I Failed For Winter, Let’s Try Spring :D

Ughh I failed like I thought I would.

All the seasonal posts I promised I have thy let you guys down….. You can cry now.

So.. I failed well post wise anyway, not to say about keeping up with the shows itself. For having no mid or end impression before I delve into what I’ll be watching for spring, I’ll go over my impressions of what shows I have been keeping up with. The only one I won’t be mentioning is Masamune-kun no Revenge as I only got up to Episode one. Got distracted, and my exciting interest in the show quickly went elsewhere in other things I wanted to watch.



Enter a caption

I picked back up Fuuka again and my intial impression at first of this show was very cliche. But continuing on from Episode 4, Fuuka to my surprise took a turn around I’d been hoping for. With Fuuka and the others starting up the band, Episode 5 is when all of this occurred. I liked the idea of most of them not having played any instrument in their life and having to learn from scratch. The cover song they are practicing at the moment, fell in love with and myself. The love triangle thing between Yui, Koyuki and Fuuka got a little more interested when Fukka ended up running into Koyuki, forming a bond. I’ll be curious to see who Yui ends up picking but both girls are pretty likeable even though Fuuka is a bit more out there.

So after episode 5 for some odd reason I got excited about this series, hoping I can finish it this week and try and do a round post of my last thoughts. I won’t be doing a whole review on the show, not my thing to do full reviews of seasonal stuff. In the mean time I’ll be thinking of a different type of post to do for Fuuka, once I’ve caught up. Very much leaning towards reading the manga as well to compare the difference between the two, as I heard there is a different twist in the anime than the manga. The Author altered something in the anime I read about, just recently. But either way Fuuka so far is enjoyable to relax with.


Scum’s Wish




No secret that this winter season Scum’s wish is my favourite and looked forward to most. Since my last impression, this show just every episode exploded again and again with so much emotion. This show truly has delved in the ugliness that is unrequited love, feeling of not having the person you cannot have. I feel on this theme Hanabi and Ebato was the most to suffer this ugly nature, as Ebato deeply desired Hanabi, she never cared if she was just being used. Hanabi went along the idea but soon learned of how much damage it’s really doing to Ebato, just screwed up really. The moment in episode nine, they both reconcile and go back to being friends, you must have had going through your mind “Yeh any normal people would do that”.

The biggest surprise to me was learning about Akane’s characters through episodes 1o to 11. How shallow she really is on the inside, taking pleasure in seeing grieving faces of those with shattered feelings. Hopefully you realise if you have been watching this show she is a piece of work, but can’t help but say was so interesting to delve into her inner mindset. Why she felt pleasure in being desired by men? Sleeping around all the time? This concept of a character like Akane’s don’t feel has been explored well enough till now, the music to the series really sets the mood perfectly, for the feeling of her true intentions.

This was the only thing interesting to me about her character, Hanabi’s crush Kanai, he’s pitful for loving Akane, just watching through episode eleven was making me screech inside. If you can believe it, there are people like Akane out there in real life, the anime performed beautifully the life aspect that, this really does happen. You end up feeling like someone had to love Akane at some point, even though they are okay with her cheating still. The part at the end of episode eleven, I was personally waiting for Mugi letting himself go through the sorrowful process, of letting her go. Honestly was hard to watch at certain points, but you should remember that maybe you have been through this yourself. Not being able to let go of a person you’ve liked, loved for so long, saying goodbye is the hardest.

For something I wish for, taking the focus off Hanabi completely, then onto Akane and Mugi as good as it was to go more in depth of Akane’s character. Just feels like a waste for Hanabi’s character and made me wonder about the ending of the series. Despite the frustration I have had with the series, still loving it and can’t wait to see the final episode of it is all concluded.


Released a video last week on my channel of the spring season anime I will be watching. Feel free to watch it if you wish too. Here’s what I’ll be watching anyway:

Clockwork Planet 
Attack On Titan
Sakura Quest 
Renai Bouken
Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni
Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho
Tsuki ga Kirei

I wanted to add more to my list like re creators but didn’t want to overload myself. I will be doing first impressions in the coming two weeks but not by from the first episode. Hoping to not fail this time and will do mid impressions as well. Over on my Youtube though I will be doing episodic reviews on one of the shows which will be Clockwork Planet, decided too. I am experimenting with doing episode reviews in video format for a change see how that goes. I’m excited for this season !!

Let me know in the comments below what are you planning to watch?

I’ll see you all in the next post !



14 thoughts on “I Failed For Winter, Let’s Try Spring :D

  1. Yeah, my Winter season blogging was a mess too… But hey, new season, new resolution to do better, right?

    I just posted my ‘anticipation’ list on my blog a little bit ago. It looks like we have some overlap… I suspect Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho will be on my lovely wife’s list. She’s much more into the supernatural than I.

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  2. I feel ya here. I didn’t watch ANY of the spring shows. Not that I didn’t want to, I just get behind so easily and then think, “oh I’ll just catch up while everyone’s enjoying the fresh goods.” This, of course, only leads to a growing backlog. But I digress. I’m looking forward to Re:Creators myself, as well as more AoT and MHA! Let’s try to keep up this season!

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