Disorganised And Upcoming Podcast Episode

Disorganised as hell at this m

Know those times your disorganised as hell ?
I’m treading in that direction lately.

One and all, all is well in this update I am bringing you but just a couple of things I wanted to inform you guys on real quick.


It’s Wednesday….. I haven’t even started anything, had a piece but did not turn how I wanted. Been a while since that occurred, lately I’ve steadily been going off the track of my schedule just by a margin. Which is not what I want to happen so I decided in order for myself to get ahead. Next week there won’t be any posts accept Friday feature as that doesn’t take much time to write up. From after this Friday right through till Next Sunday 30th, I’ve decided to dedicate this time to writing up some posts in advance. There have been loads of post ideas, I’ve wanted to write up about but come early in the week fpr Wednesdays, I’m stumped to what to post. This will be a good break for me to catch up on anime watching, as there have been many older series reviews, I’ve wanted to write reviews for.

I’ve not been dedicating my time wisely with blogging on a nightly basis, which doesn’t happen all the time. My time varies of when I am on the computer, as in the day it’s hard enough to get anything done especially on my days off. So I’m taking this time to myself to dedicate a good solid week to producing some posts, and to get ahead for myself. Perhaps doing this will get me in a good rhythm of doing posts earlier so this is an experiment at the same time. So just one Wednesday you guys won’t get a post but my goal is to set up some for a few Wednesdays in advance. I will push out as many posts as I can in this week, I’ll most likely tweet about it on twitter.

I know you guys are all understanding but to not leave you guys with nothing. You know me, I would never. After this post, tomorrow there will be “Wednesdays” post out, I say that as it will be Thursday for me. Either way there will be a post and it’s a first impressions so ponder on that for a while, as what series that could be.


The other update to inform you guys on is a upcoming podcast episode, as I run my own bi monthly podcast, Senshi Ani Girls . Monday 24th April, 7:30pm PST, Me and my co host Shay will be discussing in episode 8 live action in anime. Discussing live action movies, series and what anime’s/manga’s we’d like to see turned into a live action. So please stop by as me and shay love interacting with all our listeners, All the bloggers I know enjoy it a lot and can’t wait for another Senshi time !!!

Follow us on our Twitter for any podcast updates !!


That is all I have to update you guys on and currently am writing my post I promise that will be out sometime tomorrow !! This blog is baby and the people here give me the drive to want to see it grow as much as it can.

I’ll see you guys in the next post ! 



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