough manga in my collection to do this, as I’ve read ones I have numerous time.

Thus. A visit to the library. 

manga 1
manga 2
manga 3

I think there’s more than 30 volumes and I may pick some from crunchyroll to read. They have small library on their site but some I’d like to give a try. This challenge is not really a thing thing, I was inspired from a youtuber I follow Manga Hoarder, where she does these manga challenges all the time and should go follow her. She knows her manga stuff. For my manga may challenge I’ll be reading one volume or more a day, hoping to read more than one volume.

I’ll be tweeting about it under #MangaMayChallenge but I wanted to ask people here, would you like it if I posted every day about what I read? Honestly I wouldn’t be worrying over if I was a day late or anything but comment down below if you’d like for me to do short posts on the manga I read about daily. At the end of I may do a summary of my favourites what was interested? What was not interesting? What’ll ill continue as well. I’ll probably do a video as well at the end of it to go into more detail.

I’m keen as beans to do this and discover some new series to want to collect or continue to read but comment down below !!!

I’ll see you in the next post !!

Lita Kino


  1. Wow, your library has a great selection – mine isn’t too bad, but it’s mainly stronger when it comes to older stuff. They only tend to get around one or two new volumes a month.

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  2. Awww snap! Lita, I am in love with your library… And is that ten count I spy? Lol

    Hmm updates would be cool, but with everything that you do, I don’t want you to burn out, so I can go either way. But, I will follow your tweets!!

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  3. I’d love to know your thoughts. I don’t read much manga but I like reading what other people are enjoying so that when I do decide to read one I have a few choices to look out for. That said, happy to get updates when it works for you and I’ll probably catch some of your tweets.
    Good luck with the challenge and hope you enjoy the reading.

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