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Will anime ever run out of ideas? I’m sure this question has come across your mind at some point. I’m sure people have felt certain anime plots have become exhausted over the years, in sports series the underdog reaching his dream, misconceptionS that occur in love triangles, novice heroes becoming real heroes through trials. It’s happening on the repeat, being diverse is getting harder as newer anime is pouring out like a waterfall, keeps falling down into our laps for you to ask yourself. What plot ideas/genres has anime not covered yet?

Being not generic in anime and manga is hard at times. Even so somehow you are surprised out of the blue which keeps you coming back for me in this entertainment medium. A genre that I’ve craved to see more diversity is the romance, I’ll happily sit down and watch any romance series, no matter all the cliches in can consist of. There is enough teen/school romances series out there but what not just I would like to see is another more mature, adult series. The last good one that I watched along these lines was Nana, emotional driven series between all the characters and their individual issues they have. Nana is one of those series that is a must see in my opinion, handling the dealings of trying to make it in the world, the time in our life where it’s all trial and error in work, friendship and love.

Since watching Nana, I’ve explored the vast internet and not found a similar plot relation to Nana. Strongly feel the romance genre needs another adult series, like Nana but it could be the flip side about two guys, total nerds, moved to a new city trying to start a fresh slate. But randomly meet on a bus or something, choose then to live together becoming chummy and have their own girl issues. That would be really cool to see a plot idea I’ve had going in my head for like ever. Scum’s wish that is airing this winter 2017 season is handling some strong mature themes for a school/love series, these kids around sixteen above, are thinking beyond their years. Showing the bitter ugly of unrequited loves, I would like to see this implanted into a mature romance series. Seeing it from a adult perspective instead from young teens, to see the true ugly of love would be a riveting watch for me. Just give me another mature adult series like Nana for the love of god !!!


Coming from a personal place this next idea I’d like to see happen in a anime. Revealing a post last that myself having Autism and how anime is a safe haven for me. It would be surreal if a anime was centred on a character with Autism and the daily struggles of what people go through. it would have to be done right, not making people who have different problems to yours look crazy or stupid. Autism is a sensitive subject for many, I think to be portrayed in a serious light through anime would be a eye opener for people. It is something that I crave to see more than an adult, mature romance, and maybe one day it will happen.


Anime sports over the last few months have had me hooked. A sport idea I would love to see happen is a series about Gymnastics, a mixture of points of view from female and male gymnasts. Just don’t make all the repetitive routines like in Yuri on ice with the same skating sequences, it got a little boring. Gymnastics you have plenty of room to play with with gym routines and if done right could make for one hell of a entertaining series.


The idea for this idea.. haha came from watching when I was younger a corny film series called Flicker. There are three movies all about a girl who comes to caring for a wild horse, but not one easily that can be tamed, eventually the horse and her become best friends. It would be beautiful to have a anime series centred in the American west setting, along the lines of the flicker movie. A girl or boy meets a wild horse, family owns a horse ranch, wild horse and person become best friends. It would be such a heart warming watch but given the anime touch a series about the bond of man and animal.


Anime covers gore aspect very well but Vampire sector has been lacking for a while. My last enjoyment of a vampire series was Shiki and hellsing, ever since then no gritty vampire series I have not seen. Wouldn’t be cool if they centred a whole anime around classic Dracula but make it as gritty as possible?  How the legend was born, show the vicious nature of how he captured his victims, and maybe throw in a girl he meets who falls for him. Add some drama because??? I want that haha. At least give us another bloody, gory, gritty vampire series that stuns us till were spreading the word about it YOU HEAR ME ANIME INDUSTRY MAKE THIS HAPPEN, MAKE ALL THESE IDEAS I WANT REALITY.


I would love to hear down below in the comments What anime idea/plot idea would you guys like to see? What’s something anime has not covered yet?

Anime will never run out of ideas but I wanted to share some personal ones I’d like to see happen one day.

I’ll see you all in the next post !!! 



  1. I’d KILL to see the OG Dracula anime! Same for the gymnastics one–I’ve been slowly getting more into sports anime, so at some point soon it’ll be a must. As to your previous post regarding your autism (which I just checked out), I think an anime would have to be very much grounded in reality in order to pull off something so relatable for people. This all calls to mind Chaos;Head, a show that, while it’s not the best, it certainly shows how illusions and dementia can plague the mind, and how that all affects a person’s relationships with others. If anime were to ever tackle cases like these, then I’d certainly stand in line to watch!

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    1. Yes I agree about the autism idea that it would have to be grounded but I know In anime style would be amazing to see done In this medium. Oo chaos head I’ve not thought of that series for a long time lol 😂 illusion and dementia in the mind nice 👍🏼

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  2. The only anime I can recall watching the recent times that had gymnastics in it was Gilrfriend BETA. One of the girls, Kokomi, was in the rhythmic gymnastics club and we saw her either practicing and even performing once. Honestly I thought it was pretty cool seeing that in anime as it’s something rarely seen. Wouldn’t mind a whole show being about that. I’d totally be down for watching cute anime girls performing gymnastics routines.

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  3. I absolutely love all these ideas! I never thought of how great it’ll be to have a series based on autism, gymnastics or horses 😀 😀

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  4. Same goes on my mind. I’ve watched a lot of highly recommended shoujo romance, and it seems that they do have similar concept, the predictable cliche of youngsters to be particular. Right now, I’m looking for more matured concept where characters are no longer those average minded as teens, where deep thoughts are highly expressed and have a greater impact on real world.

    Sports anime based on gymnastics is also a good idea, because it’s not just about sports but rather an art. I’d love to see different routines. 😀

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  5. These are some ideas id love to see explored as well. The autism one in particular would be very interesting from both a thematic and narrative perspective.

    I personally would love to see an Anime about game development. New Game doesn’t count since that had nothing to do with game development at all despite being about it. I’d like something that really showcases the pressure and skills required for the industry. As someone who works in it, I think it’d be really entertaining.


  6. I love this post Lita! I wanted to ask if you’d ever heard of the manga series With the Light? It’s about a mother raising an autistic son, and it follows their journey from birth to the middle school years (the author passed away before she could finish it). And there are short stories at the end from people the author met with that have autism at the end of each volume. I absolutely adore the series, it’s one of my favorite series, it definitely handles the topic well!


  7. Some of these sound fun. Of course, anime always seems to come up with something new to explore so I’m sure they’ll keep coming up with new ideas even as the typical ones get used over and over.

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  8. There’s definitely some interesting ideas there! Gymnastics I think is a sport which would look great in an anime, it definitely has some interesting choreography and it would be great to see the characters in motion and trying to do their best.

    I dream of an anime being made one day along the lines of ‘cute girls doing cute things’ which instead has cute old people doing cute things. My grandma and some of the other elderly people in my life have such a passion for living and get themselves into funny scrapes. I think it could be both heart-warming and entertaining to capture some of this in an anime.

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