Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday: Yuri Nation

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I see lots of new faces around the blog 🙂


Hello Folks !! 😀 

Welcome to another fun packed Feature Friday. Where every Friday I feature a Blogger, Post or Artwork, Youtuber/Video or every second Friday is Post-A-Rama Feature where I share in the community of articles I have read. I wish to share the happenings of the anime community with, fellow anime lovers, nerds, otaku’s.

I just wanted to welcome new followers to the blog, I have noticed new people popping up over the last two weeks. So nice to see so many anime and other bloggers out there in this community. So I welcome you to my blog and hope you enjoy yourselves here !! Because I am crazy >.<

So who are my lucky features this week?
Who gets the spotlight finally?
Who has dazzled ? 


Blogger Feature

Link To Blog

This weeks blogger feature goes to OG – Man from the Yuri Nation. I don’t know any blog like OG Man’s that is dedicated to a particular genre his blog name says Yuri. Now OG Man’s blog is not what everyone thinks as not everyone is a fan of the Yuri genre, OG man’s dedication to this blog I have admired for a long time. The content OG Man covers are first impressions, seasonal reviews, anime and manga reviews. Everything you could ever need to know of Yuri is all here, this is a really one of a kind blog. What I love most about this blog is OG Man’s diversity in covering different aspect of Yuri, as not everything in Yuri is full on. I understand this genre is not for everyone you should think about shows that have no yuri elements yet, fans ship characters who aren’t even a couple. OG Man’s Yuri Nation will make you see differently about the yuri genre from the tame to the non – tame.


Post Feature


Link To Post 

This weeks post feature goes to Mangaotaku and their interesting post on relating manga characters to Disney characters. I loved the idea of this post, it has inspired me to do my own version of this accept with anime characters. Recommend checking out this post and and seeing if you feel inspired.


Video Feature

This week’s video features goes to a youtuber I’ve been following for a while now The Compulsive Collector. I love watching her haul videos particularly her manga pick ups as I always learn something new every time. She is always very informative in her videos and if your in need of someone new to follow I recommend her.


Hope you guys enjoyed this FRIDAY FEATURE please go check everyone out from this post 😀

Comment below for any thoughts you have or anyone else I should be checking out :)

I’ll see you all next feature friday :)
See you in the next post!!



  1. It is an honor headline one of your Blogger Feature Friday segments Lita-chan. Many thanks for the plug and kind words. I’ll do my best to keep up the good work…after returning from my vacation of course.

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