October Anime and Manga Pickups 2016


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Finally got some goods. but been on a budget haha lol

It’s been forever since I’ve done a haul post as money has been tight for me, most of this year.

This month there was a massive sale at my anime store running for four weeks, I went for the 25 % off anime and 50% off manga, haha I’d  be crazy to not get anything. Though when it came to buying the manga I thought it would have been off the members price, as some books are $12.90. But turns out was for off the regular retail price, found that out when I got to the store, didn’t say about that online but oh well. I got some things less than 10 items but I still wanted to share with you all and Christmas sales won’t be far off. So you know *wink*


These were the only anime I got, there was a special Studio Ghibli sale finally picked up two beloved anime films, I could watch over and over. Howl’s moving castle was the first of Ghibli films I watched and holds a special place with me. The two disc special DVD edition was only $15 as originally is usually $30, I was all over this instantly. It’s a pretty edition for DVD and the dvd art work is gorgeous to look at, the bonus disc that came with it I think is special features. I actually I can’t remember at this point but so glad to have this for my own now just like the other movie I picked up.

The Cat Returns is my favorite Ghibli film of them all, such a cute and simple movie swept me off my feet, of having some faith in yourself and in life. I recommend this all to watch, if anything you’ll just get pure enjoyment from this simplistic movie. I’ve been dying for such a long time to have this for my own and just a tad more happy to have this more than Howl. I had been meaning to get some more Ghibli as up until now I’ve only had From Up On Poppy Hill, hoping to pick up more at end of year sales.

I’ve reviewed this manga it’s an old review, so not my best in my opinion.I might have to review again but Midnight Secretary has been one of my guilty reads, first read this at the library only six volumes. It would be an ideal before bed read, Saya becomes secretary to a vampire a very josei, juicy manga. This was a great deal getting buy one get one free, so a volume for free and that offer stands with getting the entire collection. I cannot wait to collect all of this and re read, definitely a favorite before bed read, recommend to all you hopeless shoujo girls like me.

My youtuber friend Anime Palooza has been in love with Say I love you manga for a long time and is her favorite still. I love the anime to this series but course I needed more and decided to start collecting the manga series. Finding out there is 18 volumes, oh god there goes my money took this opportunity during the 50 % off to pick up volume 2 and 3. I won’t read this until I am up to date on the series, I read here next year this manga will end at volume 18. I feel like I have perfect timing that I don’t have to rush to collect this series but dam my friend, for making me want this series to bad ughhh.

Dawn of Arcana is a series since I moved to Australia I have been meaning to finish for such a long time. I only have two more volumes to get for this series then I can re-read this entire manga. It falls along the lines of Snow White With The Red Hair of the main character having rare, unusual red hair, accept she is a princess. Hoping next month I will finally complete this series and do a full review on it, I’ve found other people on the sidelines with this series but I love it. This was the third manga I ever started collecting and fell in love with the story, shunned princess for her red hair, arranged marriage with opposing country prince who is a pig. I bet you when I re-read this I will fall in love again, it’ll be a timeless favorite for me, I recommend giving it a try has action, romance and very dramatic.


Last but not least my favorite pickup of this month, apart from watching anime. I have a massive addiction for time period, Victorian, 19th century stories and watching drama classics. Pride and Prejudice is a timeless classic by one of my favorites authors Jane Austen, I’ve seen the tv drama and movie. Two weeks ago I won a movie prize pack to see the magnificent seven through a new comic store that had not been opened long. I had to go to the city to pick up the prize pack from the comic store, while I was in their my eyes lit up with excitement. At seeing one of Jane Austen’s classic in graphic novel form, I’ve come to know publisher Seven Seas Entertainment rather well and the whole format of this book is gorgeous. The front cover is just spell binding, and Elizabeth, Mr Darcy looks so cute and same goes for the back. The best thing I love about this edition is in the front of the book is the gorgeous artwork of Elizabeth, Mr Darcy, the Bennett family and other characters. It’s so beautifully bright and colorful, could stare at this memorizing artwork forever.

This edition of this classic is ideal for those that can’t be bothered to read the actual novel, as it is very detailed let me say. It’s a simplified version and love all the added illustrations in some of the pages, feel it’s add picturing it all happening in your mind. Only thing I was concerned about was how thin the bind is, this nearly put me off from buying it but I gave in. I have yet to read this yet but when I do I may give my thoughts on it in a post but if you have interest in classics like this, highly recommend getting this.

~I Love You Sevens Seas Entertainment~

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Ahh so happy.

I hope you enjoyed this little haul post, I suspect next haul will be even bigger than this, end of year sales just come COME NOW !~!!!

Please comment below any thoughts you have

I’ll see you next post !!!



  1. I’ve been meaning to finish dawn of arcana too! I’ve started it twice or three times and all times I don’t think I’ve gotten past half point yet I do plan on finishing the series. The series has such pretty cover art in my opinion.

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  2. The Cat Returns is my favorite Ghibli movie too! It’s a shame the Studio Ghibli store here in Nagoya only has a few The Cat Returns products. It is mostly My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away stuff, but that stuff is still cool too! Though there is this SUPER adorable Baron plushy that my girlfriend had to stop me from spending too much money on.

    Also yes! Seven Seas Entertainment has been awesome for my manga purchases recently. They have been licensing a whole bunch of awesome manga within the past year, so that is cool. If you were looking for a new, short manga series to start that is published by them, I recommend Evergreen. If you like Toradora and Golden Time, it is written by the same author. I will have to check out the Pride and Prejudice manga sometime though. I am curious to know how it is.

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    1. Awww cat returns is your favourite ahh makes me happy to hear ❤️ BARON PLUSHT UGHHH YES !!! I need one of those in my life a figurine would be better. Yes sevens seas entertainment has inmpressed me and I will check out ever green for certain

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  3. I’ve heard of Pride & Prejudice, but I never would have guessed it got a graphic novel version–THX SEVEN SEAS. I absolutely love the Victorian era, so maybe it’s for me…? And AH *squeals* Howl’s Moving Castle!! One of my faves from Ghibli.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TAKU HELLO !! it’s been a while and have yet to check out some of your content my friend. haha well didn’t know you liked the victorian era sure your not a girl >.< wahahaa lol

      Pride and prejudice I love the story wayyy too much so go check out that shit !!

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