12 Days Of Anime Day 1 2016: Amanchu

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Welcome to the first day of 12 days of anime, My posts aren’t going to be mega long under 1000 words.

I’ve not been in the seasonal game of anime much this year, wish I had on some occasions. I did manage to check out some shows from the different seasons but one that stood out most was Amanchu from Summer 2016.

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I love this image too much haha

I’m willing to far and say it’s been my favorite anime of 2016 in honesty, haven’t felt so connected to an anime in such a long time. Hikari loves the water and scuba diving, she meets Futuba who she reels into her hobby. The two become friends and join the diving club. It had been a long time since I had seen any slice of life shows, my interest in the genre up until this year was not eager. Amanchu changed all that for me, I’ve never enjoyed a slice of life so much. Mentioning I felt connected to this series, as I’m a water baby love the sea, It was fun to learn things about scuba diving, it’ no lie in saying you learn something from every Anime you watch.  

The friendship Futuba and Hikari build is warming to the heart and their encouragement towards one another. Futuba character was easy to resonate with, at the start of the series she’s full of so much anxiety and sadness. Hikari’s influence and growing love for diving builds her into having a more positive out look on things and life. I loved how Fubtuba represent that emotion part of how uncertain we can all feel about nearly everything, being afraid of change. That was Futuba’s biggest hurdle the fear of things changing and finding the strength to face things. By far this is my favorite anime by J.C Staff and animation work by them, the picturesque seascapes are gorgeous to look at and give the show such a serene feel to it.


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Be hard to forget her face

One thing about this series that will make it unforgettable for me and I think for others is Hikari’s face expressions. I wasn’t expecting the show to have any comedy aspect so I was surprised. I’d be waiting each episode for that moment, be laughing every time it’s hilarious. Hikari character was so fun and upbeat, that and her odd face expressions added a good flow of humor during the anime. If you have not seen this series I say you won’t be disappointed if you like the slice of life genre. Amanchu is such an easy, fun anime to wind down with after a long day and life realism on things ever changing, being brave. Because of Amanchu I’ve built a new appreciation for the slice of life genre, it showed me how much the genre dives into real life aspects and the realism. Makes me eager for what slice of life shows I’ll watch from here on in. I connected with this anime on so many levels mostly the feeling of being anxious or paranoid nearly all the time.

There was not much to this series at first glance, but soon as you dive in it’s hard to get out of relaxation mode. 

Simplicity and Serene Amanchu 😀 

I’ll see you on Day 2 12 days of anime !




  1. Ahh, it’s so beautiful. It’s way up there in my top 10 for this year. I feel the same in being more deeply connected with this anime than so many others, but you know that. You did read my piece on it, haha.

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