Picking Anime Favorites – Not Easy

The dreaded one question every anime fan is asked which is next impossible to give one answer to: What is your favorite anime?

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This is you not being able to give one answer.

This discussion idea was inspired from Mechanial Anime Reviews post on why Scott chooses not to pick a anime favorite, click here to go read. After reading Scott post on this interesting topic, it made me really think about of how getting into anime, I’d have a new favorite every new anime I watched. I could just shoot out a answer within moments, at my age now not the case at all, it would be multiple answers. This question “What is your favorite anime?” is the hardest of all to answer. To the ones who can answer this within a heartbeat, have no uncertainty, I applaud you because on average for many anime fans it’s not like that at all now.

I could not give you a number on how many anime’s I love to this date and are eternal favorites. The idea to me now of whittling down my anime favorites in a top 10 list is next to impossible, too hard. Any lists I have done to date now, most of my choices have changed, not all though and can’t make a list solidly pinning my anime favorites.  For every anime fan so many shows will affect them in different ways, having their own reasons for loving that show. The ones who can make top 25 or 50 lists of their favorite anime’s of all time, that I can’t even do now, for my one year blog celebration I started putting together a top 25 anime favorites. I never finished it, just couldn’t realizing months later I may have a different tastes or or favorites by then, which is the case now.

Image result for anime industry
An ever changing industry

I can tell you right now for example from the summer season 2016 Amanchu easily became a dear favorite for me and new seasonal anime affects our ever- changing favorites. The anime industry is only going to continue to grow and seasonal anime adds more to the pile of shows to fall in love with, our favorites list just keep on growing. This post is not to pick on anyone’s choices on their favorites or if someone is certain on a favorite series they have go crazy my dears. After reading Scott’s post just became clear of how many favorites I have and the different ways they have moved me, effected me.

As well as a every changing industry, seasonal anime in the mix another valid point Scott made was of when fans revisit anime favorites from way back. Watching anime favorites that used to be big favorites in their child or teen hood, re – watching once favorites you may not feel the same about them. One big favorite I had in my teens was the anime elemental gelade, re-watched back then over ten times, last year I revisited this series and realized I wasn’t as in love with it as I was back then. I still like the show just it’s not a huge favorite to me these days. I’m not saying it’s like this for every fan out their long time favorites, at a older age they’re not a stand out anymore. People tastes are always forever changing or for some they don’t.

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For any anime fan I am sure you have experienced the ignorance of idiotic people who hate your top ten favorite anime because it didn’t have Full Metal Alchemist in it. This is a major pet peeve for me, seriously, god what right do they have to contradict your choices. Those idiotic people, their tastes might be even lamer than you, I’ve been hit in the face with why some of many anime favorites are older choices. I shouldn’t have to spell out to those individuals, people’s favorites list will not cater to your ideal likes of anime and whatever their favorites are, you don’t need to be asses about it. Don’t let those people stomp over your choices, I’m sure most of you don’t but still bet their lists are narrowed to the most popular anime’s is very likely.

Oh seems I vented some hidden frustration but sometimes it can make a whole lot of difference. Honestly for how I will do my lists or favorites will be taken in a more fair approach and I wish to address deeply of how every single favorite I have affected me. Writing a whole anime review would not be able to cover my personal, feelings of the show, seems I have a new idea for a entire new blog series.


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Love what you love my dears.


I wanted to thank Scott for the inspiration for this post and affected me in a deep way, hope you enjoyed this discussion post regardless of what my thoughts were on this topic. 

Please comment below your thoughts about this topic !~~!
Would love to hear your thoughts !! 

I’ll see you all in the next post !!



  1. if you asked me to rank my favorite X anime, i wouldnt have an answer for that…it’s changing all the time. but at the end of the day, picking a single favorite is ultimately arbitrary, so i just pick one and run with it

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  2. I don’t like it when people ask me what my favourite anime or manga or books are either. I would always kind of just stare at them and kind of recoil and be like “you want ME to CHOOSE???”
    And my memory is pretty bad so I’m worried I’ll always miss out something really important/good.

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    1. You won’t be the only one who feels this way dear, being pinned on the spot with that question is daunting and I understand. I never feel like I miss out on anything important, any shows that are pretty popular I know I’ll get around to. XD

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  3. This is why I like to ask for one of your favorites. It can help you get to know someone while admitting that having ONE favorite is near impossible for most people.

    If people ask for my favorite I often list 3. I know I have other important series but it feels like I almost always return to those 3 but I know that will change the more anime I watch.

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    1. Yes favorites let you get to know a person in a way and their tastes for sure hehe ^^
      I’d have to give multiple choices haha but of course I have some very close favorites among others, not too many though.


  4. I definitely have favourites but the overall list continues to fluctuate and you are right in that some anime that I loved on revisiting they just don’t quite feel the same whereas others I fall more in love with everytime I watch them. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. A very accurate description of how I feel when people ask what my favorite anime is. Not that I dislike the question, but asking you to pick one anime is nearly impossible. I’d rather just fax them a well thought out list of about my top 50 anime ^_^ That would be much easier!

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  6. Ah, the bane of all anime fans. Picking a few favourites, nevermind a definitive number one, is something I’m sure we all fuss and fumble over. I know I do.

    It’s remarkable how every time someone asks you what your favourite series is, your mind goes immediately blank. Thanks brain!

    I agree that a lot of the shows we hold dearest are the ones that meant the most to us growing up, so nostalgia plays a big part. Cowboy Bebop was the first “grown-up” anime I watched, and it’s definitely in my top three now.

    People are simultaneously the best and worst thing about blogging, haha. Fortunately the good folks normally outweigh the bad. The ani-blogging community is a vibrant and loving one.

    If you do come up with a definitive favourite, we’d love to feature it as part of our My Favourite Anime series 🙂

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    1. Cowboy bepop I have only seen like half of it and can’t remember much of it. Haha Being one of the most popular anime’s still not seen it fully whoops there. Oh your favorite anime series I will def participate in it. I’ll do that this weekend for certain glad you enjoyed this article XD

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  7. I agree with this quite a lot.

    Your favourites and your taste in general should always be evolving as you watch more and more shows.

    People also shouldn’t try to tell you what your favourites should be or act like their favourites are better.

    That being said, I do have a Top 10, and my Top 4 hasnt changed since 2014. The entries below do change a lot more frequently though.

    I am however extremely doubtful that my numbe 1 anime will ever change position, since I’m doubtful
    I’ll ever find a show that hit me the same way or be of the same quality as that show. Although that’s just my opinion of course!

    Thanks for your thoughts on this. It was an interesting read and more or less falls in line with how I feel about tastes in general.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on my posts 🙂 I feel you as I have some set favorites that are special to me that won’t change like for example vision of escaflowne will always be special in my top 5 🙂

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  8. I remember there being a time where I thought I HAD to have a top 5/10/20/etc. list of anime (among other things) that I liked but, agreed, it becomes nearly impossible to make one. I wrote a list last year but it took me forever to make. Not to mention that I was overthinking it and changing it every 2 seconds, haha.

    That’s why I’d rather just make recommendations, that way I can still give someone a list of anime to watch and the list can be as long as I want it to be! Mwahahaha

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  9. I could probably nail it down to a top 15, but even then it’s constantly in flux. And then there’s that “finishing an anime hype” that follows with me instantly thinking, “Well gee, this is easily a favorite of mine now!” It’s always hard to say, and I never bother to jot down my favorites because if someone came up to me and asked, chances are that I’d say one of the firsts I ever loved and one of the most recents I fell in love with. It’s somewhat difficult for me to recall all of the greats that are sprinkled in between.

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  10. I guess I might be a little unusual then, in that I have a definite number 1 favourite – Hunter x Hunter. God, I just love how it involves every anime/manga trope or genre you could possibly name and does something inventive with it. There’s the tournament, the sports anime, the trapped-in-video-game and card game in one 😆 That and just about every character ended up winning me over. Also, Hisoka ❤️

    Nana is the one show I saw in my teens that I’ve rewatched and still love. Actually, I can appreciate it a little more now because I couldn’t get fully involved with some of the more adult themes. More life experience has made it that bit more special. To say the main characters are in their early 20s, I’m not surprised it worked out like that for me.

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    1. It’s nice to see that someone else appreciates Hunter X Hunter (I prefer the 2011 version)! The anime does cover just about everything and the Greed Island arc was my favorite of the show.

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      1. Oh yeah, I was sceptical about the reboot because I loved that first series, but it’s so much better. Yorkshin in comparison is just 👍👍👍 and hearing the old Hisoka sets my teeth on edge now, like, was he always so shrill and squeaky? 😆

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  11. I can agree with you that the feelings one has towards an anime can change, but I believe that favorites can be consistent unless something else has arisen which triumphs over it. I think that we have “new favorites” because of the “watching a new anime for the first time” excitement that tends to be solely based on our emotions. When you rewatch a couple of series you haven’t seen in a long time and reevaluate them, I believe that one can truly find what their favorite is. For me, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is that show and it has continued to stand the test of time. (I promise I’m not one of those FMA Natzis like you mentioned!)

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    1. I agree with everything also you mentioned when watching any new anime the excitement over takes you and it becomes an instant favorite I know quite a few people like this in real life and on the internet. Natzis FMA didn’t know there were a lot of people like that I don’t think you are so no worries here.

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  12. Indeed, we can’t say we’ll like something forever, but we can say we’ll forever have a soft spot for something. One of the reasons I don’t do “top Y of all time” is exactly because I can’t make up my mind. I’m fond and love a lot of shows that are flawed and aren’t masterpieces, but that’s okay too!
    I do think people that trash someone for not liking an anime the best, or not being top 10 material, are just idiots tbh.

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  13. Another excellent post, Lita! I can totally understand your point. As for me, well, it’s ONE PIECE and I won’t hesitate to shout it out loud to the whole world. I also like how you shot down those “idiotic” people who hate your personal top 10 favourites just because your list is not the same as theirs. They don’t understand that each person has their own preferences. Anyway, I really like reading this kind of posts that you write which are great topics for discussion. Keep it up, as always. Take care. Cheers!

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  14. I remember reading Scott’s post a little while back and this was a nice follow-up. I’ve always had a pretty easy time of discerning what shows I value most as I’m often crafting one list or another to help flesh out my opinions about each of them. So my favorite shows tend to go unchanged every season though I often think about what I should value more – the quality and intelligence of the show or my own personal enjoyment. I don’t believe in the objectivity of art and so the conclusions I often come to surrounding the topic of favorites are marriage between what I think is truly great and what I myself enjoyed.

    For me, favorites carry with them a sense of identity – I can see myself in the shows I enjoy and the shows that I talk about. That’s why I choose to put so much thought towards them and the shows that I watch – for the sake of a makeshift persona and the introspection that comes with it. Thanks for sharing.

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  15. Yup, that question is the hardest to answer considering that can change in a heartbeat. That does happen with me as I continue to find more anime I instantly love and just place it as my personal top-tier favorites, although like life, it can change in a snap.

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  16. Awesome topic!! My favorite anime series tends to change depending on my moods. But, there are a handful of anime series that I could rewatch over and over again without ever getting tired, like Cowboy Bebop and Mushishi… Which I guess makes them my favorites lol But there are a ton of other shows that I used to love, but just can’t stand anymore…

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  17. My birthday is coming and my sister asked me. “What is your favourite anime and what are you watching at the moment?” I chuckled and message’d my friend. He said it is the impossible question and we both laughed.

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