October 2016 Nerdy Favorites

monthly favs

It’s October Favorites Time !!

Welcome Folks~~!

To another monthly favorites where each month I go through all my nerdy happenings and it’s always consist of the following:

Favorite Anime
– Favorite Manga 
– Favorite Anime Song
– Favorite Purchase
Other Nerdy Stuff

This segment in my blog gives me a chance to talk my feels on things that I have become obsessed with and hoping people discover something new. Let’s get our NERD ON !!!


Favorite Anime

Image result for gundam blooded orphans
I never watched anything for the holiday of Halloween, it was the month for Mecha. Finally decided to watch Sunrises next masterpiece Gundam Blooded Orphans.  I enjoyed this series more than I thought I would, the idea of these young teens taking control over the scum adults. Creating their group together and doing their first massive job together. This Gundam has been one of the less ones to leave me with much confusion, it was easy to follow with what was going on. For anyone that has never seen mecha or gundam, I highly recommend as a starting point, something not overly complicated. I have a planned post to write a piece on my thoughts on the series, you can look forward to that. All round it is a interesting and exciting series, Orga is best boy for me already.


Favorite Manga

Hirunaka no Ryuusei
I’ve not made much manga progress this month, catching up on bugger all. Though a shoujo Hirunaka no Ryuusei has been a series I randomly started and got really into. I still have yet to finish it but close enough to the end. It’s about a girl Suzume who falls in love with her home room teacher, along with dealings of new friends and friendships. I’m just dying to know what the conclusion will be, I mostly like this manga for the art work, very bold and simple. I will eventually be giving my thoughts on this manga when I’ve finished it, another post for me write, the list is growing. It’s a very enjoyable series to get into and think anyone will like whether not a shoujo fan or not.


Favorite Anime Song

Gundam Blooded Orphans wins this segment as well, completely fell in love with the first opening theme song. What I love about this song are the lyrics, just emphasizes of the constant struggle to stand up for what it is you believe in and represents this theme amazingly. Watching the opening makes me thinks about this one thing and Man with a mission may be a new band obsession for me, wolf boys lol


Favorite Purchase


October was manga purchase month as I’ve mention this in my pickups of the month. Pride and Prejudice graphic novel released by seven seas entertainment took spotlight for me. I still have yet to read this but seeing classics like this in novel format, excited me so much. If you have never read a Jane Austen classic and don’t want to read the long, proper novel, starting with this might peak your interest. Just so stoked to have this for my own and seven seas entertainment release of this was done amazingly. Read my October pickups to see what else I got.


There were no other nerdy stuff I got his month didn’t see anything that caught my eye, Though there is a new special store that is opening near me, which has nerd everywhere. You can bet November favorites will be more exciting.


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I’ll see you all in the next post! 😀 



8 thoughts on “October 2016 Nerdy Favorites

  1. I actually had Iron Blooded Orphans on my list to watch this year but I stopped a couple episodes in and haven’t been back to it since. From all the praise it gets I’m assuming it gets a lot more interesting, I just didn’t bother to keep going when I had so many others on my list.

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      1. I see. Well related to that, I read a manga book on Romeo and Juliet. From Manga Shakespeare. And man! You should’ve seen it! Awesome!


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