Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #24


Happy easter long weekend !!! I know for some everywhere else they don’t have a four day weekend like where I am. I’m going to spend it bingeing on anime and a couple of streams are being organised for this weekend, one on my channel and other podcast related. I’ll do a post about those once all the details are arranged. Honestly I’m tired from blogging this week, and I cannot tell you guys what I have planned for next week, haven’t figured out that far. But I had a chance read some great posts over the last week so let’s to get the main part of this feature ~!

Blogger Feature

grimm girl

This week’s blogger feature goes to fellow owls member/livestream host, haikyuu lover. Kat from Grimm Girl , she is an absolute blast to have a conversation with over any sports anime and anime in general. Kat is a consistent blogger who pours are bubbly energy towards her blog, content you can find on there varies as she likes to talk about what makeup she likes and personal things. More than anything there is plenty of anime related content to check out, reviews, revisiting manga she has read, fangirl segment. Her blog is such a fun one to follow and enjoy seeing pop up in my reader feed every time. So please go and check her out !!


post a rama
The Art Of Anime Youtube

I came across an interesting piece by Kori talking about how certain you tubers got them into this medium. That anime among anime you tubers has become some form of art, with all the analytical video essays out there, more interesting ideas are being brought forward. Make sure to have a read of this out look piece !!



Manga review: “Haruyuki Bus” & kpop recommendation:”The Spring”(너란 봄) by Jeong Eun Ji(정은지) (Feat. Hareem(하림))

This ones for the manga fans out there. Aiyui writes a cute review on a book of 16 one shot stories, Haruyuki Bus. She’s been experimenting with recommending manga and a Kpop song in a combination post. I’ve been convinced to check out this promising one shot book, go have a read !!



Cross Game: A delectable baseball manga

I’d give anything to see a real baseball game one day and reading Acacia review on Cross game, I had never heard of. I was surprised to read that this sports manga had a romance element as part of the main story. I also liked a lot of how she set out her review with subtitles “First Inning” clever nack. Please go read if you are a sports genre fan !!




As most know I went to see a silent voice finally, and it was something special. I was going to write about my own experience with the film but Emma’s review addressed of some of the things I loved this movie. This was a very inspiring read, coming from a personal place, so if you have time please check out this post !!



[Anime Review]: Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda (Anthem of the Heart)

This is a movie I’ve been wanting to see for a long time, Geek Clinic review on this heart warming tale of a girl loosing her voice, makes you feel drawn into the idea of it. Make sure to go check out their review.

If you guys wish too post a link to any of your posts. I don’t want to Miss out on any fellow blogger friends posts 👍🏼

Hope you guys enjoyed this FRIDAY FEATURE please go check everyone out from this post😀
Comment below for any thoughts you have or any posts I should be checking out !!!:)

I’ll see you all next feature friday 🙂
See you in the next post!!


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