The Convention Of Connection – Kimi No Nawa

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“What was I searching for, someone or something, I can’t remember”

I skipped out on my fitness class so I could see this film today, no regrets here.

I’ve been stupidly hyped for this film since it was announced, anyone that tells me Shinkai has new work out I’m there. This was the fourth I’d seen by him, haven’t seen others like the voice of a distant star yet. The hype for this film has gotten huge, nomination for best animated feature oscar, surpassing princess Mononoke, lingering question: Has it been worth the hype?

To me, in my one of million opinions out there, Kimi no nawa exceeded beyond what I thought it would be like. City boy Taki and rural girl Mitsuha go through strange chain of events, after Mitsuha makes a wish to be in Tokyo, tired of rural life. Both wake up to find they both swapped bodies, unconsciously now dealing with another’s personal lives. The whole of this happening feels like a dream to one another but these supernatural happenings surround a dramatic chain of events one another don’t realize yet.


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Taki waking up as Mitsuha

Kimi no nawa is definitely more unique to Shinkai’s other works, people feel he has stepped up his game and I agree. Going into this I had no idea what the film was about, avoiding spoilers wasn’t easy. All I knew was involved swapping body, nothing original about that but I was blown away by the different direction Shinkai took the premise of this story, made it into something completely new. The premise of Kimi no nawa was executed tremendously, and it reminded me of the movie the lake house, similar in premise expect in the lake house the to-be couple exchanged letters.

Each time both Taki and Mitsuha were in one another’s bodies, it’s beyond humorous adding to the fact in the beginning subconsciously they are unaware, makes it a hoot. Trying to interact with people in one another’s lives not knowing them, is scary enough for the pair but execution of this part was a smooth transition. The moment of realizing either the pair having boobs or a manhood at the beginning sets the pacing of the movie completely and had me laughing within the first few minutes. There’s a fast moment in the movie of each time they wake in each other bodies, having to record their happenings on their phones. The reactions from one another from their diary entries unknowingly to what had gone on during the body swap this was a favorite part during the movie for me.

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From never meeting to start with process of being in each other’s bodies, reading the diary entries, could feel their strange bond together growing, it’s heart filling to watch. Taki and Mitsuha right away at the beginning of the movie, you’ll find their easy characters to connect with.   Their cute humorous personalities they have make this possible, where in other Shinkai movies I’ve seen, it’s been hard to get into the characters in the beginning. I have to query the romance element has no strong presence till towards the end of the film, it’s there but happens very slowly. I liked the pace firstly of being friends then slowly falling in love with one another. All the characters in the film were likable and each own distinctive personality which played a vital role to the main plot outcome. Going back when I was saying the plot was executed well, there are part of it where things may get a bit off centered. You have to really pay attention and follow closely as it reaches to a crucial plot climax where everything comes to light of how these out of body experiences started for Taki and Mitsuha. This isn’t a spoiler but the plot wraps around the convention of time, Shinkai involved this idea into something amazing of how things can end in a blink of an eye. How the strongest of bonds can never be forgotten and their representation of these facts was done splendidly.

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With a fascinating, stepped up plot it wouldn’t have been that well executed in my opinion if not for Shinkai’s stunning visuals and animation. His animation work is in my top favorites but in Kimi no nawa he raised the bar high even in the smallest of scenes. Each angle from the city aspect to close shots of Taki writing on his hand like above, in all meant something, significantly meaningful to the story. The moment of Mitsuha looking up at the comet in the sky, I can’t forget that scene it plays a massive role in the plot turn, it was so visually beautiful. Shinkai’s visuals are something so special, you just feel like your there in that moment, it’s how I’ve felt every time watching his films. I felt it even more watching Kimi no nawa, it’s an experience of visuals you have to sit through just once in your life.

So I ended seeing Kimi no nawa in english dubbed without realizing, I’ve seen the trailer for the subbed version. Articles and opinions I’ve read people are skeptical of the cast choosing, mostly people who have been saying this are dub haters which is typical. I actually didn’t mind the dubbed version the voice of Taki played by Michael Sinteriklaas  was a great choice, I enjoyed his role as Age from Patema inverted. The voice of Mitsuha by Stephanie Sheh people have question is “sounded forced the whole act from a 30 year old”. I thought she brought out well Mitsuha stubborn side and this role reminded me of when she played Eureka from Eureka Seven. Both characters very similar in terms of their stubborn nature, though this was a quieter character Stephanie played so was good to see her doing a loud character. I’m sure I would enjoy the subbed version as well, but the dub was fine to me.

 Kimi no nawa music noone in articles I’ve read has touched upon much which is a shame. I may have discovered a new band to love the Radwimps  main vocalist Noda Yojiro has a bittersweet voice with such raspy tones that fits the main theme to “Your Name/ Zenzenzense”. Some lyrics I remember during the end credits as the song was playing “We are time fliers, We are climbers running up time” The ending theme song is my favorite, for it but it conveys the flow of time is endless and searching for the person you love, you will never stop at. Music amplifies the affects of the visuals so beautifully and listening to it during the film left me feeling serene.  

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If you haven’t seen this yet WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR !!!

Kimi no nawa is a truly amazing experience viewers will walk away feeling astounded. A romance story unlike Shinkai’s usual turns outs, he has stepped up his game and this film deserves it’s every praise and hype. A story of convention of time, lapsing parallel spaces of two teens meeting, the power of connection is represented in a extraordinary light. The deep, raw emotion being conveyed through this film knows how to strike right through your heart, mine was pierced within seconds.

I hope you guys enjoyed my spoiler free review on Kimi no Na wa, Please comment below your thoughts if you have seen this movie or if I have peaked your interest 🙂

I want the calendar for next year now and the soundtrack for certain >.<

I’ll see you in the next post !! 


15 thoughts on “The Convention Of Connection – Kimi No Nawa

  1. I definitely loved seeing this movie as well! It was just so beautiful! And the animation! Oh my gosh, it was so breathtaking! ❤️ I especially loved the part where the two characters finally met; that scene was so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

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      1. Oh my gosh , me too! I was literally yelling at the screen when they passed each other! I wanted them to get together already! 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I wish I could see this movie. From I seen on anime news sites, this anime is a blockbuster hit and is considered an Oscars I believe. I would want to watch in English Dub. The story sounds really interesting and I want to see what’s the hype is about. Great post Lita! 🙂

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  3. I want to see this movie soooooo flipping badly, you’ve got me so excited with your review. It made me especially happy to hear that the love story is a gradual process, and that they start off as friends even from such a great distance. Seems like it makes for a powerful emotional payoff at the end. I can’t wait to see that scene where they meet for the first time, I’m sure I’ll be in floods of tears too!

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    1. Promise you won’t be disappointed I’ve been surprised with some of the reviews of finding any floors with this movie but few tweaks here and there I noticed but nothing major god it’s a pitfall of tears your left it XD

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  4. Loved the film and introduced some friends who don’t follow anime to it and they loved it too. The story and beautiful animation won them over. I love travelling to Japan and loved some of the small touches like the dogs in the cafe and gorgeous desserts – makes me want to go back!

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  5. I haven’t seen this yet. 😦 I’m actually avoiding it at this time because I can still feel the loud buzz surrounding it. I just feel like I need to watch this while not letting myself be too much influenced by other people’s opinions. Spoilers and what to expect are hard to avoid, and given that I love spoilers…oh well. But I’m looking forward to watching this film. I’m still waiting for it to cool down a bit, so I can have a more level-headed attitude when watching it. But based on the trailer, I expect it to be beautiful. Anyway, good post, Lita. And your comment about missing your fitness class just to watch this…(big thumbs up including the thumbs of my toes)


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