Lita’s Top Five Female Green Heads

Been a long while since I did a list/favourites of sorts and wanted to continue this fun little series, I’ve contemplated doing this for males as well. If anyone would like to see that comment below, mostly likely I’ll be doing that in the end. I covered my blue heads, this time it’s green’s turn.

1. Asa (Shuffle)

Asa was my second favourite character from this cute series. She may come off a tease and attention seeker but always has good intentions. I liked how pushy she was towards main protagonist Rin as he was a lazy prat, who was in needing all the time of a nudge. Underneath her tease like nature she is a real caring of the others around her and very selfless. Never likes to people to make over a fuss over her, which this trait you see at the end of the second season, where things take a drastic turn. Asa for me reflects my teasing nature as in real life, I like to make a joke making others laugh, this is one of the main reasons she is on this list.


2. Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier)


First fell in love with Ranka when she sang her song “Aimo”, Megumi Nakajima  who plays Ranka has a really beautiful voice. Ranka is a very fragile individual suffering from post traumatic stress due to witnessing her biological family’s death during the war. During the series I felt sorry for her, stuck in an awkward love triangle with her dream idol Sheryl and pressure of becoming an idol. I admired when Ranka gave it all even if things were against her, for sixteen represented at that age, the young pressures any teens can face in life. Whenever she sang in the series, just had me smiling honestly, she looked at her happiest while singing it was her outlet to express all the built up feelings from inside. Ranka is a very fun, cheerful character whose voice had the ability to evaporate any negativity among people and make them smile.


3. Midori (Midori Days)

Midori is one of the cutest characters you’ll come across ever. I’ve loved her character for a long time be insult if I didn’t add her in this list. In the series the unlikeliest of situations occurred where she ends up being her crushes Seiji’s right hand. This concept is really interesting as you end up seeing two sides of Midori while she is Seiji’s right hand, she is very bubbly and happy all the time. The other side is a very shy, non confident Midori of how she really wants to be as a person you see when she is Seiji’s right hand. Midori’s love for Seiji is so endearing, will do anything for him even if he doesn’t appreciate her at first. I love her redeeming quality of seeing beyond a person and giving people chances it’s what will make you fall in love with this cutie.


4. Sailor Pluto (Sailor Moon) 

Trista a.ka Sailor Pluto is my favourite scout out of the outer senshi. I admire her a lot for her strong will and wise nature. But at the same time I felt sorry for her, of the solitary life of guarding the gate of time. She is mostly on this list because out of everyone I dig her long hair so much, I have quite long hair in real life, but not sure if I would want to have it that long honestly. There is nothing to not like about Trista, just would be the most loyalist of a friend and her relationship with Rinny is just adorable. I remember watching Sailor Moon crystal for the first time and the scene of fading away, in order to save Rinny. It was too much for my little heart, I need to rewatch the seasons of which Pluto is in again the need to see her again is real.


5. Hikari (Amanchu) 

I’ve spoken about on this blog a fair bit of loving the series Amanchu a lot. Hikari is my favourite on this list for so many reasons, number one her goofy faces. Her outrageous, funny faces were hilarious, had me laughing every time. Hikari is a very loveable individual, it’s like me and her are one in the same as, as both of us have this huge love for the ocean and swimming. Her encouraging energy and bubbly nature towards Futaba during the series is really heart warming, makes Hikari really stand out. Hikari has this free spirit about her, where she doesn’t worry about the stressful things and has this bright outlook on life. This is why I love her so much, I crave to be like her that way, not worrying about pointless worries in life that don’t matter.


I hope you guys enjoyed this list check out my Blue Heads list from last time. Next time I will be covering Blondes!!

Comment below any green haired girls you like in anime and why?

I’ll see you in the next post !!



  1. Ughhh the Sailor Pluto feels . . . how cold and lonely it must to wait at the edges of time for all eternity. And I totally called the chick from Amanchu being on this list of yours, ahaha! What a random yet fun post idea–now you have to do the rest of the color spectrum!

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  2. Nice top five. There are loads of great characters in anime sporting green hairdos. Midori Days was a sweet show. I wish I could find a DVD copy to own.

    Liked by 1 person

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