Lita’s Blogging Reflection 2016 – Into A New Year


I know it won’t be just me but this year has flown by and here I am again with my second blogging reflection. My last reflection looking back through what I wrote, I know I have grown so much from that. It’ll make it two years next month on 10th since I’ve had my blog and compared to 2015 feel I have evolved so much during this year from a blogger perspective and my blog content, out lay itself.  There is a lot for me to reflect upon as well for new things for my blog in 2017 so let’s get into this !! 

2016 Anime Goals

I’m not going to be the only blogger in the next or two posting up their reflections, it’s very important to reflect upon the goals you succeeded at and slipped up on. To begin this reflection I will go over the anime goals I set myself at the beginning of this year, Did I succeed at any of them?

Read 50 mangas
I know already I’m more of a anime watcher than manga reader, which is why I set myself this goal to read 50 manga and…. I failed this goal. I read between 20 and 30, lost track after a while pretty lame achievement. I realised like with anime watching I need to put time aside to read manga specifically which is something that will be occurring for next year. 
See Full Metal Alchemist
Out of any anime people nagging me to watch more than any was Full Metal Alchemist. I managed to watch the 2003 series, have not yet watched brother hood so this was a half completed goal but still pretty good considering. I never wrote up a post on my thoughts as I was waiting to see brother hood but was enjoyable.
Watch A K Drama
This was the year I entered into the drama world so far I have seen Mischevious Kiss, Playful Kiss , Good Morning Call and currently on my fourth drama Boys Over Flower. so goal success *cue thumbs up*
Finish Collecting Unfinished Anime’s
This year for me was not the best finically due to real life but managed to collect all of Rurouni Kenshin so goal success 

Anime Collection Update Posts
Failed at this one only did a October haul of anime/manga I got so no go for this one

So I completed 2 1/2 out of 5 goals, it’s always well and good setting yourself goals but putting in effort is required, not saying I never put effort into my goals. I don’t plan to set myself any specific goals for 2017, find it just puts pressure on me that I don’t want.


Active Blogging, Posts and Content

I am quite proud that I was more active this year than last year. Mean I had my slump timed during parts of the year but looking at my stats I posted something every week at least. The crazy decision which I made was my blog a – thon during September where I somehow posting something every day during that month. That is a big accomplishment for any blogger to do that, it was not easy to do that click here to read my reflection upon that if interested. I learned a great deal from that and felt since then a constant memento  building to want to be as active as possible on my blog. Next year I might do this challenge again if I wish to push myself further but it’s worth the effort in the end.

One of my plans for 2016 was to find a structured review layout I was happy with and took me till the end feeling like I had found it. My very first anime or manga reviews I have done, don’t impress me now that I used to write them like that. After reading some many other reviewers reviews, I have found my reviewing style which I’ll carry through into 2017.

In terms of content, I put a halt on seasonal things much of this year but since then my feelings have changed. Mentioning I don’t watch or write episode reviews, or it’s too much to keep up with seasonal shows. I would like to get back in the seasonal side of things a little, much of this influence has come from fellow blogger friends who follow seasonal shows and the hype certain shows have gotten this year. To start out small I’ll be checking out what shows are up in Winter 2017 line up and pick two shows to watch. Haha which means dictating myself at this point where I’ll be attempting to do episode reviews. Others influence have made me see the good points of episodic reviews or posts, the reflection or excitement you may feel and being able to express that. As I am someone who loves binge watching things, this is still my high preference but I’d like to keep up with seasonal things as well. So will see how this all pans out so expect an upcoming post of shows I’ll have chosen to watch from winter 2017.

I’m not making any other content changes going into 2017, only thing I added this year was there will be posts about Dramas I watch. I wanted to add something that could broaden my interests and this was a good move, so readers have a varied choice in what I post about on my blog.



Another goal for this year was to collaborate with some fellow bloggers. I did a couple of collaborations with Kat from GrimmGirl and Unotaku . They were really fun to do and hope to do more for next year and the future. If you ever want to collaborate just let me know on my twitter or filling out my contact form. 

Anime Movie Collab Ft. Grimm Girl

Animes That Need Second Seasons Ft. UnOtaku


Joining Owls 

Now this something that has happened very recently that I was asked to join. Heres a description of what Owls is:

Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect

We are a group of otaku bloggers who promotes acceptance of all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and disability. We emphasise the importance of respect, kindness, and tolerance to every human being.

We have our first blog tour coming up so follow us on twitter to keep up to date with everything. I’m excited to be apart of this group and looking forward to what will await us in 2017. If you want more information about us click here takes you to Fujinsei site.


Grown As A Blogger


I know I am not the same blogger as from the beginning of the year, from my anime reviews, wording just everything is totally different. A major change I made was changing the layout of my blog I wanted it to be more simpler for vistors to navigate through easily, this has paid off greatly. Biggest influence of my change was writing for Unime Tv which I no longer write for, my time with them fixed a lot of basic errors I always struggled with. It helped me correct how I structure my reviews, posts in general mostly and to go over my work with fresh eyes to seek any mistakes I may have made. It doesn’t take me over 5 hours now to write one post, don’t spend long pausing moments of what I want to say next, I feel more prepared. I know I am a better blogger now, feel so much confident in what I write and can’t wait to grow, learn more, another major influence is from all the posts I’ve read and fellow bloggers I know now.

This year made me realise how much my blog means to me, how much work I’ve put into, it’s a massive connection post to so many others I talk to on a daily basis. Made me realise I am better blogger than youtuber honestly, My blog is my pride and joy, my baby.


Thankyou All !!!

To all my blogger friends and followers your support towards me has been something truly amazing. Reading any comments you leave on a daily basis always make me happy, little things like that mean so much to any blogger. Blogging is so much harder than youtube in my opinion takes a lot more work, more brain power. You guys are part of the reason I always strive to want to do better as a blogger heh anime blogger I should say is what I really am. So…. THANKYOU SOOO MUCH EVERY SINGLE FREAKING ONE OF YOU !! One key goal involving you guys in 2017 though is to always inform you all when I’m going to have a live stream on my channel, a must now. I want to talk with as many as possible so if your able always please come!!

Well everyone this will conclude my 2016 reflection, I’ve covered all the important things and not much will change in 2017 only the things I’ve mentioned in this post. All I hope for a new year is to be even more active with blogging and do more live streams involving you guys. I am more than happy with where my blog is right now and can only keep going from here, it’s what every blogger has to do.


Have a Poketastic NEW YEAR !!!

Roll on 2017 !! HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR !!!

I’ll see you guys in the next post like always and in the new year !!!

LitaKino xxxxx

17 thoughts on “Lita’s Blogging Reflection 2016 – Into A New Year

  1. I like recap posts but this was particularly nice to read through. Even though you may feel like you fell a bit short on some of your goals, I think you did an excellent job as a blogger. And I know 2017 is going to be an even better year for you!

    Keep your chin up and Happy New Year, Lita!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad my blogging adivce helped you as a writer. At least, I know I helped one person in this world. You are one of my best gal pals! Cheers to another year of blogging and friendship! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You will always be the best blogger and friend Lita. Your goals are so amazing and admirable. I don’t I could top that. Next year will be busy, but I hope you don’t push yourself. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask us. Definitely looking forward to more collaborations!


  4. Yeah, for me, a 2.5/5 goals accomplished is pretty darn fair, haha! I’d say you had a reeeaallly good year, especially with the blog remodel! I’m always finding myself each day during the tough times to count on my blogger friends like you and YouTubers (also you) and Gigi. You all are so special, and you and your blog are wonderful!


  5. Congratulations on a fantastic 2016, and I hope you have a wonderful 2017! I can’t wait to see all your new posts and videos. I’m really excited for your write up on Boys Over Flowers, I watched the Japanese one, so it’ll be interesting what the Korean one was like ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks dear btw what should I call you as a nickname I never know what to call you 😊 I’m on episode 15 of boys over flowers haven’t watched it for 2 weeks so make sure to do that this week or next ^^

      Liked by 1 person

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