12 Days Of Anime Day 5: Senshi Ani Girls Podcast


Welcome to Day 5 of 12 Days Of Anime.

Back in July of this year I decided to start my own podcast, felt inspired from Shoujo Cast and Otaku A Team Podcasts I listen to.  Doing some research found there were a lot of guys only doing podcasts not many females, I really wanted to have a fun podcast where no script is involved, all laid back. It’s why I asked fellow friend Shay a.k.a AnimeReviewGirl if she wanted to co host with me and become my girl in crime.

I feel were different from other podcasts as me and shay aren’t just youtubers, were bloggers as well, so in a podcasts we talk of anime blogging community topics. Not just the usual anime topics, coming up with the podcast name was easy. Shay’s was Sailor Moon and well you guys know mine, there the Senshi Ani Girls was born. We have only done 5 podcasts over the last 6 months, as life and time zones are hard to work around but we plan to be more active in the 2017.

There are too many fond moments during any of our podcasts, where one we go totally off topic talking about marvel, comics and food, that was a good half of one podcasts. Not all of podcasts episodes will be surrounded anime will go into other nerdy areas, comics and video games. Best part for us is getting to interact with fellow friends and listeners in the chat, that interaction of the way we do our podcast is important.


Just the beginning of us growing

I’m excited for where our podcast will go, and hope to only grown if your interested follow us on our twitter to find out whenever will be having an episode. Our next one will be in the new year for sure, as for topic I have no clue at this point. Make sure to check out our current podcasts we have up on our youtube too.

Link To Day 4

I’ll see you on Day 6 of 12 Days of Anime !





5 thoughts on “12 Days Of Anime Day 5: Senshi Ani Girls Podcast

  1. I enjoy the podcasts you too do together. I have to admit, I find it much more entertaining when you girls go off topic. I did learn from the podcasts: talking about food can make me hungry and I learned what is a good and bad movie based on Shay’s sleep lol. Anyway, I am looking forward to more funny chats. ^^

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      1. Haha that’s awesome. I am totally looking forward for more episodes. I hope I will be able to participate them. 2017 will be busy over here for me.


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