Xmas Special 2016: Anime To Watch On Your Holidays

Wish my cat would sit under the tree like this, noo he wants to eat it

I think it’s fair enough to say I’ve failed the 12 days of anime which I’m fine with. Having two family birthdays three days before xmas is always hectic one of those was mine and including work. Fully now I am on holidays for 2 1/2 weeks which is good and decided to do a xmas special post like one I wrote last year, click here. I suggested some anime’s in the past I’ve either re-watched or seen around this time of year, so to those who like to do nothing better and binge watch all the anime’s. The following I recommend to you will lift your spirits and feeling happy.. well I hope so anyway.


Sailor Moon S Movie

I was late finding out the first time seeing all the Sailor Moon seasons accept stars that there were three movies. I love all of them but Sailor Moon S is unforgettable for me, for those who have seen it the main plot point surrounding Luna, is beautiful and remember making me cry. Luna falls in love with a human, great evil comes you know along the lines of that but in the final moments of the movie it’s magical first time seeing Luna as a human. This movie is a perfect watch over the holidays, has a very festive setting throughout your watch and fill your nostalgia tank to the max.


Kaleido Star

Sora Nageino has dreamed becoming a aerobatic star at a circus known as Kaleido. She has to face some hurdles towards her dream but her determination remains strong. I’ve talked about this show a little bit on my blog and how Sora is like my other half of myself from a personal perspective. The show as a whole is such a happy watch, it’s one for certain you’ll end up wanting to re-watch. I remember my parents telling me the first time they took me to the circus and did not enjoy it at all, it’s built up I was never a fan of circuses in general. Kaleido Star gave me such a joyous experience, most of that goes to main protagonist, her hyper infectious energy of her reaching her dream is why this oldie is such a good watch. Others I know who have seen this show have quite enjoyed it for portraying an exciting twist on circuses.

Nagi no Asukara

People of the sea and land used to be one but people of the sea wanted to live on land, there a division was created. Surrounding youths, Manaka, Chisaki, Kaname, Hikari and Tsugumu have to attend school on the surface and experience new friendships and loves. This anime is unforgettable for me, left it’s mark on me last year when my parents bought me this for my birthday, I binged watched for 3 days. Most would know what this shows means to me, I have reviewed it somewhere on my blog but it’s a magical experience. The aquatic visuals make up most of the magical factor and emotional ties each characters experience. A story of innocence at such a young age, experiencing such deep emotions and of how life can change dramatically. I’m not going to lie that possibly will make you cry a little but in a good way, it’s a dear favourite and will be a unique watch for the holidays.

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

A girl who is a reincarnation and steals art work or artefacts with demon spirits inside of them, preying on the weak Jeanne d’ arc. This is a great oldie I remember watching years ago, the manga is cute too, shame it is never talked about much these days. This is a great oldie to watch for the holidays if your in need of something different. It has the cheesy factor, main guy is hopeless and always felt sorry for Marion for putting up with him. I might try and re – watch this series for myself at some point, it’s been sometime since I’ve seen it.


Well that is I got for you guys, I need to watch some more anime to give better recommendation, make sure to check out my xmas watch list from last year if your real stuck. My bingeing plans are all over the place but I intend to watch two particular shows White Album + 2  and Ef memories and melodies. I’ll be blogging as much as I can while I’m off work, try get a youtube video up as I mentioned in a update i’ll be going on blogging hiatus from January 6th. I have UK family coming for three weeks but will see If I can make it semi hiatus will see.

Blogging content from now till then is going to be random what I do best so my fellow friends HAVE A FREAKING GREAT CHRISTMAS !! I’ll be tweeting random christmas crap on my twitter and instagram if you wish to follow. Comment below what you’ll be watching these holidays too !!

Happy holidays and I’ll see you in the next post !!



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