Important December /January Update LIVESTREAM 5TH DECEMBER!!

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Christmas 20 days away WHATT !

I had to write another boring update for my blog to keep people in the loop but before I go on about anything, I’m aiming to have two posts out this week, I said I would write from my 300 followers post, look forward to that.

12 Days Of Anime

First thing I want to address is I said I would be doing the twelve days of anime, I still am just won’t be posting every day from 14th up until Christmas Day. If you don’t know what the twelves days of anime is Watch this Video. This is a community event that happens every year, I only found out about it last year, where either you blog, record a video or whatever. Talking about your anime highlights of the year can be about anything, you can post every day from 14th to 25th December or write one big post. It’s just a fun event for the anime community and I won’t be able to post every day, September month took it out of me. So I’ll be doing one giant post instead of my highlights from this year, that will come out on Christmas week I have planned for. If you want to join in on this event click the video link to find out more !! It’s fun !!!

300 Follower Special Results

So the results of the five anime I will watch and review through out this month and possibly through January were interesting choices by you guys. It was a tight clash between two shows but you all seem to want me to watch more popular shows so these are the chosen anime by you guys:

Your Lie In April– Most voted
Haikyu – getting on that hype train now Finally
Free – see me some guys in their swim wear
Revolutionary Girl Utena – an oldie
Yona Of The Dawn – Can’t wait for this one

This was insightful for me as where you guys taste lie, I’m excited to watch all these the first one I’ll be starting sometime this week is Haikyu. The reviews will come when I have completed each anime, I’m not rushing this process as I want to take my time but look forward to some anime reviews.

Hiatus In January

This is something I completely forgot to mention in my latest update but from January 6th I’ll be on a 3 week Hiatus from blogging as I have family coming over from England, I’ve not seen for years now. During this time will be mostly spent with them, If there is the slightest chance I can squeeze in a post I might but after that everything will return to normal.

December/January Posts Planned

Squeezing in blogging time so far has been hard but along with the anime reviews here are what I plan to try and pump out:

How my anime tastes have changed?
Why you should watch Munto Tv?
Male Favorites
Anime to watch at Christmas – I did one of these last year will be doing one again
November Favorites
Birthday Special of sorts
12 Days Of anime end of year mega post
Blogging reflection 2016
Goals for 2017
Haul post ??? maybe depends on my funds situation as I plan to get some things

Not saying I can get all of these out but if I can get even more than 3 out I’ll be amazed but this is the plan.

My Youtube Revival

Some people know I took a unplanned hiatus from youtube due to my laptop issues, I made a tweet about a week ago saying I would be getting a new computer. It’s a apple model, if all goes to plan will be going into the city before Christmas to get it, so fingers crossed. So hoping I can make a comeback after Christmas so yay !! either way I’ll be returning whatever happens.


I’ll be having a live stream 5th December 7pm EST on my channel with fellow anime bloggers Grimm Girl and Nice Job Breaking It Hero . This will be the first time talking to these guys so please come along it will be loads of fun !!! Just check my twitter for when will be starting, I know this is late notice but had no time to write this post up until now so sorry.

Stream Link 

That is all I have to update you all on now and you know what will be going on, but I won’t be taking on a whole lot this month just need to pull back on the reins a bit.

I”ll see you all in the next post !! 



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