Simply Sweet – I’ve Always Liked You Movie

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I was in need of something to revitalize my energy as I had gone into slump mode a lot over the last few days. This was my remedy.

 I love all the warm fuzzy feels anime romance gives you, always makes me happy. A fellow youtuber I talk with on facebook recommended to me, a short romance movie, they had just finished watching themselves. I’ve always liked you – Confess your love centers around three potential couples and the tensions they face of making it to the next stage. Natsuki is in love with her childhood friend Yui, unable to confess she pretends practicing love confessions with him. Souta has had a crush on Akari, Natsuki’s friend, crossing over the hurdle of trying to talk to her and not let his shyness get the better. Miou and Haruki are always together yet one another afraid will not make the next move.

Image result for I've always liked you movie
Image result for I've always liked you movie
Image result for I've always liked you movie

I’ve always liked you – Confession of the heart one hour movie is worth anyone’s time, even for non romance fans. I enjoyed this movie so much, was refreshing to watch something simple and not doing the laps of love you would typically get in a romance. The simplicity nature of this move of how it handles all the relationships among the characters makes for a very satisfying watch. Three main potential relationships with two side loves, I was a doubtful of all these on going bonds, getting equal screen time. I didn’t want to be left feeling confused as I did with Nagi no Asukara at times, you know complex love diagram.

I’ll be happy to say there was equal focus points between all the couples and was easy to follow the progress of all the relationships. The reason I enjoyed this movie so much was just the youthful innocence, I find myself relating back to times of feelings I’ve had for boys I’ve liked in the past. You’ll find yourself relating back to your teen or childhood of those days of first loves and relationships. For such a short movie the characters I find really all likable especially Natsuki her funny, upbeat personality, I don’t care that I didn’t get to know them better. It would be nice but first introductions of each character was done well enough to leave a little impression on you.

This movie by company HoneyWorks  that does vocaloid stuff, I realized this as their are little song intervals of vocaloid songs. This is the company’s first anime adaptation as this movie is based off a visual novel, which again had no clue, just want to play the novel of it now. I loved the animation style was very engaging in all detailed backgrounds, the characters eyes were hard to overlook, bright and illuminating.


Zutto Mae kara Suki deshita.: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai

My thoughts are simple and sweet like this movie is, this is definitely something I can re-watch, experiencing fuzzy feels every time. If your interested in watching this movie you can watch it on crunchyroll . You guys can let me know your thoughts on this cute romance, best thing I found out after watching is. There is going to be a second movie out this December which is awesome !!!

I’ll see you all in the next post !!!



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