Back In The Seasonal Game: Winter 2017

Just finished Haikyuu and Noya is best boy. needed to display him somewhere.

It’s funny how feelings change over time, I feel like writing this now others might dictate me but who cares.

Least over a year and a bit I haven’t kept up with seasonal anime accept last year checking out some shows, but not actually reviewing them. If anyone read my blogging reflection I mentioned I’m going to slowly get back into the seasonal game. What lead to my changed feelings was others had made me seen the good points of writing episode reviews, your excitement. Also the hype certain shows get each season, others talking about it, makes you want to be apart of that.

I’ve decided to choose three shows from Winter 2017 seasons to watch weekly, as for impressions go I thought of doing first – middle – end impressions. Instead of individually episodes I can’t keep up with that just yet. I’ll give my first impressions after I’ve watched the first two episodes of the three chosen shows. As far as my choices go, they ended up all being from the romance genre, these all sounded interesting in their own right. My choices might sound boring but I don’t care.



I first heard about this series from a blogger friend a while back as it was a spin off from Suzuka. I was reading the manga for this Suzuka I got to pick back up on that. My friend loves this series a lot and the premise of the story doesn’t sound all that interesting. Guy likes to be on his phone a lot, particularly on twitter. He meets Fuuka then this big love triangle happens with the main guy’s friend. I am giving this series a try, plus if anything has romance in it, I’m going to watch it. I know my friend Deven will be watching this so have to thank him for making me interested in this series.


Masamune – Kun no Revenge

This series had me reading the synopsis of a guy getting revenge on a girl for the years of torture from being bullied. I know quite a few bloggers, you tubers will be watching this one and I’m looking forward to it. Silver Link’s animation I admire a lot, so crisp and clear, so looks like this could be a fun watch.


Kuzu no Honkai

This one I am most looking forward too out of my choices, the title of the anime “Scum’s Wish”. Two popular high schoolers in a relationship for show as they desire other people. Watching the PV made me more interested, I have a feeling this will be something pain staking my heart every week. I haven’t watched a romance with this plot scheme so be interesting to see how it will deliver.


There you have it folks the three anime I’ll be checking out this Winter 2017 season if I get into the groove of things. I may go through all the seasons this year well Attack on Titan is coming out so don’t really want to miss that muahh !!

Comment below what you’ll be watching this Winter season !! 

I’ll see you in the next post !!



  1. Typically, I shoot for 3 anime each season. Anything more than that makes it harder to maintain the balancing act between what’s current and the oldies. It takes me forever to review the new stuff, though, haha. Glad to see you back in the game! And a Suzuka spinoff? I bought the sister the first season on DVD so I’ll have to let her know this is coming!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh you shoot for 3 anime awesome XD yeh reviewing anything takes me a while and his haikyuu review will take me a bit 🙂
      Oh you bought suzuka?I had no idea it was on dvd me want it now ^^

      Liked by 2 people

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