Good Morning Call Drama Thoughts

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I’m just going to say drama alert every time an incoming post like this comes up. Cool with you. ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m only just now getting around to writing this but I’ll be talking about my thoughts on my second drama I decided to randomly watch. Netflix has fitted into my life perfectly, has become the norm and their range drama selection isn’t huge, but found this little gem tucked away.

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Refusing to go live in the countryside with her parents, Nao would be living on her own in the big city, so she can still attend school. To her surprise upon arriving at her new apartment heart throb Uehara is at the same apartment, turns out they both were a victim to a scam. So now they both decided to live together to better one another.

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I seem to keep getting dragged into watch high school love drama’s and that’s all I’ve been recommended for a while now. I can ask myself a million times “Why did I like seeing a infested, love sick girl get the cold shoulder by heart throb boy” ? “Why does it gives us fan girls this painful thrilling feeling” I will never know.

From watching Michevious Kiss the premise of Nao and Uehara’s relationship, was very similar, not so bright female lead and jerk face sideline. In the beginning they hate each other and easy to tell the direction of their relationship, has all the usual cliches. Nao I enjoyed her character a lot more compared to Kotoko because she wasn’t portrayed as someone beyond incapable unlike how Kotoko was. I loved Nao’s firey anger when she became frustrated with Uehara was very funny and you got a great balance of seeing all the sides of her personality.

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Who I really want to talk about most of out this entire post is bloody Uehara. From episode one right till the end, his character was a waste of space, I don’t care for the actor chosen. Uehara’s personality was worst than Naoki from Mischevious Kiss, bland as watching paint dry, his character never did anything for me during the whole watch. HARDLY the guy cracked a smile, once I recall seeing, I found him more cruel towards Nao than Naoki was too Kotoko in honesty. Uehara wouldn’t have killed him to reciprocate towards Nao’s feelings sooner or the nice things she ever did for him. Why would anybody like a guy like Uehara anyway? but the actor himself playing him was not all that good looking, I thought he was a bit ugly. Honestly in the end I never cared for Uehara’ character progression, was boring as a character could get.


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this is a cute scene

Despite my unlikeness for Uehara’s character, the pairing of these two as their relationship progresses towards the end is cute to watch. In real life if there was a guy like Uehara out there, what dead beat girl would want to go after someone like that. Your not going to help but admire Nao’s girly side come out and make you go aw, even though I don’t thimk Uehara deserves her. It’s easy to why Nao would make a huge affect on him. Just like Kotoko she possesses that same passionate nature for the person they like, and watching that may be torturing but endearing as well. In Nao’s case she made a big impact on me, reminded me of a time in my life, where I acted just like her.

But in all seriousness: 

Image result for good morning call drama uehara
Image result for good morning call drama uehara
Daichi or Issei would have been the better choice, not ken barbie doll Uehara.
Am I wrong?

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I thought the casting for all the characters was really good, particular for Nao’s best friend Marina, she was more likeable than Kokoto’s friends, who gave zero support. Marina played the role right of how a real best friend should be and was cute to see her and Nao in any scene together.

So in a nutshell for you all Good Morning call was a decent watch,  I enjoyed myself a lot with this series and was laughing every episode. The cast of characters made up the great humor and would recommend to any drama fan to check out, If your looking for a light comedy, romance to watch. You could easily binge watch this in two days for sixteen episode series, can find it on Netflix. Actually is a manga adaption which was interesting to find out and I know a season two will be coming out, not sure when as the ending giveaway with how the show left off.

My next planned Drama watch is: 

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Boys Over Flowers (More highschool love yay)

I hope you guys enjoyed hearing my brief thoughts on good morning call, Please comment below any thoughts you have on the series.

I’ll see you all in the next post !!



7 thoughts on “Good Morning Call Drama Thoughts

  1. I haven’t seen the drama but I’ve read the manga. Though looking at these pictures, I honestly think Uehara looks better than Daichi or Issei =P Personal tastes I suppose.


  2. Oohhh I remember this drama!! I stopped half-way tho…. I’m a sucker for high school love dramas as well^^ haha I shipped Nao and Daichi really hard too. They were just so cute together, but it was obvious who she’ll end up with DX. I’m not sure if I will continue it in the future tho.

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    1. Awww your sucker for highschool love stuff hehe awesome to hear. Nao and daichi I shipped them and with issei as well he was cute ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you pick back up the series sometime in the future XD

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