“Unruling Desires” Scum’s Wish Episodes 1 – 4

“Were not dating, were using as each as replacements”

I’ve seen my share of fluffy anime romances but Scum’s wish takes to the weighing dark side of love and desire.


I would like to thank country restrictions for preventing for watching this the right way Australia seems to be blocked everywhere, I had to go through other means to see this series, so you’ll have to forgive me. This for me was my highly anticipated one in the winter season I wanted to watch out of the three I had chosen, this show unexpectedly got some attention and was surprising viewers. From the plot synopsis you know what your in for honestly Hanabi and Mugi two over complex teen have a passionate love for others they cannot have. What do you do? find comfort in each other to sooth the loneliness.

I say I thought I knew what I was in for but first few seconds of the first episode had me a little gob smacked. Even that I loved those first few seconds it sets up the main plot line perfectly, openly and honestly, knowing why Hanabi and Mugi are with each other. Main characters are not overly interesting in terms of personality, same can be said about the rest of the cast. But that is not enough reason to hate on this show, which I’ve already noticed people doing by saying “crappy, empty characters”.

The level of maturity this shows leaks out is fantastic honestly, the level I am talking about is this show might not be for you. Despair in love is nothing new in romance anime’s I have seen but Scum’s wish I have to defend is different in delving into the darker side. Hanabi is a good example of this, confused in her own feelings choosing to run away by not admitting her true feelings, finding comfort in Mugi. So far my impression of her is she will turn out a bit warped by the end of this honestly but she could have easily by now admitted her feelings. But then we wouldn’t have this gripping feeling that makes you want to keep watching, to find out what happens with all of these deep characters with individual desires.

I love how in seperate frames like above important character screen time is displayed. It gives a sense of how emotionally invested each characters love or desires they have and brought this heavy atmosphere. I liked the soft tone animation that just added to the affect, in episode one a scene of Hanabi crying, the whole scene is glossing and gorgeous. From what I have seen of this series so far, I am enjoying it from the aspect of dealing with your hidden desires, what we would do and that in can bring out the worst in us.

Of what these characters are going through is no different how it can be for us all. I myself have been there from a personal aspect of yearning for someone I can not have, which is why I find myself connecting with Hanabi. I’m not afraid to admit that here, some people might be able to look beyond the “bland characters” which I disagree to an extent. There not stand out personalities the cast but their victims falling into that pit of self desire, trying to crawl out but it’s a takes a toll. That’s accept for Mugi’s crush she’s warped as hell, nor do I care for her character much. I’m left wanting to know if Mugi or Hanabi may fall in love with each other and let go of current loves? Will anyone have any happy ending? Will it all end in a dismay ending.

I’m just excited now honestly but worried at the same time as end of episode 4, looks like Hanabi might take the same path as Mugi’s crush. Be warped as hell. 

Please comment below your thoughts on this show so far, would love to know !!!

I have one more seasonal write up to do for Masamune no Revenge which hoping to do tomorrow and have out ASAP!

I’ll see you all in the next post!



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