New Schedules, Lita Is Branching Out !!

Whats up? Been a while


I should be feeling exhausted right now but which I am but somehow have the energy to write this. Hope you guys have been all well, I’ve been enjoying my time the last couple of weeks now with my UK relatives that are here. But at the same time it’s been killing me not blogging, youtube never felt out of my routine which is why this little important update will set me back into my rhythm.

Something I have always avoided doing with my blog and youtube has been putting out a schedule, as in the pass I have felt. I’ve enjoyed putting out content whenever I feel like it but feel now since my blog is bigger than ever. I have so many more followers, I need to up my game which I have implanted a schedule for my youtube and blog.
I talked about in update video I did not too long ago of my only goal so far for this year was to be more active on my youtube. So from here on out Every Sunday I’ve aimed to have a video out, easily doable for me with my current life style. Content wise will mainly be about anime,  adding in talking about dramas as is a new interest I started last year. Along side anime will be taking about manga, about time I did as I’ve become more interested in collecting, reading it within the last year or so.

A time of when videos go up every Sunday might vary depending on how long it takes to upload.

At the end of Every month I will do a mange recap of all the manga I’ve read, I got the idea from my friend Anime Palooza who does here anime R +R episodes, recapping all the anime she’s watched. The main focus of my channel I decided to focus more on thanks to the suggestion of a youtuber friend GeroTheHero is incorporating my blog more. So some videos I do from now on will be based off articles I’ve written and just me going into more detail about it. I have never seen another blogger or youtuber doing this thus far so I hope maybe I can start a new trend !!



New Blog Schedule:
Monthly Favorites – Will be posted on the last day of every month
Seasonal Stuff – I don’t do episodes reviews just first, mid and end impressions so they will be scattered as added content throughout the week
Randy Wednesdays – To keep up what I am about randomness just a little, every Wednesday will be a surprise, a discussion, review, anime favorites, lists, collaboration, editorial is what you guys might get this day.
Friday Feature – Well my features aren’t to change staying the same

I’m happy with this schedule it will work for me with my life style and who knows could change. But if I ever have extra time to write more content just follow my Twitter or Facebook when something will go up, pretty sure you guys will get more than 2 posts from me in a week. All posts will go out at 9am Australian time for me, you guys will have to work out what time that is for you in the world.



Had to use his face >.<

Well Victor speaks for me with how excited I am about all this, hope you guys are. The new blog schedule will start up after Friday 27th, up until then I am still busy with family and another personal thing that has come up as well. A new youtube video I will try to have out for next week early sometime, I recorded one but have not been on the computer for the last week to edit it so just follow my twitter or facebook for when that will come out. I know I haven’t put up any seasonal stuff yet, I have some drafts started so hoping they can go up next week as well. I can’t wait for normality to return to me so I’ll catch you guys in the next post which will start that off.



16 thoughts on “New Schedules, Lita Is Branching Out !!

  1. Hey Lita! Seems like life has been busy for you huh. I hope you are taking it easy with blogging and YouTube. Don’t over do it, we care about your health. Your idea and schedule sounds fascinating!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I can relate lol. I am looking forward to your plans. Remember to take it easy and pace yourself. I am excited to seeing more of your anime content. 🙂


  2. Schedules are definitely important. Also something I plan to implement this year as well. LOL Happy New Year and don’t forget to have fun while your hustling. That’s so important.

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  3. You are the third person I know (myself as one of those three) to take up a blogging/YT schedule for 2017. Must be something in the air, right? Haha, I hope it all works out, and I’m looking forward to a knew religious practice each Sunday: The Church of Lita 😀


  4. Congrats on growing biiiiiig.
    Good luck with the schedule, i love scheduling because I can be lazy heh
    Looking forward to all you’re gonna do 👀👀✨
    Ps. Mange recap? Did you mean manga recap?


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