Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #23

litas blogger friday

A silent voice is out now !!

I’ve been going on about it for the life of me but A SILENT VOICE PEOPLE !!

Finally going to see this weekend. This week has been good another highlight was the OWLS end of March Stream I did with fellow members Naja and Kat. It was one hell of a time so make sure to go check that out a 3 hour stream full of hype and silly ness. In terms of what’s upcoming for next week, My review of free will be out for Wednesday, Saturday will be my Owl’s March post and nothing else planned at the moment. Sooo…..

Let’s see who caught my eye this week? Shall we….?

Blogger Feature


Time for the power of female this week’s blogger feature goes to Hazel who runs Archi – Anime. I work along side this fine lady in the group I’m apart of OWLS, for the life of me I can’t remember when I came upon her. But I adore what she did on her blog and pumping out content like crazy at times. What you can find on her blog: daily segment pieces ex. Man Crush Monday, Reviews, Otome games, Lists. So much to choose to read from I envy her daily segments, she somehow is able to maintain. Me only doing my only randy Wednesday so more power to you girl !!. Favourites post by Hazel so I’ve enjoyed: When Your Dreams Dissolve Into A Barren Waste Land [Owls Blog Tour} Recommend reading highly. Hazel is a high energy personality that you can easily find yourself talking with for ages so please go check out her blog and amazing content !!!

post a rama


“Truck-kun” Fuuka Review and Recommendations

I still have yet to finish Fuuka myself, there have been mixed feelings about this winter season show. But I came upon Deiri Raifu brief review, was the first one I had read that fairly noted the good and bad of the series. It was a good mix describing of how a involving story in a high school setting. That’s it’s an easy show to watch, and that communication among the characters was done well. If you have been on the fence with this series give Deiri review a read !!!


A Silent Voice: Manga Perfected

A Silent Voice has just come out in Australia where I am. I plan to go see it on the weekend and the timing was weird as Anime Ash Tray’s personal review on this series  reminded me why this story stole my heart. It’s such a relatable series for anyone to feel bonded over, relaying life aspects we have been through ourselves ex. Bullying. So reading this personal review made me reflect my experience with this story. Go read it !!!


Let’s Talk Kuzu no Honkai – Finale Review

I enjoyed the ending to Scum’s wish, was satisfied. Prattle’s final thoughts on how this series was concluded, perfectly described how I felt on the matter. Rallying the point viewers were expecting Hanabi and Mugi to get together, doing in a way where they go their seperate ways was a much better outcome. Relaying to viewers that it’s not always rosy in love. Go read their thoughts, might make you think twice about this series ending if you weren’t happy with it yourself.

The down sides of anime blogging

I love blogging but sometimes even that has it’s downfalls. Scott  writes a great piece statin five valid points of the perils of blogging at times. haha first one that comes to my mind is writers block, you know give it a read !!

Top Five Characters That Did NOTHING Wrong

Don’t you ever think certain characters didn’t ever do a dam thing wrong? That is what Haru discusses in her post of five characters who never did much of anything wrong. Thus has inspired me to write my own piece sometime this month. Your always coming up with good stuff Haru Dear, Go read it peeps !!!

If you guys wish too post a link to any of your posts. I don’t want to Miss out on any fellow blogger friends posts 👍🏼

Hope you guys enjoyed this FRIDAY FEATURE please go check everyone out from this post😀
Comment below for any thoughts you have or any posts I should be checking out !!!:)

I’ll see you all next feature friday 🙂
See you in the next post!!


  1. …….omg Lita T-T I’m so flattered, honored, floored by being your featured blogger this week. Ah! And all the compliments!! I’m not worthy!! <3<3<3 Thank you so much for featuring me and for all the kind words you've used to describe me and my blog! And, there is a method to my madness when it comes to my daily posts. I have to give myself these themes otherwise my posts will never get done!

    I'm so glad you enjoy everything I've done so far, and hope you continue to! I'm also glad to have met you and all the other OWLS members! Thanks again…I'm seriously speechless.

    Liked by 1 person

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