Day Time Shooting Star Manga Thoughts

Genre: Romance, School
Published: 2011
Volumes: 12

The addiction of reading school romances is becoming great.

Source: Mangareader

Last September was when I last did a manga review, I really must stop this habit all together. It’s been quite some time since I really enjoyed a manga and I discovered this fluffy series through a person I follow on twitter. She is always posting about shoujo romance manga’s I sucked in, with all these teaser pictures she posts.

The story surrounds Suzume who has just moved to Tokyo to live with her uncle. She bumps into stranger Satsuki, there from meeting him discovers at her new school he is her homeroom teacher. Somewhere along the way she falls in love with him but a love between a student and teacher, could it be?


Source: Mangareader

Day time shooting star surprised me. The main focus of the manga is the relationships of the main characters Suzume, Shishio Mamura and Yuyuka. Suzume’s an individual that has no clue about love, it was frustrating to put up with at points in the manga sometimes. Shishio her main love interest, seems sweet but a child like adult who doesn’t know what he really wants, strings Suzume along knowingly of how she feels. Shishio was very earnest towards Suzume up until he flat out rejected her, After that he was just so childish. At that point didn’t care much for this character at all.



Mamura and Suzume’s relationship is what kept me glued reading this manga. Suzume is all over the place with her feelings for Shishio, after she is rejected but that’s when she starts to grow up a bit. I didn’t like seeing Suzume sad over her pathetic teacher who couldn’t make up his mind over her. Mamura the other in this triangle is much like Suzume clueless, very quiet, doesn’t have a interest in girls. The two start out as friends takes while before their things kick off but Mamura’s random outburts of annoyance towards Shishio made me laugh.

It was Painful for Mamura to see Suzume still trying to get over Shishio then when he insists upon they go out with each other. By this point he reveals he has feelings for her, this is where the two start to become close together. This is quite a humorous manga at points like the scene above Mamura holding a girls hand for the first time, I liked scenes like this between the two, was cute. Mamura and Suzume both have this calm nature about them which is why when I first started reading this manga, I could anticipate they might get together.

Mamura is always so sweet to Suzume, like a patience mouse waiting for her. Suzume is the last one to realise of how she feels about either Mamura or Shishio If her feelings had changed?,  all I’ll say is the last chapter for the manga is beyond cute. Suzume and Mamura discover on their own of what it means to be with someone you cannot forget and how the simple things, a hug, holding hand can leave the biggest imprint.


Yuyuka played a great supporting role for Suzume in the manga. You only saw here and there parts of when she appears. First her and Suzume weren’t friends as Yuyuka at the start had liked Mamura for a long time but after that the two become good friends. Suzume always went to her for advice and always said the right thing. In separation of everything else you see parts in the manga if Yuyuka gets any happy ending for herself. But you’ll have to check out the series first to find that out.

Daytime shooting star is a really cute read and I enjoyed it a lot for what it was. The way things turned out in the end I did not expect. It’s a relatable manga for anyone who has had mild experience in love or dating, lays out through Suzume and Mamura characters of what it’s like.

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Did you enjoy it?

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