You Can Call These Lot Sappy, But Their Journey Has You Fixated

Time to get sappy. you know.

This is late coming out, you can call this my extremely late valentines related post. You, me, everyone have their beloved favourite anime couples for all different reasons. How it goes in the romance anime world, one factor stands out that many unrealistic situations occur, things are exaggerated but you found yourself hooked on that trivial side of things anyway. A post last year I wrote for valentines covering my top ten favourite anime couples, having a moment looking at it… I’m not proud of this.

Times like that you want to redeem yourself which is what I’ll be doing in this post. I’ll be showcasing favourite anime couples of their sappy journey to make it to love lane, of why I felt fixated on their growing emotions, connections. You’ll see by the end of this, there’s nothing wrong with sappy.



You should completely ignore my previous top ten anime couples list I did as back then vain me put everything in lists. Not putting Kazehaya and Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke, I regret muchly. Kimi ni Todoke was my one first highschool/romance anime from the first time since watching it, the series is one so hard to forget about. Dating in highschool let’s be honest is a whirlwind, you never know what direction you’ll head in, It’s never simple just complicated. That’s how it is for main protagonists Kazehaya and Sawako both a pair of innocent, caring individuals that get caught up in the love trivials of highschool. Their journey getting to love lane is slow and steady, which at times you get frustrated with, screaming “JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY”.

Sawako has the toughest as she is bullied and looked upon as someone misunderstood. Falling for the cutest boy in school never works out easy in romance school anime’s, but Sawako’s determination and self discovery of her true feelings makes this journey really exciting. It doesn’t start out as love Sawako is clueless, admiration towards Kazehaya of how well he treats her is the first step. Then the pain staking waiting for her to realise her true feelings, while dealing with other new experiences, she’s never had, making friends, going to social gatherings, love rival. All these things average cliches you see but Kimi ni Todoke does at a easy pace, may be a bit slow to start but how all these cliches are handled individually come to form this reflective experience.

The relationship Sawako and Kazehaya slowly build is pure, believable. The many misconceptions thrown their way, makes you reflect your high school days, you are reminded if you watch this series. No other series has made me reflect upon my trivial high school years as deeply Kimi ni Todoke did, the whole performance comes from a place of real and warmth. I love this series dearly, to reach the pain staking conclusion for Kazehaya and Sawako is beyond endearing, this does the sappy factor proud.




Another favourite pairing that does the sappy factor above Kimi ni Todoke are Tamahome and Miaka from Fushigi Yugi. Watching this series last year for the first time, how cheesy, corny this show was, undeniable. Tamahome and Miaka are a cheesy couple, people might not be able to swallow how cheesy their journey of wanting to be together. You have to look beyond the cheesy factor but all they face is nothing but hardship, watching this series something was waiting for the pair around the corner. The plot idea of Miaka being sucked into a story book and falling in love with a fictional character Tamahome is the hardship right there.

It was so easy for me personally to become fixated on this pairs desire to be with one another, you will be surprised like I was of what is involved in this series. Miaka’s friend Yui becomes a love rival, enemy, saving ancient china, anything is but complicated but with the series surprising, eventful plot you are kept interested throughout. The hardships only made Miaka and Tamahome’s bond stronger, but so much doubt loomed around both at the same time. Their journey to love lane is full of hardship but their declaration of each’s others love just evaporates all the negative and hardship, they are put through. Tamahome I find endearing out of the pair for his unwavering, stubborn love for Miaka, to doing whatever to find a way to be together. Miaka is a protagonist you could easily not care for her, she is like a Serena from Sailor Moon, loves food and wants to run away when things get tough. If you ever enjoyed watching Serena and Darian’s teasing relationship, you will certainly experience on a whole other level with this pairing. 

When you are backed into a corner, all is against you two heads are better than one. That’s how it is for Miaka and Tamahome, you can critic how cheesy these pair are. But their willingness to hold on to their young love is why their journey to love lane, I can re watch again and again.



We venture into fairytale sappy no other pairing comes to my mind than Shirayuki and Zen from Akagami no Shirayukihime. This tale between a herbalist and prince is so precious, very hard to put into words. The fairytale factor is about as sappy as you can get, handsome prince will whisk you away, far from it between this pairing that weaved it’s way into my couples favourites. Many who have seen this show were fixated by the first few episodes, that this fairytale was a little different. Both one another very forced willed and strong hearted, their desires to see what is beyond, their openness to new beginnings is where the attraction starts

Shirayuki is the difference in this fairytale, she is no damsel in stress, the girl has guts. Zen is the super sweet factor that is able to calm any uncertainty Shirayuki ever feels. The slow build up of affections for one another is soothing to the soul and sappy at it’s finest. Zen and shirayuki dealing together, with all the situations they are faced with, Kidnapping, family affairs. Both possess this calm factor, no matter what never let things get to them easily. Shirayuki is Zen’s reassurance in every decision he makes and Zen is Shirayuki’s light that she burningly wishes to protect more and more. Both are equally stern protective of one another and it is this desire that had me fixated towards their relationship. 

In a nut shell Zen and Shirayuki’s journey to love lane is sappy to max but is inspirational to make you not forget, the same burning desires they have, encouraging one another to reach them and nor noone in the end to define their love by social class.


See? by the end of this nothing wrong with being sappy hey?

I hope you enjoyed reading my extremely late valentines posts, feel like after reading this my posts are becoming more of how I strive for them to sound, more collective.

Let me know down below what anime romance journeys you love re watching? find inspiring?

I’ll see you in the next post !!!



  1. I was super late on my V-day ‘post’ too, so don’t feel bad Lita! Also, my goodness, you make we want to watch Snow White With The Red Hair EVERYTIME you talk about it! It clearly means a lot to you, so I really want to see it. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh. Yes! Ah, Fushigi Yuugi, one of the main corruptors of my childhood. Tamahome & Miaka. I can’t believe my parents let me watch this anime as a little girl back then. Not that I’m complaining now. Ehehehe. And oh my gosh. Kimi ni Todoke. So good. If you like pure love stories, read tha manga Hibi Chouchou, if you haven’t yet. I hope that they make an anime adaptation of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow your parents let you watch fushigi yuugi that’s funny lol thankyou for the recommendation I will certainly give it a go ^^ soon as I’ve finished reading all the manga I have yet to finish wahaaa !!!

      Liked by 1 person

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