December 2016 Nerdy Favourites

monthly favs

Been a month since I did a favorites post!!
It’s December Favourites Time !!

Welcome Folks~~!

To another monthly favorites where each month I go through all my nerdy happenings and it’s always consist of the following:

Favorite Anime
– Favorite Manga 
– Favorite Anime Song
– Favorite Purchase
Other Nerdy Stuff

This segment in my blog gives me a chance to talk my feels on things that I have become obsessed with and hoping people discover something new. Let’s get our NERD ON !!!

Favorite Anime

At the beginning of the month I completed some back log anime and on a whim I decided to re – watch Wolf girl and Black Prince. First time watching this series got half way through just couldn’t enjoy it, main guy was the worst shoujo jerk I couldn’t stand in a long while. So dropped that but re – watching again I find myself enjoying it, if nothing else this main couple were hilarious to me, most hopeless anime pairing I will remember to date now. It’s not the best shoujo/romance out there, it won’t be a favourite for me but I found my amusement in the failing main couple and if anything will give you some laughs.


Favorite Manga 

Did not read much manga last month at all but made it an aim from now on to catch up on previous manga I started and stopped on. One I have picked up on again is a music/shoujo La corda d’oro, I watched the anime years ago now and wanted more as the conclusion anime did not satisfy me for Len and Hino. I’ve never read a music related manga, enjoying that aspect a lot, including all the pretty music boys who keep crushing on Hino. It has a little magic factor as well, I’m enjoying this manga a lot and hope to do a post about it when I am done.


Favorite Anime Song

Just only recently I started the volley ball wonder Haikyu and currently still binge watching it as apart of my 300 followers special. The first opening theme has become a instant favourite but took a while for it to catch onto me. This is a song I can see me listening to when I go out for a run or walk now, just makes you feel energised. Anyone else addicted?


Favorite Purchase

I did pick up volumes three and four of Midnight secretary about two weeks ago but this purchase is still related to blog and youtube. As a birthday present to myself last week I bought a I Mac computer, finally!!! Either a new computer or laptop I had been going on to get about here and in a youtube video, as my laptop died a couple of months ago. Means blogging and youtube has become so much more enjoyable and I did share this moment on my twitter. Look at how stupidly stoked I looked ahaha !!


Other Nerdy Stuff


I was thinking about doing a birthday/christmas post but felt I had not much to write about. One of my favourite things I got for my birthday was this Sailor Jupiter shirt from my sister off a site called Red Bubble. I wondered how she knew Jupiter was a big favourite for me, she had discovered my youtube channel, that was a bit of a surprise I kept it secret from my family for ages now. Cat’s out of the bag now!!


From my partner was in love with the things he got me, pokemon everywhere including a gift voucher. That evee pokemon bottle I had been eyeing to get my hands on for months now and so stoked to finally have it, permanently has become apart of my desk side. Charmander bow was adorable, have to find an outfit I can wear with it. But love it all POKEMON RAMA !!!



There were quite a few favorites this month and for those that ask I had a great birthday. Have to thank those who wished me happy birthday fellow blogger people 😀 Let’s hope January will be a more favorites active month now with my new mac 😀

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I’ll see you all in the next post! 😀 



  1. CONGRATS on the new computer!!! I love the pic, that new computer glow is always lovely! Of course I approve of all Haikyuu related content and that OP is the best!!

    All of that birthday swag is fabulous!! Is Wolf Girl really worth the watch? I’ve been on the fence about it for awhile.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haikyuuuuu lol all op/eds from that show are amazing. Yay a new computer! I love new apple products ..gah…lol. Also wolf girl was had its moments. I read a lot of the manga and actually really enjoyed the progress of their relationship after episode 12 when she met the mom. It became more normal…I think..? It’s been awhile…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on the new computer! I bet you were one happy camper! LOL
    So you kept your secret from you sister and she found out? Haha I remembered my family finding out my blog. It was awkward.


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