Watching Tastes: Mix The Old And New

still need to watch this at some point

Look at that crazy mix of colours of the girls from Tokyo Mew Mew, ranged mixture. Mixing it up in life and in watching anime is important, which is how I’ve lead writing this discussion. I was inspired from blogger Mage In A Barrel whom you may recognise as the writer for Ani words for crunchy roll. Recently they wrote their last piece for a while on Expanding their anime horizons and mixing it up. Make sure to go check out their post but this sparked to spread the message he was trying to convey to his fellow readers.

It’s only recently for 2017 I decided to get back into the seasonal game due to powerful influences of fellow bloggers and surrounding hype of certain shows during seasonal time. Keeping up with the seasonal stuff got a bit much about a year and a bit ago, that’s why I went on hiatus for it, I can’t handle watching too many shows at once. My limit is about four, with how main stream the seasonal game has become in the last few years, thirty or more shows are flooding out by every pass season.

It’s great to see how the anime industry has involved, reeling in more viewers but what Issac from Mage in Barrel was pleading to people is broaden what anime you watch. There is a vast majority who solely watch seasonal shows, up and down excitement of a new ending then a new one beginning. I only know so many who actually watch other anime’s between seasons, just shows to me of how big simulcast has become.


It’s no secret that I bet we have so much back log anime, that’s been put on the back burner for so long, it keeps piling up. This is the first great benefit of watching other series in between, it’s killing two birds with one stone, if you get my drift. This is something I’ve personally built up overtime, getting into the habit of and have whittled my back log down below 30, use to be over 50 haha. My anime list is my best friend of keeping record of all the back log anime I have put on hold, so when the time comes to wanting to pick up back something. I recommend using a site like my anime list or anime planet  for keeping on top of your back log.

Another benefit of watching series in between is breaking up the aspects. Mixing the old with the new, watching series that aren’t current, this is really important. I know if I was just a sole watcher of seasonal series, I’d get bored pretty fast from the newest available, your mindset would become picky, seeing the same common plots, you’ll became stale of seasonal anime. That is how I would end up, fact for anyone which is why stressing across to others, expanding your tastes towards different genres and year of anime’s lets you build up a wider perspective on what there is to offer.

I remember back in March last year, watching Shangri-la from 2008 but was becoming tiresome of the show, Feeling in need of a break was required. Been craving to watch a 90’s series one of my favourite periods of anime, immediately remembered I had gotten the rest of Fushigi Yugi from a fellow youtuber Anime Palooza. Binge watching this series felt so refreshing soon after was able to continue Shangri-la, simply at that time was not in the mood to watch a sci-fi. There is no rule in having to watch something you don’t feel in the mood for, simply change it up and like me you’ll find wanting to continue, what was not gripping you in the first place. If your wondering Shangri-la turned out to be a breathe of fresh air also. 


So maybe for this year, make the effort to dwindle down your back log anime, revisit some old favorites from your early anime days. I revisited Escaflowne a dear series to me at least three times last year, I still feel that same happiness and excitement from the first time watching it. Issac again makes an excellent point of only keeping up with the present you are denying yourself the opportunity, to discover something that has already passed you by. Re visiting old favorites can build up a new love and appreciation for what ever series it is from your early anime days. Happened too many times to me, I find myself loving the show more than I did than years ago.

So find your own rhythm that works for you of re- visiting past favorites, discovering something from another era of anime and tie in with the present. But don’t overload yourselves by watching too much, I myself returning to the seasonal scene, I’ll be watching one or older series at the same time. So I hope some of you feel refreshed in a way of reading my words on this discussion.

Please comment below any thoughts you have on this topic 🙂 

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 



  1. Oh man,never been able to do the seasonal anime thing, mostly because it’s overwhelming and i suck at waiting oops
    It is a shame viewers focus only on new seasons and don’t look back. But there’s also a big gap between new shows and older shows, so i understand why they’d be more reticent :’D
    My backlog…is 0….because i deleted all of it to start the new year fresh, may they rip 😹
    It always makes me so happy you love Escaflowne, i love it so much aaaah .😭😭😭😭😻😻😻😻🙏
    Very well said bb, i always love these type of posts from you <333

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeh seasonal keeping up with it is a challenge but that’s I’m only watching 3 shows for winter ATM

      Ahaha you deleted your back log that’s funny 😂

      Yes escaflowne love will never die ❤❤


      1. No idea how anyone keeps up with it, I’m always amazed at everyone who can keep with all of them, or most of them. Just the cheer effort, and time, just props to them!
        Backlog? What backlog? /whistles innocently ;P

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have to agree that it’s good both to mix things up and to revisit some old favourites. I’ve been pulling some of my DVDs out of the cupboard to give some shows a rewatch (and realising that past me actually does have good taste, I wasn’t sure how well they’d hold up, but I’ve enjoyed them just as much).

    I haven’t seen Escaflowne yet, but as I’ve heard it’s a mix of several genres, that would be a way to meet several goals from my anime goals for this year right? If you watch it so much, I figure you must think it’s pretty great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww good to hear you’ve been re watching some 😊 there’s a few on my shelve I haven’t watched that I need too as well 😊 yes escaflowne is more than meets the eye 😍 most people think it’s average I don’t some dark stuff happens in it

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Totally agree here. My whole review series last year only had three shows (out of 30) from 2016, and only one them was right after the simulcast finished.

    It’s important to go back and check out these older shows, if only to have an idea of what other fans are talking about when they’re referenced. On top of that, the more well known ones are still famous to this day for a reason, so there’s more chance you’ll have a good experience.


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