Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama + OWLS LIVESTREAM !!


Been working my soul away.

Ten drafts currently in the process right now that should give me some relief.
Taking this time away from not posting, I’ll admit has just annoyed me not posting anything. So there will be a post upcoming on Sunday, nothing special just a response to a award. I feel out of my slum and will be able to continue as per normal. I have a interesting discussion post lined up for next Wednesday and for the next month already.

OWLS LIVESTREAMSaturday 29th April/ 9pm CT, 8pm EST. It’s our April blog tour end of month livestream will be going over our theme “Colors” and discussing our fellow members posts. !!! Make sure your there !!!! Click here to our Channel

I’ve had a chance to read through some posts over the last week or so since last week didn’t have the time to write a Friday Feature !!! LET’S SEE WHO’S POSTS MADE IT HERE THIS WEEK !! 


Blogger Feature

two happy cats
This week’s Blogger Feature goes to a Female ani blogger who loves her Otome, Steph from Two Happy Cats . Wouldn’t you never guess this is another aussie blogger which was a I surprise to me when I met Steph, she is wonderful blogger and person I’ve gotten to know. Her blog is wrapped all into ones of all her interests from anime, manga, otome games. My favourite posts I love her reading from her are the ones of new food places she goes to try out. You should go read any of them as they just make your mouth water honestly. In particular for those that are Otome fans, Steph is someone you should follow as her detailed posts of what she currently is playing, more than informative. Make sure you go follow Steph and her ani adventures !!!


post a rama

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet – Review

Link To Post 

You guys know how much I love my mecha genre. A series Gargantia is one I’ve been meaning to watch for the longest time Snow★sthetics from Strictly Ridiculous wrote up a great review on this anime. Talking about becoming hooked on it at 3 am and how all the mech fights are not the shows focus but the characters. I liked their honesty in the review saying it’s no different from other mech plots but has it’s own quirks. Make sure to give this a read !! After reading this I was convinced to watch this next month !!!



Having a gran ol’ fantasy adventure: Granblue Fantasy first impressions

Link To Post

Rocco from In The Cubby Hole writes a convincing first impression for me to check out this spring airing show this season. Stating that is like any fantasy series you’d expect but still enjoyable for what it is. I’m definitely going to start this series now when I can as it’s been a long while since I watched a fantasy anime. Go read Rocco’s impression if you’ve been pondering to give this series a shot.



Attack on Titan’s Under-appreciated Horror

Link To Post

Videogamep from Anime Opinions writes a short piece on how terrifying the titans from Attack On Titan truly are. Stating the scariest part about them is at this point knowing nothing about them. Now all of a sudden some of them can speak, this post from reading it just reminds me of the fact of how scary they are. Make sure to give this a read !!



Judging a Book by its Cover (How I Accidentally Bought BL Manga… Twice)

Link To Post 

I have a personal post for you by KimmiKawaii, a post she wanted to be seen as a inspiration to get out of your comfort zone. It’s an amusing read talking about when she picks up Boys love manga by accident, then ends up liking it. Make sure to give this a read !!!


Does the Opening Sequence Matter?

Link To Post 

Andrealinia brings up a interesting discussion post on anime opening themes and what meaning they have to every person? She states that opening themes can give a small insight into what the series may involve and have significant role of a series being memorable to a anime viewer. I enjoyed this post a lot and make sure to go give this a read !!


If you guys wish too post a link to any of your posts. I don’t want to Miss out on any fellow blogger friends posts 👍🏼

Hope you guys enjoyed this FRIDAY FEATURE please go check everyone out from this post😀
Comment below for any thoughts you have or any posts I should be checking out !!!:)

I’ll see you all next feature friday 🙂
See you in the next post!!


  1. Thank you for the ping back, Lita! I am so pleased that my post served the purpose of being both humorous and inspiring. FYI to everyone else, Lita gives great manga suggestions 🙂

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