Adore Yuu’s Work – Alice 19th


Time to start showing some favourite Managaka’s I love some love !!

I’ve begun slowly getting into reading more manga’s and appreciation of the people who create these amazing plots, stories that whisk are minds to another place. One such manga author’s work I’ve come to love so much over the years is Yuu Watase, Imadoki and Absolute Boyfriend were the first of her works I ever read. Yuu’s style in her plots are captivatingly engaging to shojo fans, her main male and female characters, struggles of their love. The genre of her manga’s ranch from sci-fi to fantasy, no story is the same, each of their tale of love unique and different. Still ones I have yet to read are Fushigi Yuugi and Ayashi no Ceres but I enjoy her plots so much, capturing the essence of sweet love.


Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo
Published: 2001
Volumes: 7


The story follows Alice Seno, a 15-year-old girl forever shadowed by her older sister Mayura, who is good at everything she does. At school she is known as “Mayura’s little sister” and is relentlessly tormented by the older girls who know that Alice is too weak to fight back.

Alice harbors a deep affection for Kyo Wakamiya, a handsome upperclassman who is on the archery team with Mayura. On the way to school one day, Alice rescues a white rabbit from the road despite the danger to herself, but gets rescued by Kyo and receives a bracelet with a single red stone. The rabbit she saves, however, is no ordinary rabbit. She reveals her true form to Alice and introduces herself as Nyozeka. Alice is told that she is destined to become a Lotis Master. The Lotis Masters use the power of words and communication to enter the Inner Heart of others. It is a powerful ability to be used carefully as Alice soon finds out.

Using the power of the Lotis Words, which reveal themselves to be in the form of runes, Alice accidentally makes her older sister disappear during a dispute over Kyo, whom Mayura had begun dating. Alice then must use the Lotis Words to try and bring her sister back from the dark. She is joined by Kyo who proves to have the Lotis powers as well, and by Frey, another Lotis master who had trained with the masters and arrives with the intention to marry Alice. Unfortunately, Mayura has been taken by the power of the Maram Words, the dark reflection of the Lotis Words. Their only hope lies in Alice and Kyo becoming the legendary Neo-Masters to discover the lost word bonding both Maram and Lotis.

Source: Mal

I’m recommending this to you guys right at the start if you end up being interested. Alice 19th is the perfect introduction into Yuu’s Watase work to get a feel of where her love plots venture out into. Discovered this series at my local library, completely within the first volume I had been taken in, Yuu’s art work was strikingly out there, so detailed, beautiful work. For the story itself it was very fun, the sisterly relationship between Alice and Mayura was tested till the end, I was surprised of how dark the story got. Alice our focal character, you become invested in emotionally by volume one, wishing for her sister to disappear after a fight and the repercussions that followed.

The main centre idea of this plot is surrounded by words. Alice’s deep words that triggered her sister Mayura to give into the darkness of her inner heart. Weighs heavy on Alice onward as she becomes intertwined of becoming a lotis master. I really enjoyed this element of the story, makes you think in real life would be a great super power, words taking real form. This short manga delves quickly into the raw truth of words, that they are indeed powerful in how they can hurt you, and how they can relief or save you. We see through Alice’s guilt of wishing for her sister to disappear of the negative impact it can have on a person. Like that it feels like on a worse level of someone stabbing you through the heart.


All the characters are very likeable even for a short series. I especially liked Freya one of the main Lotis masters very cheeky and flirtatious. Alice and Kyo’s relationship strained me as Alice was not a confident girl, to speak up her true feelings. Again the theme of raw words came into play but eventually Alice grew in strength, that she shouldn’t need to be afraid to speak her mind. It was such a cute scene when finally she could let her feelings be known to Kyo, even though he was blinded sighted of who he wanted Alice or Mayura, but you know added to the suspense. As us shoujo fans love, it’s to my mind of why this manga series never had a adaption, I would love that so, twelve episode series would suit I think.

All of Yuu’s story are magical to me, make me feel happy every time I have re read ones already but still ones like I mentioned above I should read. Could easily read this series as a before bed read I would recommend also, and this post was not going to super long as I wanted to highlighted the reasons to give this manga a shot.

Please leave any comments down below you may have, if you have read this series what did you think of it?

I’ll see you all in the next post !!




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