Nominations AGAIN !?! Versatile Blogger Award


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The grateful dance ^^

Seems blogging awards have arisen again within the blogging community I’ve noticed lately.

I was rammed with three nominations by Sam, Rin and Mirror Purple I wanted to thank you three for nominating me at the kind words you spoke about me, I was very touched. I’m always moved by anyone who says anything nice about me or my blog, haha I feel like I don’t do anything special in particular. Make sure to go follow the fellow awesome people I have mentioned!!!!!

I am assuming the idea behind this award is for variety in your own blog, I do like to think I have plenty going on within my blog.



  1. Display Award
  2. Thank the person who gave this award (and include a link to their blog
  3. Share seven things about yourself
  4. Nominate ten bloggers

Kay…. time to reveal seven more wonderful facts about me lol had to remember what I have revealed already so far.



Image result for cheerleader anime
1. Use to do cheer leading – Many people have always been surprised upon me revealing this but if you ask was it like in the movies with the dolled up selfish back stabber girls… then yes. There was a group of five of them for memory but they never bothered me much, I can’t remember how I got roped into doing it in honesty. It was for a good cause, was for charity and use to go around to various schools and teach the kids how to do a dance. All of this was leading up to a massive charity event at my high school, was live on TV and everything. Looking back now it was fun I just stayed away from the pasty faced ones. 

Image result for disney stuffed toy bambi
2. Bambi is my bed buddy – I can never embarrass myself enough but I’m 25 and still sleep with a stuffed toy. I love bambi from disney way too much, you know the cuteness. I got him back when I went to America in 2004, just was the cuteness thing and I’ve had it ever since. The image above is nearly a look a like, I’m just lazy to take a photo lol

 Image result for anime shyness
3. I avoid social gatherings a lot – 
In real life I miss out on a lot of good events going on all because of my stupid anxiety, these days it’s pretty bad. I avoid at all costs now going to any event, party whatever unless it’s with the only I actually see. Even just going out to the city on my own now, I get anxious for no reason and hate being in crowded places. There are reasons for this but I’ll keep that private. 

Image result for strawberry bubble tea
4. Strawberry Bubble tea is my fav – I get Japanese bubble tea every week, only once though as it’s a treat for end of the week, don’t want my training to go to waste. I always nearly get the same one every time which is Strawberry milk tea, it is heaven to me love it with tapioca pearls. Best thing to make it taste like strawberry even more is the added tiny bits of strawberry makes a hell of a difference. Bubble teas to a lot of people are considered a dessert in itself, which I agree with as I only have this after I’ve had dinner. You wouldn’t think these things would be filling but they ARE !! 

 Image result for op shopping

5. Thrifting is where all my clothes come from – It’s rare I’ll buy any t – shirt for $20 these days, I never use to be someone who would think of getting clothes from a second hand store. But over the last 4 years I’ve been addicted and just love getting all my clothes from thrift or op shops, it is beyond worth it. I’ve found so many hidden gems, even some anime along the way but I’m very fussy with whatever condition something is in.


Image result for food

6. Taking pictures of Food – Apart from my obsession of taking pictures of the sky, I always take pictures of amazing food I have , anywhere I go. Like a loser I post it on Instagram, mostly I do it because I like to share it with my family in England and you know just because.

Image result for shot put
7. Shot put is fun – 
I don’t have a body like her above… but I am not a athletic person, hate running but one sport I discovered I loved was shot put. Those heavy metal balls after a few hours of training to just kill you all over, I had the chance to participate in sport competition for shot put. I came 7th place was my first official competition, was at a massive stadium other events were going on but it was fun, minus ignoring all the know-it-all class mates. I used to go out to a massive field with my dad and practice up until the event, I don’t know my own strength sometimes, shot put showed me I really didn’t.


Alright my 10 nominees that have to respond to this award and I think have great variety on their blogs are: 

Weekend Otaku – They are a fairly new blog in the blogging scene and have enjoyed reading their content so far and are super friendly to talk to. *bro fist* 

CalTravos  – Cal is another new blogger I’ve started following recently and enjoy this diversity on anime/ manga and about the books he is writing.

GitopiaA really great blog worth following covering movies, anime, manga, toys and games. Plus a great person to have a discussion with very friendly.

Gorithfic  – This blogger is very supportive of others and I enjoying reading their personal thoughts on anime’s. You are awesome keep it up !! 

Intense Mode  – I love following this blog for it’s manga posts, always finding out new things to read plus has dives into other geek aspects

Rai’s Anime Blog Rai always puts up great discussion topics that I always enjoy reading and loves hearing their opinion anime. Rai’s awesome !!!

All About Anime  – Tessa behind this blog does a amazing job at posting, great variety content and is definitely a blog people need to follow. I’m always checking this site out on a weekly basis

Falconhaxx  – I love reading their posts on “Going Down The List” of anime they have watched in the past and great blog for following if you keep up with seasonal anime. Keep it up my friend !!

Marvelously Mismatched  – Marv is one of my go to blogs if I want new manga to read, have the ones they suggest I start reading, love reading their personal posts on life a lot as well. Another manga guru !!

Two Happy Cats  – I love this blog a lot for its anime varied content and love talking with this blogger, great to have a leveled discussion with. You go girl !! 


Image result for sailor jupiter happy
I feel so blessed !!

Thank you once again to those that nominated me and my nominees feel free to respond to this award if you wish to 😀 This only adds being awarded to my blogger drive but right now it’s on the back burner still.

I’ll see you all in the next post !!



  1. Hey, I’m 27 and still have stuffed animals on my bed. I have a stuffed red bull my mom gave me that is my ‘bed buddy’ but as a closer relation, I have a stuffed Stitch (from Lilo and Stich) doll and a stuffed Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer too. I’d love a stuffed Bambi doll! No shame, just cuddles ❤

    Also, I feel you on the anxiety part. Sucks too much for words….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the nomination ^^ !!!

    I used to have a giant frog I slept with, but after I got my cat I just sleep with her 😛 I love op shopping~ I think my best buy was a jacket for $20 and I saw it only for $300 :3

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on the award!!! You def. deserve it!! 😀

    Lol I have a confession to make myself… I’m 26 and I still sleep with a stuffed animal too! It’s an old Winnie the Pooh plush I got when I was 1, so I totally get it!!

    OMG, I was also a cheerleader too when I was young…but I hated every minute of it lol.

    I feel like I learned alot about you from this post!! XD

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anxiety is a real bitch, pardon my French. It breeds on our discomfort and self-criticism, inhibiting us from having less fun than we deserve. Hopefully we can both challenge ourselves to be more social! . . . or just sneak in the back to catch a few episodes of Sailor Moon :3
    Cheer-leading–who would’ve known that of you!! It’s comforting to hear that you stuck with the charitable side of it instead of dwelling with those girls *shudders* Good on ya Lita, and congrats on the award!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes anxiety van go you know lol ahaha be more social I am getting their as I started attending a outdoor training group which has been helping so that’s good XD
      haha cheerleading everyone always get’s surprised with that haha
      Yes I stuck it out with the snobby girls Oh lord …. >.<

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I totally forgot to thank you for your nomination.
    Better let than never I guess. I’m so honored that you feel I deserve this award.
    It means a lot to me. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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