Lita’s Blogging Reflection 2016 – Into A New Year


I know it won’t be just me but this year has flown by and here I am again with my second blogging reflection. My last reflection looking back through what I wrote, I know I have grown so much from that. It’ll make it two years next month on 10th since I’ve had my blog and compared to 2015 feel I have evolved so much during this year from a blogger perspective and my blog content, out lay itself.  There is a lot for me to reflect upon as well for new things for my blog in 2017 so let’s get into this !! 
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Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday + Post A Rama #13

litas blogger friday

A new year awaits !!!

A brand new year is upon I could be saying this will be the last Friday Feature but knowing me during hiatus, I’ll be writing things late at night. So for now don’t assume this will be my last one for 3 weeks. Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and got lots of presents. I have featured so many people this year and discovered new bloggers because of starting this segment, it’s been amazing. I can’t wait to see who I will discover next as I don’t think I’ll run out of bloggers to feature, KEEP THE BLOGGING COMMUNITY ALIVE !!

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December 2016 Nerdy Favourites

monthly favs

Been a month since I did a favorites post!!
It’s December Favourites Time !!

Welcome Folks~~!

To another monthly favorites where each month I go through all my nerdy happenings and it’s always consist of the following:

Favorite Anime
– Favorite Manga 
– Favorite Anime Song
– Favorite Purchase
Other Nerdy Stuff

This segment in my blog gives me a chance to talk my feels on things that I have become obsessed with and hoping people discover something new. Let’s get our NERD ON !!!

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Xmas Special 2016: Anime To Watch On Your Holidays

Wish my cat would sit under the tree like this, noo he wants to eat it

I think it’s fair enough to say I’ve failed the 12 days of anime which I’m fine with. Having two family birthdays three days before xmas is always hectic one of those was mine and including work. Fully now I am on holidays for 2 1/2 weeks which is good and decided to do a xmas special post like one I wrote last year, click here. I suggested some anime’s in the past I’ve either re-watched or seen around this time of year, so to those who like to do nothing better and binge watch all the anime’s. The following I recommend to you will lift your spirits and feeling happy.. well I hope so anyway.

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12 Days Of Anime Day 4: Addictive Anime Tunes Of 2016


Welcome to the fourth day 12 days of anime.

I seem to be a tad behind due to getting busy unexpected but I wanted to talk about on this day is memorable anime songs I got addicted to this year. On my youtube last year I made a list of favourites and wanted to do the same thing. Hey you might discover something new hehe.

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A Special Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday Combination

litas blogger friday

Related image
Yeh I know last week’s feature never happened…. *hides*

Waha !!

If there was a time to slip up my continued memento it was last week, just simply had no time last Friday evening to write it so to make up for it I’m doing a special combination post here !!!

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12 Days Of Anime Day 3: Gundam Goodness

Image result for gundam

Welcome the third day 12 days of Anime.

I only watched a few new mecha shows this year but Gundam was a big winner watching Gundam Seed and Gundam Blooded Orphans.
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12 Days Of Anime Day 2: Favorite Manga Of 2016

Image result for manga reading
Welcome the second day 12 days of Anime.

One of my anime goals for this year was to read 50 manga, which I sadly didn’t managed to complete, manga reading has been so slow. I have managed to read about 20 manga’s which is not much but of what I read I have picked three that were favorites reads for this.

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12 Days Of Anime Day 1 2016: Amanchu

Image result for amanchu
Welcome to the first day of 12 days of anime, My posts aren’t going to be mega long under 1000 words.

I’ve not been in the seasonal game of anime much this year, wish I had on some occasions. I did manage to check out some shows from the different seasons but one that stood out most was Amanchu from Summer 2016.

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