“This Looks Average” Has This Been You?

“This reserve harem sounds like the rest I’ve watched”

Anime can be a continuous cycle at times of seeing the genre types being repeated, Harems of the male character swooned around by bust-ful beauties, Sports underdog team or individual reaching for there dream goal of regionals or nationals. I’ll admit of being tired of seeing the same thing over and over at times of watching anime over the years, but this isn’t a bad thing at the same time.

Inspiration for this post came from watching anime you tubers spring 2017 watch lists, just got me thinking about how us as fans prejudge anime right off the bat, from a art visual to synopsis. We are all guilty of doing this, myself included and shouldn’t feel bad upon any of us doing this as just doesn’t happen in this medium but with tv series, movies etc. I’ll start off by saying back in the day my judgement to watching new anime, was terrible only seeming to want to watch as much romance, harem and mecha genres mostly. Darker, sports, psychological, sci – fi  for example easily I judged upon as my tastes hadn’t expanded that far in the weird and suspenseful.


It’s vague to remember when I stopped being so pre judgemental to newer anime, an example of a time was watching Ergo Proxy. Though it’s been years since I’ve seen the show, and though still confused with certain plot points in the series, this is one of few that proved to me, more than what it seems. Others have critiqued this series as “boring” “slow’ set in a sci-fi, cyber punk world, city romdo where the last of humans are. Outside of that Auto rievs humanoid like robots used once to aid humans, contract a virus which they become more self aware. Rei romdo’s city ceo’s daughter investigates of what has caused this change in auto rievs. I was very judging towards Ergo Proxy at first glance but looking back is indeed a very interesting series and plot concept. Full of lots of mystery, I can appreciate this about the anime now, Would I rewatch it now?  Yes, to remind me of the soul reason to not be so pre judgemental towards new anime’s.

Ergo proxy opened my mind, I’m not so colder shouldered to trying new things, have to thank my friend for giving me a nag to give it a try. Her tastes in anime were a vital reason more for my shift in attitude and having a friend whom you may watch anime with, them having different tastes. It can be a way out of your mindset of prejudging anime’s. But what plays a vital role into our mindsets becoming judgemental at times is listening to other opinions.


Stop with saying but the negative of shows.


It’s all well and good listening to your fellow friend’s opinion on the anime you want to check out, but if they have seen it, then reflect the series in a negative light. Speaking from experience in dealing with this, yes has nearly affected in my judgement in checking out a series, this happened with High School of The Dead . This series has mixed feelings among people as it’s well known, at the time the person said the retracted comments you would hear in now days discussion. “Too much fan service, just all boobs, butts” “the story line is border line not scary, you know zombies” After watching Ergo Proxy this situation occurred, even I was stirred to listen to one person’s opinion, just one of many individuals values. Something stirred within me to not listen and watch High school of the dead, If you ask my opinion on this series? Really isn’t all that terrible from memory, it’s not my favourite watch but it’s was dam entertaining in zombie combat action.

If all a person will do is shed negative light on a series, saying nothing good then you need to think twice before judging whatever anime it is. There’s nowhere written you have to follow one’s opinion and automatically lead to the assumption the show is not worth your time. This mindset of people bothers me greatly especially when they only listen to the others around them. From experience  meeting people at cons and online over the years ramming their opinions down my throat, of series that shouldn’t be worth your time. Mostly tell them to get stuffed these days if all they do is this.


Leading back to seeing the same repetition of similar plots, can lead to peoples prejudgement of newer shows. Especially when it comes to seasonal example Fall 2015 with Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry and Gakusen Toshi Asterisk  both had very similar plots magical tournament, both main characters fall in love. There was a lot of controversy over the both, hence were overlooked easily. When this occurs to a plot sounding similar, easy to see why people prejudgement both as they’ll be the same, which is the case with the shows mentioned. This spring 2017 season shown above, couple of shows I noticed sounded similar in plots as well, the assumption of them being overlooked was true as well.

It’s sad when this happens during seasonal anime, but a notable pattern that is growing when people choosing all it seems popular titles. When I started getting into the seasonal game myself, one thing I’ve stuck with is choosing at least two or three different shows, no one else is taking interest in. I feel and you should feel it might affect your mindset of not shoving every show that is not on the hype radar under the rug. By doing this simple step your expanding your mindset, tenfold and will be beneficial for you in the long run.


Reviewers work dam hard.

Opinions, friend’s taste, popular hype all influence are prejudgment mentality. But one of the biggest thing in the “Anime Community” that makes a huge impact also reviews, editorials. Some people who constantly watch you tubers or bloggers written reviews, believe their word is the be all and end all of maybe a certain series they wish to watch. Speaking as a person who gives thoughts on anime, my word is not set in stone. Noone’s word here is as mighty as god, it is just an opinion at the end of the day. Reviews are a guide for audiences to go into the mindset of another, and their experience with the anime they are talking about. It’s not an excuse to take their word for it, prejudging whatever series it is instantly.

This is another great annoyance I have with people who prejudge so easily. I am not mocking people’s ways in what shows they choose to watch. But for you to be more open minded within your judgement of reading any reviews, plot synopsis, listening to others opinions. You Make Your Own Judgement. At the end of the day, it’s perfectly fine to want to research about a series your interested in but don’t take whatever opinions you hear or read the be all end all. You loose out on the opportunity with that kind of prejudgement mentality on a possible great series, would be favourite it could become. From myself changing the way I judge on what series I have watch or read, I’ve discovered so many hidden gems and valuable enjoyment from them. So maybe take a step back and think about how you judge a series you want to read or watch? You never find out if it’s good or bad unless you give it a go. Hey?

Hope you guys enjoyed this editorial,  would love to hear your opinions on this matter down below. Do you think the prejudgement of the anime community is getting worse? More people being more judgemental? Has this post made you think twice?

I’ll see you guys in the next post !! 




23 thoughts on ““This Looks Average” Has This Been You?

  1. “There’s nowhere written you have to follow one’s opinion and automatically lead to the assumption the show is not worth your time. This mindset of people bothers me greatly especially when they only listen to the others around them.”

    This was an all around solid read, but this part in particular stood out to me as it bothers me too. Hopefully readers will take this part to heart

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  2. This is a great post. I often find myself discounting new shows for unfair reasons, whether that be similarities to other shows or even genre tags. Missing any show is surely a bad thing if the only reason is we’ve had a bad experience with something else in the past that is in some way similar.

    Thanks for this, I’ll try and remember it when choosing what I watch for future seasons! 🙂

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  3. Very true, but these anime sells and unfortunately we can’t watch all 50 shows a season to see the differences in each of them. Also, we might be worried about being burnt by investing time in an anime.

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  4. I’ve been guilty of prejudging numerous times in the past. And in some way, it was actually a good thing. There’s no better feeling than being wrong about a show and ending up enjoying it a ton. That’s basically happened with me and Clannad.

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  5. Interesting post. I felt like High School of the Dead was surprising good. When I first heard about it, it sounded silly but after seeing the first and second episode, I love it.

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  6. Thanks for writing this. There’s a lot of negativity and judgement indeed, especially on the internet. I enjoy reading other peoples’ criticism but prefer it in a constructive and not cruel way. It is entertainment after all, and even an anime not to your taste still required an enormous amount of work, time and talent in some aspect.

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  7. Indeed. That’s why I tend not to watch airing anime because the hype is usually the strongest while a show is airing. I like to wait until all episodes are released and the hype dies down a bit before I watch. This is so I don’t get influenced too much by other people’s opinions. It’s only Yuri on Ice that I went crazy and actively joined the hype while it was still airing. That was an exception. Good post, Lita dear.

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  8. I think it’s a difficult line to tread sometimes. Even though I probably watch 20-30 hours of anime per week at the moment (the joys of being time rich), I definitely can’t watch *everything* or even just everything that is airing, so processing information based on synopses, genre tags, and word-of-mouth is definitely taken into consideration when it comes to choosing what to watch.

    I think that you’re very right though that “Reviews are a guide for audiences to go into the mindset of another, and their experience with the anime they are talking about. It’s not an excuse to take their word for it, prejudging whatever series it is instantly.”. Just because someone, or even many people aren’t fussed on an anime doesn’t mean that you won’t like it, or conversely, just because many people write something off because of first impressions or even the series as a whole doesn’t mean you won’t love it. I’ve found some well-regarded series which I’ve thought are ‘just okay’, and a few of my all-time favourite anime probably wouldn’t register interest from a lot of people.

    Overall I think that it’s useful to use the information that’s available when it comes to picking what anime to watch, but at the same time, it’s not right to make a firm judgement based on other’s opinions alone. I like keeping an open mind and trying out new things, because I never know when I’ll surprise myself!

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  9. nice post! i’m kind of guilty with what you’re talking about, i know i tend to watch the shows with better reviews but i also think it’s because i don’t like certain genres (like harems LOL). i look up what youtubers and bloggers say, i talk about certain anime with people and that usually gives me a push or a pull. i always try to find different people, some who give it an OK and others who are a bit more critical. sometimes i just also watch whatever i like even when others say its terrible

    like tokyo ghoul s2, everyone seems to HATE it but i’m still planning on watching it, even though everyone is telling me not to xD but it did take me awhile to decide this because i listened to everyone saying i shouldn’t check it out. the same thing happened with Black Butler s2. a lot of people don’t like it because it deviates from the manga but that’s one of my favorite deviations from the manga, i like what it did but if i’d listened to others, i would have missed something pretty cool

    with my reviews i try to be a bit “objective”, where i’ll be critical and nitpicky but at the end of it i’ll try to objectively look at the show and figure out what kind of person would enjoy it (if that makes sense) because i know /someone/ will enjoy it

    as for new stuff, i’m always hesitant to check something out because anime is time consuming but also because i don’t need to get addicted to so many shows LOL also a lot of them do sound pretty boring so i’m sure i’m missing out on some gems, not to mention they’re usually overshadowed by the big name stuff so Orz i’m hoping to expand my anime titles as i keep watching, which is why i started to do the seasonal stuff where I at least check out an episode of some i never heard, so far it’s going meh since i only do this for every other season (only when i follow it)

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    1. Oh my god your response is mega long lol

      Glad you don’t listen to what just youtubers or bloggers say, as you make you own judgement was the point of my post. I can understand with being hesitant with new seasonal things, not all is bad as it seems. you never know, like right now I’m watching a few from the spring shows, trying it out while watching two older series on the side. Gives me good balance 🙂

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      1. i’ve been going back to watch some older stuff too lately, it’s kind of weird xD and wow, maybe i should keep my comments to just one sentence then…one run on sentence with 1000 commas and hyphens and colons and no periods xD

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